New York City Starwalks:

new york city


A Guide to the Exclusive Haunts, Habitats, and Havens of the Big Apple's Happening Celebs

By "The Star Sleuth" LARRY "WOLFE" HORWITZ



To the Starlight Foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing magic to terminally ill children. Their motto: Never say no.


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the tour

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the tour

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I owe special thanks to several people who helped make it possible for me to complete this book.

Dana Joy, my wonderful wife, my inspiration, and an en-ergetic researcher.

Jim Fitzgerald, an extraordinary editor, whose support and creative guidance was invaluable. His assistant, Alex Kuczynski, for her most spirited support.

Special thanks to editor Robert Weil, whose knowledge of Manhattan architecture is astonishing, and the rest of the staff at St. Martin's Press, whose warmth and attention goes un-heralded in the publishing industry.

I'd like to express appreciation to my friend and cheerleader, talk-show host Joe Franklin.

A final round of applause goes to Ed Lecaire, Michael Takiff, Mary Steele, Nance Kaplan, and the many other peo-ple who gave generously of their time.



stargazer's delight

Los Angeles may be Tinseltown . . . but New York City, the Big Apple, is the ultimate stargazer's heaven. What had been a long-kept secret, we may now declare with certainty: More stars make their home in Manhattan than in any other city in the world. Gotham is home not only to major movie stars but also to rock-and-roll greats, soap-opera personalities, su-perstar sports heroes, operatic divas and prima ballerinas, and even notorious criminal masterminds.

In fact, this tiny island off the East Coast of North America boasts more celebrities per square inch than any other town, district, state, or kingdom on the face of the globe. You may find it hard not to bump into world-class performers-dining in splendor at their favorite French restaurant or picking up coleslaw at the comer deli, trying on imported shoes at a trendy botique or buying socks from a street vendor, stepping out of a limousine or hopping onto a bus.

Movie stars like Tom Cruise, Liza Minnelli, Bette Midler, Dustin Hoffman, Katharine Hepburn, and Michael J. Fox are among the thousands of actors who are inspired and in-vigorated by residing in this city that never sleeps.

Rock and rollers flock to New York to catch the energy and excitement that emanates from life here. Madonna, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Mick Jagger, and Stevie Wonder are among the stars who make music in soundproof studios just above the noisy streets.

It's not surprising that ballet stars such as Mikhail Baryshnikov and the late Rudolfš Nureyev and opera favorites such

2ššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

as Beverly Sills and Luciano Pavarotti all have or have had homes within a small radius of Lincoln Center.

If you happen to be a news or talk-show aficionado, New York City is your mecca. Barbara Walters, Peter Jennings, and Phil Donahue are among the numerous personalities who live here.

Comedians often cite the bustling mosaic that is New York as inspiration for their best material. Joan Rivers tapes her television show in New York. Rodney Dangerfield owns a comedy club on the Upper East Side. Woody Allen makes his movies almost exclusively in Manhattan, and when he's hun-gry he visits the Carnegie Deli to eat pastrami with fellow funnymen like Bill Cosby, Milton Berle, and Henny Young-man.

Manhattan scores with sports celebrities, too. Joe Namath, 0. J. Simpson, and John McEnroe are frequently spotted at the city's hottest restaurants. One popular hangout for athletes is Mickey Mantle's Restaurant and Sports Bar, where the "Mick" himself is often on hand signing autographs.

Celebrities tend to cluster at certain restaurants. Often these eateries are owned by fellow entertainers. Others, like Sardi's and the Russian Tea Room, are New York landmarks that have been serving Manhattan's elite for years. Celebrities also frequent a select few ultraswank hair and beauty salons. Stars can be spotted at these establishments any day of the week.

A majority of celebrities residing in Manhattan prefer to live in areas bordering Central Park. Some stars opt for the serenity and sophistication of the Upper East Side. Many ra-diate toward the artsy Upper West Side. Still others prefer to project a chic downtown persona and therefore reside in the cutting-edge neighborhoods of Greenwich Village and Tri-beca.

šstar trekking

Some of your favorite stars are a dodgy lot. Brooke Shields enters a 57th Street movie theater just before the credits roll, sits in the back row, and retreats as the final tine is spoken. Sunglasses and a kerchief do little to conceal Sophia Loren as she shops the pricey 5th Avenue boutiques close to home. Katharine Hepburn promenades through town in slacks, her chin held high, as befits the independence of spirit for which this Hollywood legend is renowned. Al Pacino enjoys dis-

STAR ISLANDššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 3

guising himself as pal Dustin Hoffman as he watches roller skaters in Central Park. David Letterman dons shades for his stroll down Canal Street, wishing he could duplicate the chameleonlike skills of neighbor Robert De Niro, known to take extreme measures to recreate his body for a particular film. (Just about the only technique Robert hasn't used in his char-acter preparation is plastic surgery-not yet, anyway!)

Other celebrities, however, enjoy the commotion and ad-oration that come from fan recognition. Madonna loves teas-ing hordes of admirers with her escapades as she roves about town. Bar and restaurant owners Patrick Swayze, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Matt Dillon consider their fame critical to building the clientele of their respective es-tablishments. Michael J. Fox and Bill Cosby bend over back-ward to accommodate their throngs of loyal fans.

As in any exact science, there are rules to follow when one hopes to spot a favorite celebrity. Always be alert and aware, since some of your most awe-inspiring discoveries will happen when least expected. Stars clothe themselves at the same stores we browse in and they buy food at our neighborhood grocers. Their dogs do not walk themselves, but, like ours, they pull on a leash attached to a human hand. And when a child needs to be taken to a piano lesson, the youngster musn't be kept waiting, even if Mommy or Daddy has to interrupt that phone call about a multipicture deal.

If a face appears familiar but is dismissed as an imposter because of a hat, mustache, scarf, or glasses, you've probably been too hasty in your judgment. I'll never forget the time Bob Hope told me emphatically that I was mistaken, he wasn't the celebrated comedian-actor-golfer. I found that the jokester had put one over on me when moments later the man holding open the limousine door said, "Good morning, Mr. Hope." Cher is one of many performers who dress in clothes one would never expect to see on so flamboyant a star. She enjoys Man-hattan because here one can dress down without fear of dis-approval. Seeing Christie Brinkley with her glowing face unobstructed one day and covered in dark glasses and kerchief the next can create havoc for stargazers.

Frequenting the places your favorite stars are known to fancy can turn chance into probability. If you know that a particular celebrity enjoys being seen in a certain Gotham eatery, by all means make a reservation. If the star owns the restaurant, he or she is even more likely to be there. Hairdressing salons are also wonderful for spotting all kinds of celebrities. For a few extra dollars, why not get those bangs trimmed at a salon that caters to your favorite performers? Charity events and Broad-

4ššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

way openings are also perfect stargazing occasions. Hoping to he noticed, the rich and famous do themselves up and turn on the charm.

Just remember that celebrities, like yourself, need their privacy. Never disturb them while they enjoy a meal, converse with a friend, or relax at home. If the opportunity to meet them arises, tell them how much you enjoy their work. Be courteous. The courtesy they show in return may surprise you.

šthe star sleuth

Madonna jogging through Central Park lacking make-up and having her hair bundled up under a baseball cap cleverly screening those trademark features, Joan Rivers walking dog Spike down Madison Avenue, Michael Douglas and Dustin Hoffman lunching in adjoining booths at the Russian Tea Room, Brooke Shields munching popcorn at a local cinema- these are but a few of my celebrity sightings during just the last several months.

Whether I am uptown or down, indoors or out, whether it's day or night, a celebrity often appears. A number of sight-ings have occurred near areas cordoned off to accommodate film crews. New York can seem like a film studio's back lot, with the multitude of features, commercials, rock videos, and television shows being shot all over town.

I am puzzled that so many journalists portray New York as a city where no people in their right mind would ever reside. That view obviously is not held by the thousands of major celebrities who call Gotham home.

In researching the whereabouts of stars' homes, as well as their favorite restaurants, hairstylists, and health clubs, cre-ative methods were called for. Long talks with doormen, wait-ers, beauticians, dry cleaners, butchers, and elevator operators were important. Horse-drawn carriage drivers and chatty cab-bies were excellent sources of information.

After double- and triple-checking such sources, I realized that a trip to the city's Bureau of Records would be worthwhile. Long hours of verifying ownership reports proved most valu-able.

I discovered more than one thousand homes of celebrities in Manhattan. My conclusion was that New York City is the home of stars. This island is where the rich and famous began their careers and where they have come to reap the benefits now that they've reached their goals.

STAR ISLANDššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 5

Aside from the obvious enjoyment this information has given New Yorkers and visiting tourists, many other positive effects have resulted. Geography teachers have reported that celebrity addresses helped them teach their students about Manhattan's districting: Students identify favorite actors with areas of residence (Madonna-Upper West Side; De Niro- downtown, etc.). Charities have used the data for important causes and fund-raising efforts. Stars contacted by the Starlight Foundation, for example, a nonprofit organization that grants wishes to sick children, have given generously of their time and money. Michael J. Fox and Kurt Vonnegut were more than happy to draw doodles for auction by the New Dramatists at the Russian Tea Room.

Whether you hope to catch glimpses of particular stars or just learn more about their lifestyles, your best bet is to begin your quest by taking the walking tour of their neighborhood included in this book.

Get those feet moving. Keep your eyes open. Watch the stars shine.

TOURššš 1




Kevin Bacon  Robert Duvall  Michael J. Fox  Mick Jagger  Tatum O'Neal  Tony Randall  Arnold Schwarzenegger š Beverly Sills  Meryl Streep  Barbra Streisand





6 West 77th Street

Peter Allen (deceased) Nancy Friday Bonfire of the Vanities


100 West 78th Street

Christopher Reeve


101 West 79th Street

Boy George Billy Jean King Cleo Laine


118 West 80th Street

Christopher Walken


15 West 81st Street

Liv Ullmann


11 West 81st Street

Teri Garr Nastassia Kinski


211 Central Park West

Tatum O'Neal John McEnroe Peter Jennings Diane Sawyer Mike Nichols Helen Gurley Brown Isaac Stem Beverly Sills Tony Randall Phyllis Newman Adolph Green

Rock Hudson (deceased)

Meyer Lansky (deceased) Margaret Mead (deceased)

8 9

241 Central Park West 123 West 85th Street

Richard Dreyfuss Howard Rollins


10 West 86th Street

Christine Lahti


271 Central Park West

Meryl Streep Mark Hamill Jane Pauley Garry Trudeau Laurence Luckinbill Lucie Arnaz




275 Central Park West

Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver


27 West 87th Street

Linda Lavin


176 West 87th Street

Jackee Harry


113 West 88th Street

Earl "the Pearl" Monroe


279 Central Park West

Yasmin Khan

Miles Davis (deceased)


285 Central Park West

Ed Bradley Joyce Randolph


55 West 90th Street

Barbara Hershey


300 Central Park West

Michael J. Fox

Tracy Pollan

Faye Dunaway Garrison

Keillor Tuesday Weld

Pinchas Zuckerman


320 Central Park West

Barbra Streisand

Dianne Wiest

Swoosie Kurtz


250 West 94th Street

Barnard Hughes


710 West End Avenue

Ronnie Spector


666 West End Avenue

Charles Grodin


585 West End Avenue

Raul Julia


173 Riverside Drive

Diahann Carroll

Vie Damone


155 Riverside Drive

Margaux Hemingway


137 Riverside Drive

Kevin Bacon

Kyra Sedgwick


257 West 86th Street

Robert Duvall


225 West 86th Street

Isaac Bashevis Singer (deceased)


118 Riverside Drive

Anne Meara Jerry Stiller


110 Riverside Drive

Babe Ruth (deceased)


225 West 83rd Street

Harvey Fierstein


470 West End Avenue

Penny Marshall


465 West End Avenue

Barbara Barrie


440 West End Avenue

Jill Clayburgh


304 West 81st Street

Mick Jagger


390 West End Avenue

Network Eyewitness Heartburn


365 West End Avenue

Tony LoBianco


This trendy area between 75th and 96th streets attracts a broad range ot famous entertainers, intellectuals, and arty eccentrics. Barbra Streisand, Mick Jagger, and Beverly Sills are examples

SUPERSTARSšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 9

of the varied creative luminaries who populate the Upper, Upper West Side.

This tour will take you through a hodgepodge of architec-tural delights, beginning with the beautifully designed building that was the former home of Peter Allen and ending with the residence ofš Tony LoBianco.

Since residents are noticeably more relaxed and friendly than in most other parts of town, the celebrities you might pass on the tour will probably reflect that attitude. Remember always to be friendly and courteous, and never disturb a star at his or her home or in a restaurant.

A diversity of interesting-looking residents in a setting of extraordinary buildings makes this a perfect location for feature films and television shows. Scenes for NBC's "Law and Order" are frequently shot close to the Hudson River. And just about every street near the American Museum of Natural History has been used in a major film. Such movies include The Fisher King, starring Robin Williams; Neil Simon's Chapter Two; and The Pick-up Artist, with Molly Ringwald.

The area to be covered on this tour is bounded by West 75th Street on the south, West 96th Street on the north, Central Park West on the east, and Riverside Drive on the west.

Starting Address:

Central Park West and 77th Street

Length of Tour:

2 Hours, 35 Minutes

Best Starting Time:

10:00 A.M. or 2:00 P.M.


A, B, C, or D to 81st Street


7, 10, 11, or 79

Bring Along:

Canteen, breath mints, and trendy clothing


the tour

Our journey begins a few doors away from Central Park West, on 77th Street. From the subway stop at Central Park West and 81st Street, head south down Central Park West. Make a right on 77th Street. On your left will be our starting point.


Peter Allen's residence up until his death in 1992, 6 West 77th Street1 is a fitting place to start our tour because, though an owner of homes in both the Big Apple and Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter admitted only to being a New Yorker. Described by Tom Wolfe in his best-selling novel Bonfire of the Vanities as the most beautiful in town, this block is just across Central Park from the home of Peter's ex-wife, Liza Minnelli-the high-energy couple split up in 1974. A con-summate showman, Peter performed with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, starred in a Central Park concert, and wrote the music for a Broadway musical. Another resident of 6 West 77th Street is writer Nancy Friday, chronicler of the intimate secrets of women and men.

Now look across the street at the American Museum of Natural History, a heterogeneous group of buildings occu-pying a four-block area formerly called Manhattan Square and fronting on Cen-tral Park West between 77th and 81st streets. The original portion of this mas-sive structure was built in the Roman-esque Revival style. After you've checked out the immense dinosaur skeletons, plan a visit to the museum's Hayden Plane-tarium, where stars of New York are often found gazing at stars of outer space in one of the planetarium's entertaining pre-sentations, which combine music and a laser light show.

Back on Earth, many hot celebrities go for the burn at the Equinox Fitness Club, 342 Amsterdam Avenue. Mornings are best for stargazers hoping to glimpse some of their favorite actors, including Steve Martin and Melanie Griffith. The club is easily reached by walking one and a half blocks west to Amsterdam Avenue, turning left, and proceeding a few doors south on the west side of the road.


...While weekday mornings are indeed prime time for spotting famous faces at the Equinox, stargazers should approach the ironpumping celebrities with caution. Steve Martin in particular is known to he grumpy before he has his morning coffee.


Walk a block south on Am-sterdam Avenue, turn right on 75th Street, walk a block to Broadway, and just off the southeast corner is a hip, laid-back club that has long at-tracted celebrities from all areas of the entertainment industry: the China Club, 2130 Broadway. Monday night is a sure bet for spotting such megastars as Mick Jagger, Carly Simon, Billy Joel, Kathleen Turner, and even the "Material Girl" herself. Madonna. You might even catch one of them treating the crowd to an impromptu performance, as happened recently when Kathleen Turner sang a duet with her husband, band-leader Jay Weiss.

The doorman at the China Club remembers one Monday evening when Eddie Murphy parked his limo in front of the night spot and tossed $4,000 in cash to the homeless. A vivid memory still lingers of smiling beggars hopping into taxis, dining on delicacies, and exchanging their $100 bills for the finest liquor.


It's a bird, it's a plane-no, it's Christopher Reeve (oth-erwise known as Superman). This Gotham-born actor's ca-reer was launched into orbit when he played the title role in Superman (1978). He doesn't live in a phone booth but has a lovely home at 100 West 78th Street.2 Three blocks north on Broadway, a right on 78th Street, and two blocks to Columbus Avenue

will put you on Christopher's doorstep. To head directly from Peter Allen's former home to Mr. Reeve's residence complex, a short walk west on 77th Street and one block north on Columbus Avenue is the route to take.


One block north on Columbus Avenue, at 101 West 79th StreetR is a building with a fascinating mix of celebrity occupants. One spacious pad belongs to flamboyant vocalist Boy George, whose outrageous theatrics have made him one of the most successful British ruck stars to hit the States. This singer-songwriter is a perfect fit, especially when in costume, for the freethinking spirit New York's West Siders are known to possess. Other residents of this prestigious building include outspoken tennis pioneer Billie Jean King and singer-actress Cleo Laine, known for her role in The Mystery of Edwin Drood on Broadway.

A block further north and a few doors left of Columbus, at 118 West 80th Street4 lives actor Christopher Walken, a native New Yorker known for his exceptional work in dozens of movies, including The Deer Hunter (1978). Since Chris-topher has also appeared in over a hundred plays, he appre-ciates his home's proximity to New York's Theater District.

Brunchšš atšš Sarabeth's Kitchen, 423 Amsterdam Av-enue, (212-496-6280) reminds one of waking up in a Vermont country inn. Enjoy the aroma

of freshly baked bread and pastries as you dine on homemade delicacies. A major lunching spot for actors, models, and soap stars, this cozy eatery is a stargazer's paradise. The restaurant is on Amsterdam Avenue, only a few doors west of our present location.

We now walk to 81st Street, turn right, and head two blocks east toward Central Park. Great dramatic actress and natural beauty Liv Ullmann has a luxury apartment at 15 West 81st Street.5 Born in Tokyo, but of Norwegian descent, Liv spent part of her childhood in Gotham and returned to New York in later years to star in many Broadway hits. Nominated for two Academy Awards, Liv is also active in UNICEF and other major charities.

One afternoon, Liv Ullmann tore down a New York 5 street in hot pursuit of screen legend Greta Garbo. Liv was hoping to discuss her role in Anna Christie, one which her follow Swede had made famous decades before. Unfortunately. Gurbo the Great got away, so we'll never know whether she was following her credo. "I tunr to he alone,", or if she had simply seen Liv's performance and wasn't impressed.


Liv's next-door neighbor, at 11 West 81st Street,6 is actress Teri Garr. Teri established herself as a leading film comedi-enne in 1982 when she starred opposite fellow West Sider Dustin Hoffman in the New York-made film Tootsie. In the same building lives delicately sensuous film star Nastassia Kinski.š Nastassia's notoriety dates hack to her 1981 nude poster, photographed by Richard Avedon, in which she appeared intertwined with a sprawling python.

Our next stop is the Beresford, 211 Central Park West,7 the corner of 81st Street. Known for its striking architecture, this corner complex is massive yet elegant. Its three picturesque towers overlooking Central Park provide a romantic setting for the building's many celebrity tenants.

Actress and director Tatum O'Neal and her husband, ten-nis ace John McEnroe, have a spacious home in the Beresford. Married on Long Island, New York, in August of 1986, the star couple has three children. This storybook romance has taken on tough times with Tatum's decision to pursue her acting career despite her husband's objections. Although a champion around the globe, John saves his most outstanding tennis for New York's own U.S. Open, where he's won four championships.

ABC's "World News Tonight" anchorman Peter Jennings, his wife, Kati, and their two children also have their home in the Beresford. Peter's prior Big Apple residence, which he shared with ex-wife, Valerie, was a couple of blocks south at 135 Central Park West.

Peter is as likely to share an elevator with Diane Sawyer at

14šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

the office as he is at home. This fellow ABC journalist, cohost of "Prime Time Live," lives in the Beresford with her husband, Mike Nichols, the film and stage director who's earned six Tony Awards. He's won an Oscar, too-for his direction of The Graduate, the 1967 film that introduced the world to Dustin Hoffman.


peter Jennings seemed at ease as he signed for deliveries arid checked tenants' IDs while sitting in the Beresford's lobby during the summer of 1991. The anchorman had turned doorman'for-a-day because the regular workers were on strike.


Also residing in one of the Beresford's three illuminated towers are author-publisher Helen Gurley Brown and her New York-horn husband, filmmaker David Brown. Helen's best-selling book, Sex and the Single Girl was the launching pad she used to take over and revitalize Cosmopolitan magazine.

Violinist Isaac Stern, who plays some two hundred concerts a year, has an elegantly furnished home in the same building, as does another legendary musician, Brooklyn-born opera star Beverly Sills, known as "Bubbles" to friends and fans.

Yet one more show-biz resident of the Beresford is Tony Randall. Tony, who moved to New York at age nineteen to study acting with Sanford Meisner, is best known for his role as the obsessive Felix Unger on the hit comedy series "The Odd Couple." Actress Phyllis Newman and her husband, New York-born lyricist Adolph Green, are another celebrity couple in the star-studded building.

Rock Hudson had a six-room home in the Beresford until his death in 1985. Shortly after his death, a number of his belongings were taken from the residence and sold for charity at a New York auction house. Underworld boss Meyer Lansky and anthropologist Margaret Mead also had homes in the Beresford. Meyer was a resident through the 1940s while Mar-garet lived there until her death in 1978.

This area's unique character has made it a location site for many film and television productions. The Pick-up Artist (1987), starring Molly Ringwald, was set in the vicinity of the Museum of Natural History. The horses in the Robin Williams movie The Fisher King (1991) came down 81st Street between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues. In Neil Simon's Chapter Two (1979), James Caan had his home on 76th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue. TV's "The

SUPERSTARSšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 15

Equalizer" and "The Hard Way" were filmed at the Beacon Theater, 2142 Broadway, as well as on neighborhood streets; and on West End Avenue, Paul Sorvino is contantly seen acting in scenes for "Law and Order." Many of these location sites lie along the route of this tour.

Our next stop is the residence of energetic and likable Brooklyn-born actor Richard Dreyfuss, who resides three blocks north along the park at 241 Central Park West.8 Richard won an Academy Award for Best Actor in The Good-bye Girl (1977). Shot in Gotham, the film costarred Richard's fellow West Sider Marsha Mason.

We now head a block north to 85th Street, turn left, and proceed just past Columbus Avenue to our next residence. At 123 West 85th Street9 is the home of actor Howard Rollins. His neighbor, at 10 West 86th Street10 is actress Christine Lahti, who received an Academy Award nomination for her supporting role in the 1984 film Swing Shift. She resides one block north and one block toward Central Park from Mr. Rollins.


Christine Lahti abandoned her maiden N.Y. City acting job because she lacked proper tolerance for the freezing cold and snow. Working as a mime in Central Park only a few feet from her present home, Christine decided that indoor employment was more to her liking. She felt a white painted face that turned red would not be convincing to her customers.

Around the comer and a block north along the park resides delicately beautiful leading lady of American stage and screen Meryl Streep. Her home is at 271 Central Park West.11 Born across the river in New Jersey, Meryl originally moved to the Big Apple with the hope of becoming an opera singer, and for a time she studied with Beverly Sills's voice teacher. In the same building resides actor Mark Hamill, known for his role as Luke Skywalker, the boyish hero of the Star Wars trilogy.

Television reporter Jane Pauley and her husband, Garry Trudeau, creator of the "Doonesbury" comic strip, also have their home at 271 Central Park West. Other residents of this

16ššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

classic building include actor Laurence Luckinbill and actress Lucie Amaz, daughter of television stars Lucille Ball and Desi Amaz.

Seven-time Mr. Olympia and America's top box-office attraction Arnold Schwarzenegger lives a few doors north at 275 Central Park West12 with his wife, Maria Shriver. He married the attractive news-caster, a niece of the late Pres-ident John F. Kennedy, in 1986.

If you're a major star and you miss your mom's apple strudel, buy a restaurant and have a gourmet chef prepare it using her recipe. I'm not saying that's why Arnold Schwarzenegger opened his new restaurant, Planet Hollywood, so close to home, but his mother Aurelia's apple strudel is on the menu.

Actress Linda Lavin, best recognized for her long stint in the starring role of the CBS television sitcom "Alice," resides at 27 West 87th Street,13 just off Central Park West. About a block west, at 176 West 87th Street,14 is comedic actress Jackee Harry.

Continue on 87th Street west to Amsterdam Avenue. This might be a perfect time to stop for a light meal or just to freshen up. Popover Cafe at 551 Amsterdam Avenue (212-595-8555) has a fun menu, including the puffy bread called the pop-over, as well as egg dishes such as a horseradish omelet and a strawberry butter that whets the taste buds of stars like Kim Basinger and boyfriend, Alec Baldwin. If you'd rather get some takeout food and keep moving, visit Barney Greengrass, at 541

SUPERSTARSšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 17

Amsterdam Avenue, (212-724-4707) on the same block. The regular customers of this seafood lover's emporium include Shelly Winters, Alec Baldwin, Peter Max, and George Bums.

Next, head north to 88th Street, turn right, and walk east. One hundred thirteen West 88th Street15 is the home of former New York Knickerbocker Earl "the Pearl" Monroe, one of the flashiest players in basketball history. If you see Earl driving up to his town house in a Rolls-Royce, he might be returning from one of his frequent meetings with troubled


If you have extra time, you might enjoy a five-to-ten-minute stroll-north one block along Columbus Avenue and west one block on 89th Street-to the neighborhood horse stable! The Claremont Riding Academy, at its unlikely 175 West 89th Street location, is always prepared to rent mounts to such celebrities as Diana Ross, Jacqueline Onassis, and William Hurt for leisurely trots through Central Park. In the 1981 movie Eyewitness, William Hurt opened the gates of this hundred-year-old landmark, allowing the horses to roam free and help him overpower a murderer.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch-anyway, east along 89th Street to Central Park West, then south one block to 279 Central Park West16 -we have the home of Yasmin Khan, daughter of actress Rita Hayworth and Prince Aly Khan. In the same building lived jazz trumpeter Miles Davis until his death in 1991. One of music's true innovators, the legendary jazzman's influence will be felt by generations of jazz artists to come.

Backtracking a block along Central Park, we come to a classically designed building at 285 Central Park West,17 home of broadcast journalist Ed Bradley of "60 Minutes." Ed, whose spacious home is decorated with art and photos from his work and travels in Asia, takes full advantage of neigh-borhood eating establishments and works out at a local health club six days a week.

Two hundred eighty-five Central Park West is also home to actress Joyce Randolph. Joyce is remembered as Trixie Nor-ton, wife to Art Camey's Ed, in "The Honey mooners," Jackie Gleason's popular television series of the fifties.

Walk two blocks north to 90th Street and stroll west. Fifty-five West 90th Street18 is where sensuously beautiful actress Babara Hershey has her residence.

Carmine's 2450 Broadway, (212-362-2200) is a popular, inexpensive family-style restaurant with a Little Italy atmos-phere that you might want to partake of one evening. The

18šš šššššššššššššššNEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

only drawback is the usual hour-long wait for a table. Even stars like Kevin Bacon have been Coo hungry to wait. The restaurant is reached by directing yourself west on 90th Street a couple of blocks, making a right on Broadway, and heading a few doors north.

Kevin might have skipped the wait at Carmine's to head up the street to another favorite restaurant. At 2452 Broadway, the Pumpkin Eater (212-877-0132) features healthy, naturally prepared foods. One waitress gloats about serving Alec Bald-win, who tipped her a $100 bill for no other reason than that he liked her.

We now return to Central Park West and one of the hottest buildings in town. The Eldorado, 300 Central Park West,19 attracts the most famous of stars with its beautiful twin towers and richly decorated lobby. The Art Deco structure was used by writer Herman Wouk as the fictional residence of his heroine Marjorie Momingstar. East to Central Park West and south a short distance will place you at the Eldorado.

Superstar of television and film, Michael J. Fox is one of the many celebrity inhabitants of the Eldor-ado. Actively involved in a number of New York charities, Michael recently made an unusual donation to the New Dramatists (an organization devoted to as-sistingššš up-and-coming playwrights): a very snappy "doodle" that was auc-tioned off at the Russian Tea Room. Ironically, Mi-chael's real-life wife is ra-diant actress Tracy Pollan, who played his girlfriend on the hit television serial "Family Ties."


Michael J. Fox hasn't let his fame hide his friendly nature. Recently spotted in front of his Central Park West residence, loading his automobile with bundles of diapers, the superstar treated on-lookers to a smile and a few soft-spoken words.

SUPERSTARSšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 19

The Eldorado is also home to lovely leading lady Faye Dunaway. Faye, whose career was launched in 1962 when she joined the Lincoln Center Repertory Company, has starred in such blockbusters as Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Chinatown (1974), and Network (1976). In the same building resides writer and radio host Garrison Keillor.

Another blond actress who lives at the Eldorado is Tuesday Weld, a native New Yorker typecast as a sex kitten in many other film and TV roles. Also living in the building is violinist and conductor Pinchas Zuckerman. This virtuoso is regarded as one of the finest musicians of our time.

Superstar of stage, screen, and recording, Brooklyn-born Barbra Streisand resides at 320 Central Park West20 only a couple of blocks farther north. Barbra worked in Manhattan as a switchboard operator and then as a theater usher before winning a Greenwich Village nightclub contest. Soon after that victory, she appeared in I Can Get It far You Wholesale, the 1962 musical revue in which she played opposite her hus-band-to-be (and ex-husband-to-be), Elliott Gould. She then starred as Fanny Brice in the sensational 1964 Broadway mus-ical hit Funny Giri. Finally, in 1970, she was presented with a special Tony Award as Actress of the Decade. A few years back, Barbra tried to move crosstown to 1021 Park Avenue but was rejected by the building's board of directors. Seems the stodgy East Siders wanted to avoid the spotlight that fol-lows this top celebrity everywhere she goes.

20šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS


When a superstar calls for emergency medical assistance, the problem may be critical. Recently, Barbra Streisand could not return to the set of The Prince of Tides until her favorite manicurist rushed to the star's home to repair her sickly fingernail.

Barhra's neighbors in this luxurious building at 320 Central Park West include actresses Dianne Wiest, best known for the neurotic characters she plays in many Woody Alien films, and Swoosie Kurtz, winner of two Tony Awards.

Our journey now takes us west toward the scenic Hudson River. Head two blocks north to 94th Street, turn left, and walk three blocks. The last street you cross should be Broad-way. If your feet need a rest, take the 96th Street crosstown bus; otherwise, a brisk fifteen-minute walk will bring you to the home of an outstanding character actor, New York-horn Barnard Hughes, at 250 West 94th Street.21

Walk west to the end of the block and make a right, and you come to 710 West End Avenue,22 where you'll find the residence of Ronnie Spector, lead singer in the 1960s rock-and-roll band the Ronnettes. Sarcastically witty actor Charles Grodin, who learned his craft from Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen, lives a couple blocks south at 666 West End Avenue.23 Continue south to find the home of Broadway and film star Raul Julia, who resides at 585 West End Avenue.24

Farther west, keep an eye out for Diahann Carroll. This actress and singer, who began her career performing at New York nightclubs while studying sociology at New York Uni-versity, resides at 173 Riverside Drive25 with her husband, singer Vie Damone. Their home is reached by walking one block west on 88th Street, turning right, and heading north two blocks.

Two blocks south brings you to actress and model Margaux Hemingway, labeled the "Face of a Generation" after ap-pearing on the covers of Vogue and Time magazines, who has her home at 155 Riverside Drive.26 Another two blocks down, at 137 Riverside Drive27 in a luxurious yet discreet location, is the home of handsome young film star Kevin Bacon and his sweet, comely blond-haired wife Kyra Sedgwick.

A brisk five-minute walk east on 86th Street brings you to 257 West 86th Street.28 home of Robert Duvall, a remarkable actor known for the intricate detail he pours into every char-acterization. His neighbor a few doors east, at 225 West 86th

SUPERSTARSšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 21

Street29 was Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, who died . 1991. This great writer, who spent the last thirty years of his life as an integral part of the West Side community, was a frequent patron of neighborhood restaurants, where he would order only vegetarian meals.

Heading back west along 86th Street, we turn left on Riv-erside Drive. Two blocks down, we come to the home of husband-and-wife comedy team Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller. They have an attractive home in a luxurious building at 118 Riverside Drive30 overlooking the Hudson. Continuing south, we arrive at 110 Riverside Drive,31 where legendary New York Yankee Babe Ruth had an eleven-room home he shared with his wife, Claire Hodgson Ruth, until his death in 1948. Walk two blocks east, along 83rd Street, to 225 West 83rd Street,32 the residence of Tony Award-winning actor-playwright Harvey Fierstein. We next retrace our steps west on 83rd Street to West End Avenue, where we turn left and walk a few doors down.

Actress and director Penny Marshall spent her early years tap-dancing in her mother's New York dance school. Penny, who costarred in the hit TV show "Laverne and Shirley," has her home at 470 West End Avenue.33 Nearby, at 465 West End Avenue,34 is the home of movie and stage actress Barbara Barrie.

Continue south a block to the home of actress Jill Clayburgh, the daughter of prominent Manhattanites, who iron-ically was nominated for an Academy Award for her characterization of a wealthy, intelligent, emotionally over-wrought New Yorker in the 1978 movie An Unmarried Woman. An avid jogger, Jill and her Reeboks can often be spotted close to her home at 440 West End Avenue.35

22šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Round the corner of 81st Street to see the home of one of rock and roll's greatest performers, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. Mick owns an elegant town house at 304 West 81st Street.36


D'on't be shocked if you see Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall on the Central Park bridle path. Mick and his glamorous wife enjoy Manhattan's finest pleasures, including horseback riding, clubs, and lots of shows. Most of his friends in town are ordinary nine-to-fivers.

Back on West End Avenue, walk two blocks farther south to the Apthorp, 390 West End Avenue,37 a grand limestone apartment house built for William Waldorf Astor in 1906. Constructed around a courtyard and fountain, and entered only through bronze gates, the complex was used in the 1976 movie Network as a rendezvous site for Faye Dunaway and William Holden, as Signourney Weaver's home in the 1981 movie Eyewitness and as Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson's residence in Heartburn (1986).

Continuing south another block to 365 West End Avenue,38š you find the home of actor Tony LoBianco.

SUPERSTARSššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 23

If you're ready to head home, why not stop at Zabar's at 2245 Broadway? To reach this location, head east on 77th Street to Broadway, turn left, and walk north three blocks. There you'll be able to choose from a feast of prepared foods and an array of smoked meats and cheeses. Lauren Bacall and Kathleen Turner are among the many celebrities who shop at this gourmet landmark. When filming in town, Woody Allen hires Zabar's to cater meals for his cast and crew.

Barbara Streisand brought a bag of goodies from Zabar's to her son and his coach, Nick Nolte, who were both worn out from an afternoon of football practice in Central Park. Although the snack was fictional-the scene appeared in The Prince of Tides-it was familiar to the high-powered actress-director: Her home in the 1991 film was, as is her real home, located just minutes away from her favorite spot for takeout dining.

The tour ends on the corner of Broadway and 80th Street. Check out some of the other diverse shops along this busy thoroughfare. Otherwise, the bus service along Broadway is quite frequent. If you'd prefer the subway, walk one block south to 79th Street and Broadway to catch the 1 or the 9.

TOURššš 2




Lauren Bacall  Michael Douglas  Mia Farrow Dustin Hoffman  Madonna  Steve Martin  Marsha Mason  Paul Simon  Sting  Bruce Willis





61 West 62nd

Jacqueline Bisset Alexander Godunov


25 Central Park West

Alexis Smith (deceased)

Ethel Merman (deceased)


1 West 64th Street

Madonna Melanie Griffith Don Johnson Ed Asner Carol Kane


41 Central Park West

Gwen Verdon


50 Central Park West

Three Men and a Baby


55 Central Park West

Ghostbusters Marsha Mason Calvin Klein


10 West 66th Street

Isaac Asimov (deceased)


45 West 67th Street

Phoebe Cates Kevin Kline


1 West 67th Street

Leroy Neiman Richard Thomas Joel Grey

Noel Coward (deceased)

Norman Rockwell (deceased) Rudolph Valentino (deceased) My Dinner with Andre The Money Pit


75 Central Park West

Carroll O'Connor Jimmy Breslin


Tavern on the Green

Only When I Laugh Qhostbusters Heartburn


19 West 68th Street

James Dean (deceased)


80 Central Park West

Gloria DeHaven



88 Central Park West

Paul Simon Sting Celeste Holm Joan Copeland


15 West 70th Street

Maureen Stapleton


135 West 70th Street

Candace Early


155 West 70th Street

Jonathan Frakes Jeannie Francis


171 West 71st Street

Daryl Hannah


27 West 72nd Street

Tiny Tim Martin Balsam


15 West 72nd Street

Shelley Winters Parley Granger


12 West 72nd Street

Sigourney Weaver


115 Central Park West

Fred Astaire (deceased) George S. Kaufman (deceased) Isadora Duncan (deceased) Frank Costello (deceased) Meyer Lansky (deceased) Lucky Luciano (deceased) Milton Berle

Zero Mostel (deceased)


101 Central Park West

Jack Weston Dorothy Loudon


1 West 72rd Street

Lauren Bacall

Roberta Flack

Rudolf Nureyev (deceased)

Connie Chung

Maury Povich

John Madden

John Lennon (deceased)

Yoko Ono

Sean Lennon

Rex Reed

Leonard Bernstein (deceased)

Judy Holliday (deceased)

Boris Karloff (deceased)

Rosemary Clooney

Rosemary's Baby

House of Strangers


135 Central Park West

Carly Simon

Mia Farrow

James Levine

Susan Strasberg

Lee Strasberg (deceased)


145-146 Central Park West

Bruce Willis

Demi Moore

Dustin Hoifman

Diane Keaton

Elaine May

Keir Dullea

Mary Tyier Moore






Barry Manilow

Mick Jones

Billy Squire

Victoria Tennant

Steve Martin

Rita Hayworth (deceased)

Jack Dempsey (deceased)

Harold Arlen (deceased)


151 Central Park West

Michael Douglas

Diandra Douglas

Basil Rathbone (deceased)


333 West End Avenue

James Taylor


336 West End Avenue

Larry Storch


300 West End Avenue

Harry Belafonte


290 West End Avenue

Christopher Columbus


2109 Broadway

Igor Stravinsky (deceased)

Florenz Ziegfeld (deceased)

Enrico Caruso (deceased)

Three Days of the Condor


277 West End Avenue

Bemadette Peters


270 West End Avenue

Paul Sorvino Marion Brando


266 West End Avenue

Mae West (deceased)


263 West End Avenue

James Earl Jones Judith Rossner


330 West 72nd Street

Lori Singer


254 West 72nd Street

Ashford and Simpson


271 West 70th Street

Tama Janowitz


315 West 70th Street

Cicely Tyson


The Upper West Side, stretching roughly from West 61st to West 76th Street, is the single-most-star-studded area in Man-hattan. Within this neighborhood is an area I have labeled Star Walk, a ten-block strip along Central Park West that contains the greatest concentration of movie stars and other celebrities anywhere in the world. This tour begins with Jacqueline Bissett's residence and culminates with the home of the stunning actress Cicely Tyson.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a focal point of the area. For the stars, it's a short walk to this world-renowned arts complex, which stages ballets, operas, and concerts, as well as theatrical productions and film festivals. Lincoln Cen-ter has been used as a backdrop in many films, including The Turning Point (1977), starring Anne Bancroft as a prima bal-lerina, Mel Brooks's The Producers (1968), in which Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel danced with joy around the center's impressive fountain, Cher and Nicholas Cage in the delightful

28šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKSššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš

comedy Moonstruck (1987), and the 1984 box-office block-buster Ghostbusters.

ABC television studios inhabit huge chunks of Upper West Side real estate. Many entertainers refer to these ABC prop-erties as the "campus," an appropriate term, since numerous stars reside in the classic buildings clustered around these broadcast facilities.

The area we will be covering on this tour is bounded by West 61st Street on the south, West 76th Street on the north, Central Park West on the east, and Riverside Drive on the west.

Starting Address:

Broadway and 62nd Street

Length of Tour:

1 Hour, 50 Minutes

Best Skirting Time:

10:00 a.m. or 2:00 P.M.


A, B, C, D, 1, or 9 to Colum-bus Circle


5, 7, 10, or 104

Bring Along:

Pencil and paper, lunch money, opera glasses, and camera


the tour

We begin our tour only a few doors west of Broadway on 62nd Street. The Broadway bus takes you to within only a few yards of the comer of 62nd Street. From the Columbus Circle subway stop at Broadway and 59th Street, head north on Broadway, past the New York Colliseum on your left, for three blocks. Make a left onto 62nd Street and on the north side of the street is our starting point.

A luxurious building at 61 West 62nd Street1 is home to beautiful actress Jacqueline Bisset and her partner, Alexander Godunov, the stunning Russian ballet star. Jacqueline had an early longing to become a ballet dancer herself but gave it up because she was too tall.

Since you're around the comer from Lincoln Center, why not check out what's playing in this all-in-one cultural mecca? Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts stretches along Broad-way between 62nd and 66th streets. If you enjoy the dancing

STAR WALKšššššššššššššš 29

of Mikhail Baryshnikov, the singing of Luciano Pavarotti, or

the acting of any number of stars, then this spot is for you! In the summertime, you might stop for a drink at one of the outdoor cafes that surround a magnificent fountain in the very center of Lincoln Center Plaza. Gaze past the fountain and you'll notice two murals suspended just inside the Metropolitan Opera House. These paintings are the work of the late Russian-born artist Marc Chagall.

Heading east toward Central Park along 63rd Street and making a right on Central Park West, we come to the Century building, 25 Central Park West,2 which replaced the ill-fated Century Theater in 1931. The Century is the former residence of actress Alexis Smith (born Gladys Smith) who died at the age of seventy-two on June 9, 1993. This huge Art Deco structure was also at one time home to the full-throated singer-actress Ethel Merman. One block north on Central Park West, we arrive at our next destination.

Madonna, who resides at 1 West 64th Street3 is not only the neighborhood's most famous star, she's also one of the most frequently spotted. O'Neais (212-787-4663), owned by actor Patrick O'Neal a few doors west at 49 West 64th Street, is known to be one of her favorite restaurants. Stargazersš mentionš regular sightings of the singer jogging or riding her bicycle home from Central Park. Although one of the world's highest-paid enter-tainers, the "Material Girl" saved a penny or two when her residence was recently remod-eled: She hired her designer brother to do the job.


Before she moved into her present digs. Madonna tried to purchase a home in the San Remo (145 Central Park West) in 1985 for $1.4 million. Her offer was refused, however, because the building's board wanted to dodge potential problems stemming from her fame and notoriety. (The star had recently been featured in revealing Playboy and Penthouse layouts and the publicity was intense.) Interestingly enough, actress Diane Keaton was the only board member to insist on the singer's acceptance.


30šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Recently, sexy New York-born actress Melanie Griffith and her husband, movie and televi-sion star Don Johnson, took up residence in Madonna's 1 West 64th Street building. In the same complex resides Ed Asner, long featured as the grumpy but lovable Lou Grant on "The Mary Tyier Moore Show," and the talented actress Carol Kane. Their neighbor in the same building, although with a different street address, 41 Central Park West,4 is Tony Award-winningššš Broadway hoofer Gwen Verdon.

Major morion pictures are constantly being filmed in and around the buildings along Central Park West. Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg, and Tom Selleck shared a penthouse at 50 Central Park WestΏ in the 1987 movie Three Men and a Baby. Next door, at 55 Central Park West,6 Sigourney Weaver found spooks in her kitchen in Ghostbusters, the 1984 blockbuster. Actress Marsha Mason (Neil Simon's ex) and fashion designer Calvin Klein both reside in that very same, very spirited building. Our next stop is a short walk west on 65th Street from Central Park West.

Sfuzzi, 58 West 65th Street, (212-873-3700) is one of the trendy Italian restaurants in the area that attract stars like Billy Joel, Robin Williams, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. This bistro is a good choice if you plan a cultural evening at Lincoln Center.

In the area surrounding West 66th Street and Columbus Avenue, you will find ABC television studios, where shows such as "All My Children," "One Life to Live," "Loving," "Ryan's Hope," "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee," "20/20," "Good Morning America," and "World News Tonight" are produced. (See Chapter Eleven for information on how you can obtain free tickets to attend some of these shows.)

Isaac Asimov, the famed science-fiction writer, had his home across from ABC Studios at 10 West 66th Street,7 between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West, until his death in April of 1992. A block west on 66th to Columbus

STAR WALKšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 31

Avenue, a right, and another right takes you to 45 West 67th Street,8 the residence of celebrity couple Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline.


When Shakespearean actor Kevin Kline fell in love, the real-life Romeo packed up his belongings and moved into the home of his Juliet, actress Phoebe Cates. I Love You to Death was the name of the 1990 film in which Kevin appeared, not one of the marriage vows he exchanged with Phoebe during their 1989 wedding.


Located a few doors east on the same block at 1 West 67th Street9 is the Hotel des Artistes, a beautiful New York land-mark originally intended to house sculptors and painters. This elaborate building with its double-height windows and carved stone figures covering the exterior is still home to at least one painter, Leroy Nieman, who is well known for his colorful depictions of sports heroes.

Another inhabitant of the Hotel des Artistes is New York-born actor Richard Thomas, best known for his Emmy Award-winning portrayal of John-Boy in the television series "The Waltons." His parents, Richard and Barbara Thomas, once owned the prestigious New York School of Ballet. Richard's neighbor in the building is the versatile Joel Grey, famed as the evil master of ceremonies in Broadway and film versions of the musical Cabaret, for which he won both Tony and Oscar.

Former residents of this classic hotel include Noel Coward, Norman Rockwell, and Rudolph Valentine.


Rudolph Valentino rented a bachelor pad at Hotel des Artistes in 1922. The silent-screen heartthrob was married at the time, but his wife Jean Acker, was living in California.


The restaurant Cafe des Artistes (212-877-3500) takes up much of the hotel's ground floor. This romantic dining spot is enhanced by its huge murals, the work of artist Howard

32šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Chandler Christy, depicting naked romping nymphs. This New York City institution was featured in the 1981 movie My Dinner with Andre and the 1986 comic farce The Money Pit.

Our next stop takes us east to 67th Street and Central Park West. When New York-born actor Carroll O'Connor played Archie Bunker in the television sitcom "All in the Family," he may have had to ignore some of the lessons he taught his students when he was an English teacher in the city's public schools. Carroll resides at 75 Central Park West10 in the same building as gritty New York newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin.

Tavern on the Green

Looking east, just inside Central Park, across from 67th Street, is a magically designed restaurant in a spectacular set-ting. Tavern on the Green11 (212-873-3200) has been seen in many films, including Only When 1 Laugh (1981), Ghostbusters (1984), and Heartburn (1986). Stars the world over consider this fantasy of lights a must-see on visits to Gotham.

Walk north one block on Central Park West, turn left, and a few doors down on 68th Street is our next location. James Dean, the movie star who symbolized his era, never relinquished the twelve-foot-square New York apartment he acquired early in his career. This "rebel without a cause" re-, turned to this 19 West 68th Street12 šhome in 1955, a few months before his fatal auto accident.

Retrace your steps back

along 68th Street to 80 Central Park West,13 the home of stage and screen actress Gloria DeHaven. With the decline of the screen musicals in the fifties, Gloria switched to the New York stage and more dramatic roles.

Continuing north, two of the world's most successful mu-sicians live in a luxury limestone high rise at 8? Central Park West.14 Although the music of Paul Simon is very different from that of Sting, both ot these rock-and-roll superstars seem inspired by intellectually conceived notions and a desire to do good deeds.

STAR WALKššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 33

Also residing at 88 Central Park West is New York-born actress Celeste Holm, who had to walk only a few doors down to 50 Central Park West for her appearance in the 1987 film Three Men and a Baby. Joan Copeland, another veteran of stage and screen, lives at 88 Central Park West, as well.

Next, we walk north on Central Park West to 70th Street and turn left. A few doors down, in a four-story walk-up at 15 West 70th Street,15 resides the very talented actress Maureen Stapleton. Maureen moved to Gotham in the 1940s, when she was a waitress by day and an acting student by night. Continue along 70th Street, heading west to reach the homes of some of television's most popular performers.

Since several TV soap operas are taped in the area, many soap stars reside here, too. Among them is Candace Early, who lives in a stunning building, restored in 1928, at 135 West 70th Street.16 Her neighbors a few doors west at 155 West 70th Street,17 are actor Jonathan Frakes and his soap-star wife, Jeannie Francis. One block north, the corner of 71st Street and Broadway, takes us to our next destination.

Sexy film star Daryl Hannah has made a big splash with handsome prosecuting attorney John F. Kennedy, Jr. Their romantic adventures are the frequent subject of New York tabloids. Daryl's home in the very sculptured twelve-story Dorilton complex, built in 1902, at 171 West 71st Street18 is an ideal spot to find solitude from a hectic schedule of both studying film at New York University and preparing for an upcoming movie role.šššššš šššššššššššššcafe

Cafe Luxembourg (212-873-7411), 200 West 70th Street, has a charming and cozy atmosphere that attracts actors such as Tom Cruise and Kevin Kline. A meal at this pricey bistro might be a fun adventure to begin a special evening. Walk back to 70th Street, turn right, and just past Amsterdam Avenue will put you at the entrance.

Actors Christian Slater, Gary Oldman, Annabella Sciorra Gary Busey and basketball coach Pat Riley prefer the casual setting and the huge pasta portions offered at Columbus Trattoria (212-799-8090) 201 Columbus Avenue. The restaurant is also a hangout for many N.Y. Ranger hockey players in-cluding Brian Leetch, Mark Messier and Mike Richter. Mikhail Baryshnikov, Robert De Niro and Regis Philbin had ownership of this bustling neighborhood eatery up until the end of 1992. The restaurant is located on the comer of 69th Street and Columbus Avenue and can be reached from Cafe Luxembourg by walking east on 70th Street two blocks and south a block on Columbus Avenue.

34ššššššš šššššššššššNEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

................................... If your dream is to marry a movie star, pull up a chair at Coiumbus Trattoria. That's what Vanessa Sorvino did. Actually, actor Paul had invited her friend over to his table, but when Vanessa tagged along, he knew he'd found the woman who would bring "law and order" to his life.


Need rest and refreshment? I suggest heading two blocks north on Columbus Avenue and stopping at the ice cream parlor and eatery to which actress Mia Farrow takes her children when they deserve a sweet treat. Diane's, 249 Columbus Av-enue, is known not only for its frosty delights but also for its excellent hamburgers.

Continue north one block to 72nd Street, turn right, and halfway down the block is our next stop. On 72nd Street, with its unusual mix of commercial and residential buildings, resides naive comic singer Tiny Tim in a high-rise hotel with a friendly staff. Tiny lives at 27 West 72nd Street,19 as does Oscar and Tony Award-winning actor Martin Balsam.

A few doors east, at 15 West 72nd Street,20 is the lavish home of colorful actress Shel-ley Winters, who learned her craft in New York at the Actors Studio. Another film star in the building is Parley Granger.

Tall and beautiful leading lady Sigourney Weaver lives in a luxurious building across the street atš 12 West 72nd Street.21 This accomplished native New Yorker is the daughter of a British actress and a former president of NBC.

STAR WALKššššššššššššššššššššššššššš ššš35

Straight ahead on 72nd, at the southwest comer of Central Park West, we come upon one of the most elegant and pres-tigious apartment houses in New York City, the Majestic, 115 Central Park West. 22 The edifice was built on the site of the old Hotel Majestic, a prominent resort in the early 1900s and the residence of such notables as Fred Astaire, George S. Kaufman, and dancer Isadora Duncan. Rebuilt in 1931, the Majestic has been home to some celebrities not known for their frendliness: Underworld chieftains Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky, and Lucky Luciano all had mammoth apart-ments here. More likely to make you smile comedic greats Milton Berle and Zero Mostel, also had residences in the building for many years.

Backtrack a short distance south on Central Park West to the home of actor Jack Weston at 101 Central Park West.23 Jack supported himself in New York as a dishwasher and elevator operator before his career gained momentum. His neighbor in the building is actress Dorothy Loudon. We next backtrack north on Central Park West to the northwest corner of 72nd Street.

................................... Only in Gotham can a star be on the job after just a brisk ten-minute walk. In the movie Ghostbusters (1984), Sigourney Weaver had only to stroll over to 55 Central Park West to film that humorous scene in which she finds a monster in her refrigerator. ...................................

The Dakota, 1 W. 72nd Street

The Dakota, 1 West 72nd Street,24 may well be New York's top celebrity address. Their attraction to the German Ren-aissance-style building overlooking Central Park can easily be explained with one glance at its chateaulike design.

Completed in 1884 from plans by Henry Hardenbergh, who also designed the Plaza Hotel, this stately structure was so isolated that New Yorkers joked that it might as well be out in the Dakotas. Designed to accommodate any number of

36šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

servants, the building boasts a large wine cellar and huge residences with fourteen-foot ceilings.

Countless luminaries from all areas of the entertainment industry have been tenants on the Dakota's roster. The list includes rock-and-roll stars, leading actors and acresses, and a world-renowned composer.

Beautiful New York-born actress Lauren Bacall, once dubbed "The Look" by a studio publicity department, has long lived in the Dakota. Lauren has been a vivid figure on the Gotham scene, beginning with her early years at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, then as a cover-girl model, fol-lowed by her emergence as a screen goddess, and culminating with a Broadway run that won her a Tony.

Another Dakota resident is one of the nation's top vocalists, Grammy Award-winner Roberta Flack. Her former neighbor in the building was one of the most celebrated ballet dancers of our time, Rudolf Nureyev. Rudolf, who was perhaps the greatest male dancer since Vaslav Nijinsky, died of cardiac complications resulting from AIDS in January of 1993 at the age of 54.

News anchor Connie Chung and her polished talk-show host husband, Maury Povich, have a luxurious home in the Dakota, as does former pro football coach and television sports commentator John Madden.

The Dakota is still home to Yoko Ono, widow of the de-ceased Beatle John Lennon. In honor of her slain husband, who was shot and killed at the building's entrance in the fall of 1980, Yoko donated funds for Strawberry Fields, a peaceful garden across the street in Central Park. Their son, singer-songwriter Sean Lennon, lives at the Dakota, as well.

It's easy to understand why film critic and celebrity inter-viewer Rex Reed chose the Dakota as his home. It's conve-nient to have a decade's worth of interviews within a three-block radius.

Other luminaries who have resided in the Dakota have included Leonard Bernstein, Judy Holliday, Boris Karloff, and Rosemary Clooney.

Ms. Clooney was definitely not, however, the subject of Rosemary's Baby. The 1968 film boosted the building's noto-riety and piqued the public's curiousity concerning the Dakota. House of Strangers (1949) starring Edward G. Robinson fea-tured the landmark complex in an earlier feature film. The book Life at the Dakota, by Stephen Birmingham (Random House, 1979), brought to light more tales involving the res-idents. Photographers, both amateur and professional, are con-stantly lurking around the building, scouting for a favorite star

STAR WALKššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 37

or just enjoying its classic setting. A constant parade of lim-ousines flows through the iron gates that adorn the 72nd Street entrance.

Continue north along the park one block to the Langham, 135 Central Park West.25 This building's lobby is ornately decorated with marble and bronze and with crystal chan-deliers. In 1905, when the structure was erected, the four suites per block-long floor each rented for over $4,000 per year. Today's residents, who must have to shell out a much larger sum, include singer-songwriter Carly Simon. Carly is presently writing children's books under the auspices of her editor, East Sider Jacqueline Onassis.

Also living in the Langham is the delicately beautiful actress Mia Farrow, who until most recently was often spotted with ex-boyfriend Woody Allen and her children, strolling leisurely through Central Park. Woody used Mia's Langham residence in his 1986 film Hanna and Her Sisters, in which Mia starred.

The Langham, 135 Central Park West

M...šš ..........................................

ia Farrow lives with her many natural and adopted children (including Satchel, her child with Woody Allen) at 135 Central Park West, while ex-boyfriend Woody lives across the park. Ironically enough, Diane Keaton, Woody's ex-girlfriend (and ex-leading lady), resides next door to Mia.

38šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Conductor and pianist James Levine also has his spacious home in the Langham, as does New York-born actress Susan Strasberg. Surprisingly, Susan never attended the Actors Stu-dio, the legendary dramatic training ground headed by her father, Lee Strasberg. Lee had an elegant home in the Lang-ham until his death in 1982.

We now head north a block to one of the most star-studded build-ings in Gotham. Major entertainers flock to the San Remo, a massive twin-towered complex at 145-146 Central Park West.26

Movie-star couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore recently pur-chased a $10 million home in the San Remo. The location is perfect because it's within walking distance of Bruce's new restaurant, Planet Hollywood, at 140 West 57th Street. Bruce has lived the Ameri-can dream, rising from his humble New York beginnings as a bartender at the Kamikaze nightclub to his present lifestyle as a wealthy, hap-pily married superstar and father.

Dustin Hoffman is another actor who started at the bottom, washing dishes, checking coats, and selling toys at Macy's during his rise to stardom. Now able to afford a luxury residence at the San Remo, this remarkable acting genius enjoys jogging through Central Park or lunching at the Russian Tea Room, 150 West 57th Street.


Dustin Hoffman is a favorite among doormen in the San Remo. This generous actor regularly takes them along when he attends major sporting events.


Academy Award-winning actress Diane Keaton, who studied her profession in New York with Sanford Meisner, has her home in the San Remo. Another resident at this prestigious

STAR WALKšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 39

address is talented actress, screenwriter, and director Elaine May. Actor Keir Dullea and Brooklyn-born television and movie star Mary Tyier Moore also live here.


Mary Tyier Moore called upon celebrity pet groomer Lee Day, who came to her home and sang to her dog, Dash, while shampooing the pampered puppy's coiffure. The event was enlivened when Dash shot Mary in the face with soap while the actress was accompanying Lee in a popular show tune.


Another San Remo inhabitant is singer-composer Barry Manilow. Fellow resident musicians include rock guitarist Mick Jones and rhythm-and-blues soloist Billy Squire.

Most of the celebrities in the San Remo choose to live in the 145 Central Park West tower, but some home buyers have been bucking the trend. One such couple is Victoria Tennant and her "wild and crazy" husband, Steve Martin, who oc-cupy a home at 146 Central Park West in the Sam Remo's second tower.


Steve Martin and. wife, Victoria Tennant, are slowly expanding their territory in the exclusive San Remo. In Manhattan, the only way to increase the size of your home is to convince your neighbors to move. Steve and Victoria have purchased the residence next to theirs and will soon combine the two units.


Past residents of the San Remo have included Rita Hayworth, the legendary screen star of the 1940s, and Jack Dempsey, the world-champion prizefighter. Songwriter Harold Arlen also called the San Remo home until his death in 1986. Just up the street, at 151 Central Park West,27 is the Kenilworth, where superstar Michael Douglas lives with his wife, Diandra. Their early-nineteenth-century Russian furnishings, working fireplaces, and dazzling view of Central Park make for a very

40šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

comfortable home. This imposing prewar architectural mas-terpiece was also the residence of Basil Rathbone, otherwise known as the cunning Sherlock Holmes.

The Kenilworth, 151 Central Park West


Area residents recall spotting Frankenstein (Boris Karlaff) and Sherlock Holmes (Bosit Rathbone) strolling side by side through Central Park. The two actors were close friends and lived near each other.

A brisk ten-minute walk toward the Hudson River-two dol-lars by taxi, if your feet are sore-brings you to the home of singer James Taylor at 333 West End Avenue.28 If you choose to walk, your best bet is to head one block north on Central Park West, turn left onto 76th Street, and go four blocks west to West End Avenue; turn left there, and a few doors south is Taylor's residence. His neighbor across the street, at 336 West End Avenue,29 is Larry Storch, who starred in the sixties sitcom "F-Troop."

Continue south a few blocks to the residence of New York-born actor and calypso vocalist Harry Belafonte, who has an attractive home at 300 West End Avenue.30 Director Chris-topher Columbus, discovered by America in the hit comedy family movie Home Alone, resides a few buildings south at 290 West End Avenue.31 Head east one block on 74th Street to the comer of Broadway to arrive at our next location.

The Ansonia, 2109 Broadway,32 is a stunning building built in the style of hotels on the French Riviera. The build-ing's thick soundproof walls have made it a favorite of musical figures like composer Igor Stravinsky, impresario Florenz Ziegfeld, and tenor Enrico Caruso. The structure also houses the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. (If you need to use a pay phone, the Ansonia has a few of them, too-just stop in the lobby.) The Ansonia was featured in the engrossing

STAR WALKšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 41

1975 mystery film Three Days of the Condor, in which Robert Redford flees for his life from the building's back exit. We now walk west back to West End Avenue, turn left, and stroll one block south to our next stop.

At 277 West End Avenue,33 we come upon the residence of New York-born actress Bernadette Pe-ters, who has been a stage and screen success since the age of five. Bemadette's neighbor is actor Paul Sorvino, also a New York native. Paul lives across the Street at 270 West End Avenue,34 where Marion Brando lived while acting on Broad-way early in his remarkable career.


If you'd like to "come up and see me some time," you're late: buxom bombshell Mae West, who resided at 266 West End Avenue,35 passed away in 1980.


Continuing south, distinguished Tony Award-winning actor James Earl Jones has his home at 263 West End Avenue,36 as does best-selling author Judith Rossner.

The excitement of busy 72nd Street attracts performers such as actress Lori Singer, who resides at 330 West 72nd Street.37 Her home can be reached by turning right onto 72nd Street from West End Avenue. Lori's neighbors are the soul-singing duo Ashford and Simpson, who live east one block at 254 West 72nd Street.38 We continue again down West End Avenue and make a left on 70th Street.

Author Tama Janowitz, who lives with her two Yorkshire terriers at 271 West 70th Street,39 helps to continue the tradition of the Upper West Side as a literary center. A few doors west resides talented Cicely Tyson, at 315 West 70th Street.40 Cicely, once married to jazz great Miles Davis, co-founded the Dance Theatre of Harlem in hope of giving some-thing back to the community in which she was raised.

Walk one long block east on 70th Street to Broadway to find bus transportation north and south. Turn left, and two blocks north on Broadway will bring you to the 1, 2, 3, or 9 subway trains.

TOURššššš 3




Gene Hackman  Angela Lansbury  Maureen McGovem  Virginia Mayo  Al Pacino  Jane Powell  Nipsey Russell  Jack Warden  Irene Worth  Steve Van Zandt





301 West 57th Street

Gene Hackman

Al Pacino

Eileen Fulton


322 West 57th Street

Steve Van Zandt


340 West 57th Street

Virginia Mayo

Hal Holbrook


350 West 57th Street

Christopher Hewett

Georgia Engel

Arthur Tracy


347 West 57th Street

Greg Gumbel


353 West 57th Street

Nipsey Russell


435 West 57th Street

Will Jordan


899 10th Avenue


Up the Down Staircase


353 West 56th Street

Melvin Van Peebles


333 West 56th Street

Irene Worth

Dee Hoty

Carole Shelley


230 West 55th Street

Jane Powell


250 West 52nd Street

Neil Simon Theater


1697 Broadway

Ed Sullivan Theater


1681 Broadway

Broadway Theater


1634 Broadway

Winter Garden


1633 Broadway

Gershwin Theater


234 West 44th Street



400 West 43rd Street

Jack Warden


484 West 43rd Street

Angela Lansbury

Eric Douglas


529 West 42nd Street

Maureen McGovern


435 West 22nd Street

Rip Torn


44šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS


467 West 21st Street

Anthony Perkins







434 West 20th Street

Blair Brown


222 West 23rd Street

Mark Twain (deceased)

Dylan Thomas (deceased)

Bob Dylan

Sid Vicious (deceased)

Arthur Miller

Eugene O'Neill (deceased)

William Burroughs

Arthur Clarke


REGARDS TO BROADWAYšššššššššššššššššššš 45

Our tour begins at 301 West 57th Street, home to Al Pacino and Gene Hackman, and culminates at the legendary Chelsea Hotel, 222 West 23rd Street. The area covered is bounded on the east by Broadway and on the west by the Hudson River;

57th Street is the northern boundary, and 20th Street is the southernmost point.

Starring in a major mo-tion picture can make an actor rich and fa-mous . . . but Broad-way is where legends are made. Performers know that critics rarely rave about an actor's skill and versatility unless that star has shown competence night after night in front of a live audience.ššš Recently, movie stars, television actors, and pop-music performers have taken

to the Broadway stage in droves. Singing sensation Debbie Gibson, who debuted January 7, 1992, in the long-running Broadway production of Les Miserabies, dreamed of this op-portunity to prove herself as an actress. The twenty-one-year-old young singer dispelled her teenybopper image when she brought the house down with an incredible performance.

Al Pacino, Angela Lansbury, Irene Worth, and Gene Hackman number among the many stars who reside in and around the Theater District. There is an excitement, an elec-tricity, that these talented performers enjoy just by being on the scene. Even stars who haven't performed on a stage for years anxiously await their next chance to walk those few block onto a Broadway stage and into immortality.

The final leg of our journey takes us to the colorful neigh-borhood of Chelsea. Celebrities hoping to enjoy a relaxed and quiet environment, where town houses and loft buildings are the rule, buy into this richly ethnic area.


Starting Address:

57th Street and 8th Avenue

Length of Tour:

1 Hour, 45 Minutes

Best Starting Time:

11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., or 6:00



A, B, C, D, 1, or 9 to Colum-bus Circle


10, 30, 57, 58, or 104

Bring Along:

Camera, money for fake watch, and New York Times theater listings


the tour

Columbus Circle, with its merging traffic from a myriad of directions, is two blocks north of our starting point at 57th Street and 8th Avenue. As you head south on 8th Avenue, to your back will be Gaetano Russo's monument to Chris-topher Columbus, erected in 1892 and marking the very center of the circle.

Our tour commences at the home of New York-born superstar Al Pacino-Michael Corleone to fans of the Godfather saga. This two-time Tony Award-winning actor resides in Central Park Place, an ultramodern high rise at 301 West 57th Street,1 corner of 8th Ave-nue. An alumnus of Herbert Berghof's New York acting school, Al saved up money for tuition by work-

46šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

ing at menial occupations (usher, porter, delivery boy). No doubt he also cut expenses by eating at his uncle's pizzeria on upper Broadway. Al is known to be a very private person, so much so that columnist Earl Wilson once labeled him "the male Greta Garbo."


Disguised in glasses and wearing a fake mustache, Al Pacino enjoyed the experience of anonymously blending in at a concert in New York. When asked what his disguise was, he responded, half-smiling, that he was impersonating Dustin Hoffman.


Another former movie usher residing in Central Park Place is Gene Hackman, respected among his peers as an actor's actor for his versatility and professionalism. Gene's superb talent earned him an Oscar for his performance as New York detective Popeye Doyle in the 1971 film The French Con-nection. The building is home as well to soap-opera star Eileen Fulton.

Across the busy thoroughfare, in the brown-bricked Shef-field, lives rock-and-roll star Steve Van Zandt. The wide drive-way in front accommodates the steady flow of limousines pulling up to this 322 West 57th Street address.2

Down the block is the Pare Vendome, a group of four separate buildings on both 56th and 57th streets. To find out why this com-plex is packed with ce-lebrities, take a peek at the lovely open garden at the rear of each building. This beauti-fully landscaped archi-tectural gem, with its white Roman columns and picturesque concrete fountain, is truly breathtaking.

The Pare Vendome's 340 West 57th Street3 address is

REGARDS TO BROADWAYšššššššššššššššššššš 47

home to glamorous blond actress Virginia Mayo, leading lady to comedians Danny Kaye and Bob Hope in films of the forties and fifties. Another resident is stage, television, and film actor Hal Holbrook, whose stardom began with his one-man show, Mark Twain Tonight!

Three fifty West 57th Street4 is the second 57th Street entrance of this fashionable establishment. One resident who must appreciate the building's beige canopies is actor Chris-topher Hewett, remembered best for his portrayal of the very tidy Mr. Belvedere on the popular television sitcom of the same name. Christopher spends his free time collecting Staf-fordshire china, but he has nearly exhausted his home's avail-able space with his extensive assortment.

Kooky actress Georgia Engel, whose big break came on "The Mary Tyier Moore Show," also lives at 350 West 57th Street. Another resident is the "Street Singer," Arthur Tracy, whose romantic hit song "Marta" sold over 18 million records.

Back across the street, at 347 West 57th Street,5 resides sportscaster Greg Gumbel. The Colonnade, as this attractive building is named, has a bowling alley-sized lobby filled with an eclectic collection of art.

At 353 West 57th Street,6 in the Henry Hudson Hotel, lives comedian Nipsey Russell, whose forte is clever rhymes. Since his appearance in the 1978 film The Wiz, Nipsey has kept a somewhat low profile.

Comedian and actor Will Jordan has his home in a white brick building at 435 West 57th Street,7 just past 9th Avenue. His impressions of celebrities such as Ed Sullivan and Hum-phrey Bogart remain the standard by which younger mimics are judged.

A pleasant morning or evening makes for excellent star-gazing, since celebrities enjoy a leisurely stroll to work. Many popular performers spend their day at the CBS Television Broadcast Center, a massive complex of buildings located at 518 and 524 West 57th Street and taking up much of the south side of the block between 10th and 11th avenues. Studio audiences line up early in the mornings to sit in on shows, including "The Joan Rivers Show" and "Geraldo." "60 Min-utes," "The CBS Evening News," and "As The World Turns" are also taped in the Broadcast Center's studios.

On the north side of this same block is Unitel Studios, located at 515 West 57th Street. "The Sally Jessy Raphael Show" is taped here at 11:00 a.m. Monday through Thurs-day before a live audience. Other shows are produced here as well, including "Sesame Street," the long-running children's favorite.

48šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Do you wonder where aspiring young high school students dreamed of stardom in the 1980 movie Fame? Would you like to know where Sandy Dennis performed her teaching magic in Up the Down Staircase (1967)? If so, head to 899 10th Avenue,8 just two blocks north of 57th Street, to see a mag-nificent Flemish Renaissance-styled structure used in both films. Currently the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the building until recently housed De Witt Clinton High School. Otherwise, our next stop is one block south and one east down 56th Street.

Director Melvin Van Peebles lives in the 353 West 56th Street9 building of the classic Parc Vendome. This pioneer of African-American cinema is finally receiving his well-deserved recognition.

At 333 West 56th Street,10 also a Pare Vendome address, resides acclaimed stage and film actress Irene Worth. Her neighbor in the building is another active stage actress, Dee Hoty. Tony Award-winning actress Carole Shelley, a Broad-way fixture since her 1965 appearance in The Odd Couple, also has her home in this elegant complex brimming with major stars.

Need time to rest those weary legs? Relax on a wooden bench in a cute vest-pocket park at 8th Avenue and 56th Street. If you must quench that thirst immediately, walk ten feet to the Symphony Cafe, 950 Eighth Avenue (212-397-9595) which sec-onds as a clubhouse for Broadway stars such as Dee Hoty and Keith Carradine. If it's late in the day, dress appropriately.

For those in need of nourishment, I have selected both a classic Italian restaurant and a less pricey yet attractive diner.

The Italian eatery happens to be Frank Sinatra's favorite. Frank and other celebrities enjoy the old-world service they receive from owners Joe and Rose Scognamillo at Patsy's, 236 West 56th Street (212-247-3491). These thoughtful restaur-ateurs even go so far as to receive mail for Rush Limbaugh, the controversial talk-show host.


Italian cuisine expert Al Pocino may have started a trend when he pulled up to Patsy's in a chauffeur-driven Jeep. At enjoys dining in the establishment's secluded upper level.


REGARDS TO BROADWAYšššššššššššššššššššš 49

Around the comer and one block south, you find the Broad-way Diner, an inexpensive restaurant that serves up some very tasty food. This neon-lighted Deco-style structure, which sits at 1726 Broadway (212-765-0909), counts a host of models, casting agents, and production people as its regular customers.

The diner is directly across Broadway from the home of blond-haired, blue-eyed Jane Powell, who lives at 230 West 55th Street.11 An engaging personality, as well as nimble feet and a pleasing coloratura soprano voice, helped this fine ac-tress-singer-dancer achieve movie stardom at an early age. She was born Suzanne Burce, but after appearing in the 1944 film Song of the Open Road, she decided to keep her character's name, Jane Powell.

When Shirley MacLaine, Robert Duvall, and George Abbott are in a cha-cha mood, they head straight to Roseland, 239 West 52nd Street, which is only three short blocks down Broadway and a few doors west on 52nd. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers referred to this legendary ballroom as "dance city." Look for the photos of Elizabeth Taylor, Ann Miller, and Jane Powell showcased under glass beneath this 1919 landmark's Las Vegas-style marquee.

Across the street at 240 West 52nd Street is a hangout for rock and rollers called the Lone Star Roadhouse. Major stars can often be found in the audience, listening to famous friends perform. Bob Dylan showed up recently to see buddy Al Cooper test new material. Cyndi Lauper got up from dinner to belt out a few tunes and Kathleen Turner sang a set or two with husband Jay Weiss's band, The Suits.


Bad Boy" Johnny Depp punched his fist through a window and shattered glass in the face of a female patron at the Lone Star Roadhouse. The incident took place after a full day spent shooting a romantic comedy called The Arrowtooth Waltz on location in the bar. The young star, who also heard complaints about his nipping at the Jack Daniel's during filming, explained it as an accident.

50šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

What do Glenn Close, Richard Dreyfuss, Gene Hackman, Rob Lowe, Jessica Lange, Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin, Alan Alda, Joan Collins, and Debbie Gibson have in common? Broadway. These singers and film stars are just a few of the many established performers who descend on the Great White Way to experience the excitement only the live stage can provide. With the hefty cost of theater production in the 1990s, "straight" plays (without music) don't get the press needed to survive unless their casts feature well-known names.

Where better to start our Broadway tour than in front of the Neil Simon Theater, recently re-named to honor the most com-mercially successful playwright in American theater history. Known as the Alvin when it was built in 1927,š this 250 West 52nd Street12 structure opened with the Gershwins' smash hit Funny Face, starring Fred Astaire.

As you head deeper into the Broadway district, I'm positive you will be amazed by the abundance of quality productions offered in the area's almost forty theaters. Head back east to Broadway and make a left turn, heading northward one block.

To cite just a few, the Ed Sullivan Theater, 1697 Broadway,13 was home to a number of famous CBS television variety shows, including those hosted by Jackie Gleason and Ed Sullivan. It was also the location of filming "Kate and Allie," the hit TV sitcom starring Susan Saint James and Jane Curtin. The theater is presently the showcase for CBS's David Letterman Show. Continue south on Broadway.

At 1681 Broadway,14 the Broadway Theater has always managed to attract the most popular of musicals. Barbra Streisand appeared there in Funny Girl. Yul Brynner starred in the revival of The King and I, and in 1987 Les Miserabies opened to rave reviews and a long run. Two blocks down, at 1634 Broadway,15 is the Winter Garden, which opened with Al Jolson in 1911 and more recently featured the seemingly end-less run of Cats. Sixteen thirty-three Broadway16 is where you'll find the Gershwin Theater. This spacious auditorium was built in 1972, but its short span has been graced by an abundance of major stars, including Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Rudolf Nureyev, and Linda Ronstadt.

regards TO BROADWAYšššššššššššššššššššš 51

Why pay full price for a Broadway show? At TKTS (47th Street arid Broadway), you can purchase a ticket at half of its face-value cost (plus a small service charge) for saine'day performances. Don't be surprised if you stand next to a cost-conscious celebrity while waiting on line to make your selection. Make a right on 46th Street to reach our next destination.

The Paramount Hotel, 235 West 46th Street, is the newly renovated theater-district habitat favored by young trendy stars when they visit the Big Apple. One evening, Harry Connick, Jr. opted to stay here after a performance at the nearby Lunt-Fontanne Theater (205 West 46th Street) rather than return to his Greenwich Village home. Cher took over the basement, which had been Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe Club during Prohibition, to launch her new perfume. It was rumored Ma-donna tried to purchase that same basement not long after. If you need to use a pay phone, head past the Armani-suited doormen into the chicly furnished lobby, where you'll use Mr. Bell's invention while you savor the smell of fresh roses. Flow-ers are placed daily in the toilet-roll holders located in the bathrooms only a few feet away.

When movie stars go club hopping, they're no longer con-tent to sit at the best table in the house; now, they want to own it. Matt Dillon is one of the latest to follow this trend. The young star's stylish watering hole-called The Whiskey- in the Paramount Hotel is a favorite night spot for the likes of Sean Young, Robert De Niro, Madonna, Spike Lee, and Julia Roberts.


A drunk attempting to steal a circus stool, used as a foot-stool at the chic Whiskey Bar, was shocked when superhero Robocop sprang into action and apprehended the culprit. The silver screen came to life when Peter Weller decided to portray his hit film. character after spotting corruption in Gotham.


52šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Walk to 8th Avenue, make a left, then make another left on 44th Street to reach our next stop. While Sardi's, 234 West 44th Street,17 (212-221-8440) is not the meeting place it once was for theatrical stars, agents, and producers, you can get a feel for the restaurant's former glory by seeing the caricatures of Broadway actors that cover its walls. Ellen Barkin has a romantic rendezvous with a beautifulšš cosmetic-company president in Sardi's while play-ing a male turned female in the film Switch (1991).

Head south to 43rd and one long block west to the comer of 9th Avenue. On the southwest comer is the home of veteran actor Jack Warden in a luxury high rise just off the Broadway strip at 400 West 43rd Street.18 Walk west to the far comer of the same block and you arrive at a similar-looking complex, which is home to popular television, film, and stage actress Angela Lansbury. Her residence at 484 West 43rd Street19 is also home to rising film actor Eric Douglas, youngest son of Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas.

REGARDS TO BROADWAYšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 53

Around the comer and several doors west, at 529 West 42nd Street,20 in a renovated warehouse-type complex, lives singer-actress Maureen McGovern. Her Academy Award-winning pop sound helped her achieve a lifelong dream when in 1989 she debuted at Carnegie Hall.

Gotham's Madison Square Garden has recently emerged as prime stargazing territory. Bill Cosby, Anthony Quinn, Woody Alien, Kathleen Turner, and Rob Lowe trek to this sports palace to cheer on coach Pat Riley and his New York Knickerbocker basketball team. John McEnroe, Ahmad Ras-had, and Spike Lee each forked out $12,900 for a season's worth ofcourtside seats. Celebrities are also on hand at Ranger hockey games and other major sporting events, as well as the Bamum & Bailey Circus every spring. The precast concrete Garden complex is located between West 31st and West 33rd streets, from 7th to 8th avenues. Twenty minutes walking, five to ten minutes by bus, or a $3.50 cab ride will place you there. If you decide to walk, head east on 42nd Street to 8th Avenue, make a right, and nine short blocks later you will be at your destination.

Otherwise, our next stop is Chelsea, the neighborhood where America's movie industry began in 1912 at Zukor's Famous Players Studio, with stars including John Barrymore and Mary Pickford. This richly ethnic middle-class area is home to New York Actors Studio-trained Rip Torn. Rip's residence at 435 West 22nd Street21 might take close to half an hour on foot, but a bus or taxi would get you there in minutes. Straight down 10th Avenue and a left turn on 22nd Street is the most direct route from 42nd Street. Take 8th Avenue south to 22nd Street, then walk one and a half blocks west if you're coming from Madison Square Garden.

Up until his death in September of 1992, Anthony Perkins resided around the comer, at 467 West 21st Street.22 The actor's town house is deceptively plain-looking, considering the neurotic and sometimes terrifying character portrayals that were his specialty in films such as Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960).

54šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

I t's no accident Anthony Perkins was so convincing as so many mentally unstable charac-ters. His father's premature death and mother's excessive demands brought him at age thirty-four to Manhattan psychotherapist Mil-dred Newman. The doctor helped Anthony corufuer his fears.

Another block south and around the comer, in a small brick building at 434 West 20th Street,23 resides actress Blair Brown, star of the television sitcom "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd." The offbeat series, now playing in rerun on cable, has become a cult favorite.

Head three blocks north on 9th Avenue and one and a half east to reach the Chelsea Hotel, 222 West 23rd Street.24š Overš the years, its residential ros-ter has read like a Who's Who in Ameri-can Letters. A sampling includes Mark Twain, Dylan Thomas, Bob Dylan, Sid Vicious, Arthur Miller, and Eu-gene O'Neill. The ho-tel's Bohemian atmo-sphere inspired resident William Burroughs to write Naked Lunch and Arthur Clarke to give birth to his screenplay

for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), based on his book of the same name. This 1884 pink brick building with its intricately woven iron grillwork was designated in 1966 as New York landmark.

REGARDS TO BROADWAYšššššššššššššššššššš 55

Twenty-third Street between 7th and 8th avenues is a per-fect location to end the tour, since both subway and bus routes are close at hand. If you walk to 8th Avenue, you can take the A, C, or E train; on 7th Avenue, you'll find the 1, 2, 3, or 9. Crosstown buses are available on 23rd Street.

TOURššš 4




Warren Beatty  Candice Bergen  Christie Brinkley  Larry Hagman  La Toya Jackson  Billy Joel  Luciano Pavarotti š Lynn Redgraveš š Telly Savalas  Raquel Welch





5th Avenue and 59th Street

Home Alone 2





The Way We Were





Plaza Suite










Crocodile Dundee





North by Northwest





The Great Gatsby










The Cotton Club





The Pickle


36 Central Park South

Leona Helmsley





Harry Helmsley


106 Central Park South

La Toya Jackson





0. J. Simpson





Larry Hagman





Morton Downey, Jr.


112 Central Park South

Warren Beatty





Annette Bening


128 Central Park South

Billy Joel





Christie Brinkley


150 Central Park South

Luciano Pavarotti





Placido Domingo





Milos Forman





Ingrid Bergman (deceased)





Frank Sinatra





Ava Gardner (deceased)


160 Central Park South

Telly Savalas





George Bums





Bing Crosby (deceased)





Betty Grable (deceased)





Lily Pons (deceased)





Rudy Vallee (deceased)


58šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS


200 Central Park South

Raquel Welch





Melba Moore





Dino De Laurentiis





Doris Roberts


210 Central Park South

Mary Higgins Clark





Keith Hernandez


220 Central Park South

Don Hewitt


222 Central Park South

Candice Bergen





Louis Malle


240 Central Park South

Bill Boggs





Sylvia Miles





Lou Jacobi


200 West 58th Street

Michael Moriarty





Buster Poindexter


180 West 58th Street

Rita Gam





Natasha Richardson


42 West 58th Street

Hume Cronyn





Jessica Tandy





Carol Bumett


754 5th Avenue






Just Tell Me What You







60 West 57th Street

Jerzy Kosinski (deceased)


100 West 57th Street

Alexandra Danilova





John Gabriel


111 West 57th Street

Joan Sutherland


130 West 57th Street

John Oates


146 West 57th Street

Martin Scorsese


150 West 57th Street











The Turning Point


152-160 West 57th Street

Marion Brando





Leonard Bernstein (deceased)





John Barrymore (deceased)





Isadora Duncan (deceased)


205 West 57th Street

Lynn Redgrave





Jeffrey Lyons





Fran Liebowitz





Andre Watts





Gig Young (deceased)


853 7th Avenue

John Heard





Mary Travers


101 West 55th Street

Tony Bennett


CELEBRITY NOSHššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 59

27 28

77 West 55th Street 24 West 55th Street

Henny Youngman Hal David


1260 Avenue of the Americas

Annie Hall


350 5th Avenue

Radio Days The Godfather Love Affair King Kong On the Town





An Affair to Remember


The perfect time for stargazers to spot their favorite celebrities is during lunch or dinner at one of Manhattan's glamorous or trendy restaurants. This area contains an amazing mix of hot new eateries as well as older, more established gourmet dining spots.

Our tour begins at the Plaza Hotel, perennial host to a vast array of stars and a favorite setting for filmmakers, and cul-minates at the Empire State Building, scene of the city's most memorable depiction on film. The residence buildings occu-pied by celebrities tend to cluster within a five-block square south of Central Park. This vast landscaped park offers a mo-ment of tranquility to New Yorkers eager to escape the agi-tation and turmoil of their glamorous but frenetic concrete jungle.

The area covered on this tour is bounded by Broadway on the west, 5th Avenue on the east, Central Park South on the north, and 34th Street on the south.

Starting Address:

5th Avenue at 59th Street

Length of Tour:

1 Hour, 45 Minutes

Best Starting Time:

10:00 A.M., 12:00 P.M., or 5:00





N or R to 5th Avenue


1, 5, or 30

Bring Along:

Opera glasses, Donald Trump's book The Art of the Deal, and, if you plan on stepping into the Carnegie Deli, Turns for the





60šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

šthe tour

Fifth Avenue and 60th Street (N or R train) is a short block south from the start of our tour. Point your feet in the direction of the flags on the second-floor balcony of the Plaza Hotel that represent countries of important foreign guests and within min-utes you'll arrive at this world-famous complex.

The Plaza Hotel, 5ch Avenue and 59th Street,1 has hosted more stars, and been featured in more of their movies, than any other building in Gotham. The hotel's popularity with the rich and famous is understandable considering its spectac-ular view of Central Park, its majestic exterior and elegant interior, and the constant traffic of horse-drawn carriages ca-tering to incurable romantics.

While putting final touches on this tour, I was astonished to pass a gigantic pickle at the entrance to the Plaza. No ordinary side dish, the monstrous half-sour was playing the title role in The Pickle, a film starring Danny Aiello and di-rected by Paul Mazursky. At the same time, the Plaza's park-side face was providing the cinematic escape route for New-York's own Macaulay Culkin as he fled bumbling burglars Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern in Home Alone 2, sequel to the young star's original box-office smash.


perhaps Mocautay Cutkin and superstar agent Sam Cohn can persuade the youth's parents that at $15 million per film the child superstar earns enough to have his own bedroom. Macauldy resides in a four-room apartment on the Upper East Side with mom, Pat, dad, Kit, and six (count 'em, six) siblings.


The many memorable films in which the Plaza Hotel appears include North by Northwest (1959), The Way We Were (1973), The Great Gatsby (1974), Net-work (1976) Arthur (1981), The Cotton Clubš (1984),šš "Crocodile"š Dundee (1986), and, of course, Plaza Suite (1971).

The Plaza, a creation of architect Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, who also designed the star-studded Dakota, is owned by Donald Trump, who has in-

CELEBRITY NOSHšššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 61

stituted a massive restoration of the structure. "The Donald," as he's known to readers of New York gossip columns, promises to make this landmark "the greatest hotel in the world."

Continue walking west, down the block from the Plaza, to the Park Lane Hotel, 36 Central Park South,2 home to New York's Hotel Queen, Leona Helmsley. Leona and her hus-band, Harry, own this forty-six-story limestone hotel, as well as dozens of other prestigious New York hotels and office build-ings.


Added to billionairess Leona Helmsley's lavish homes in New York, Florida, and Arizona is her government-sponsored res-idence in a crowded prison dormitory at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. The Queen may have regretted her com-ment that "Only little people pay taxes" after Judge Thomas Griesa sentenced her in 1992 to four years' imprisonment for income-tax evasion, a crime of which she was convicted in a 1988 trial.


Baseball legend Mickey Mantle is often on hand signing au-tographs for patrons at his 42 Central Park South bistro. Mickey Mantle's Restaurant and Sports Bar (212-688-7777) is a popular hangout for present-day athletes, sports stars of yesteryear, and well-dressed fans hoping to mingle with their playing-field heroes. If you happen by on a Tuesday or Thurs-day between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m., stop in and enjoy a taping for all-sports radio station WFAN. Walk farther west to the St. Moritz Hotel, 50 Central Park South, and stop in for a treat at Rumpelmayer's. It's a world-renowned soda shop. Cross over Avenue of the Americas.

62šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Luxurious Trump Parc, 106 Central Park South,3 with its vast terraces and elegant lobby, is one of the town's hottest new buildings for major celebrities. The complex was created from the steel shell of the former Barbizon Hotel by-who else?-developer Donald Trump.

Snake charmer and singing sensation La Toya Jackson lives the good life in her beautiful Trump Pare residence. Her neigh-bor in the building is actor, sports commentator, and Hall of Fame halfback O.J. Simpson. Perhaps O.J. leaps down the Trump Parc's lengthy halls when he practices for his airport car-rental commercials.

One hundred six Central Park South is also home to actor Larry Hagman, J.R. in the 1980s nighttime soap classic "Dal-las." Larry was chosen to be the man America loved to hate after starring on the daytime "Edge of Night." If you see a pair of bright red socks walking around Trump Pare, they just might be on the feet of former controversial talk-show host Morton Downey, Jr.

Warren Beatty

The Ritz-Carlton, next door at 112 Central Park South,4 which was renovated and reopened in 1982, is the home of movie heartthrob Warren Beatty and his new family. Prior to Warren's career as leading man in films like Bonnie and Clyde (1967) and Shampoo (1975), he pocketed extra cash as a bricklayer's helper on the Lincoln Tunnel construction crew while studying acting with New York's Stella Adler. Warren interrupted his long-running bachelor party in March of 1992 to marry gorgeous actress Annette Bening, the mother of his first child. The couple lighted up the screen with their erotic exploits in the 1991 hit film Bugsy, and they will most definitely excite onlookers when they stroll from this fashion-able home on Central Park South.

CELEBRITY NOSHšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 63

Continue west on Central Park South a few doors. Rock legend Billy Joel calls the classic building at 128 Central Park South5 home. Billy occupies the penthouse unit with his wife, supermodel Christie Brinkley. If there is ever any prob-lem with the hot water, the only person Billy can complain to is himself, since this savvy investor owns the entire building. Residents tell of how warm and unassuming their rock-and-roll landlord is, while the gorgeous Christie is always guarded and aloof.

Billy Joel directed the elevator operator at 128 Central Park South to stop at the penthouse. Unaware of his passenger's identity, the worker stared into the singer's eyes and asked, "Don't you know that Billy Joel lives there?" Billy smiled and answered yes in order not to embarrass the man.

Our next stop heading west is the elegant Hampshire House at 150 Central Park South,6 home to Luciano Pavarotti, the man Newsweek magazine dubbed "opera's greatest turn-on." After weighing in at a ro-tund three hundred pounds, this five eleven tenor has resolved to crash-diet. The hungry singer will try to curb his appetite by forsaking

64šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

his favorite eatery, the San Domenico, 240 Central Park South. Luciano's colleague-and rival for the title of world's greatest tenor-Placido Domingo lives in the building, as well.

The musical theme of the Hampshire House is further ap-parent with the presence of another world-class artist, Acad-emy Award-winning movie director Milos Forman. Especially adept at bringing Broadway hits to the silver screen, his version of the sixties musical Hair (1979) was largely filmed in the oasis across the street-Central Park.

Ingrid Bergman, Frank Sinatra, and Ava Gardner had homes in the Hampshire House back in the 1940s and 1950s.



Frank Sinatra's infamous romantic rendezvous with Ava Qardner is a Hampshire House legend. In 1950, "Old Blue Eyes" took a suite on the eighth floor and Ava took one down the hall. (In town to sing at the Copa, then New York's top night spot, Frank had left his wife, Nancy, back in California.) The stars' privacy was soon lost, however, as word of their love nest leaked out and the Hampshire House was invaded by nosy journalists looking to sniff out the story.


The Essex House, next door at 160 Central Park South,7 has recently undergone a $75 million renovation to restore its original Art Deco splendor. Celebrities are once again looking to purchase homes in this prestigious hotel-condo complex. David Bowie, I'm told, may soon be the owner of an Essex House residence suite.

Presently, the best-known resident of the Essex House is TV detective and native New Yorker Telly Savalas. As you pass the building, see whether you can detect a bald, stocky man sucking on a lollipop.

Among the many alluring residents of the Essex House in the past have been Bing Crosby, Rudy Vallee, Betty Grable, and George Bums. But for sheer animal magnet-ism, none surpassed the jaguar owned by Lily Pons; The pa-

CELEBRITY NOSHšššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 65

trician pet pussy cat was given free reign to roam throughout the legendary soprano's luxury suite.

True to its name, Les Celebrites, (212-484-5113) the in-timate French restaurant located on the first floor of the Essex House, features artwork by celebrities. Artists whose paintings are displayed on its walls include Gene Hackman, Sally Struthers, James Dean, Phyllis Diller, and Sally Kirkland. If your home isn't complete without a painting of David Bowie by Claire Trevor, it's available for purchase-at a gourmet price.

Raquel Welch resides at 200 Central Park South,8 at the southwest corner of 7th Ave-nue, in an unusually shapely edifice. Art imitates life, and vice versa, as the extravagant curves of the building's facade re-mind one of the swooping lines that are the trademark of this ageless sex goddess.

Raquel's neighbor at 200 Central Park South is singer-ac-tress Melba Moore, who is Big Apple-born and raised. An-other building resident is Dino De Laurentiis, the larger-than-

life movie mogul. A familiar face you might also spot here is that of television actress Doris Roberts, whose work has earned her a pair of Emmys.

Next door, at 210 Central Park South9 resides one of America's best-selling suspense writers, Mary Higgins dark. If this superb storyteller needs ideas for a mystery novel in-volving diamonds-of the baseball variety, that is-she should contact first baseman Keith Hernandez, who also lives here. Continue west on Central Park South.

New York-born Don Hewitt, producer of "60 Minutes" for CBS, has his home at 220 Central Park South.10

The Gainsborough Studios at 222 Central Park South11 is a building that was opened in 1907 to house up-and-coming artists. The structure's unique facade is mosaic and is topped by a bust of Thomas Gainsborough. No doubt the eighteenth-century English portraitist would have enjoyed rendering on canvas the classic beauty of Candice Bergen, otherwise known as Murphy Brown. She and her husband, film director Louis Malle, live here with their daughter, Chloe. Candace had all but given up on men when she found her Prince Charming.

66šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS


Candice Bergen played the role of Sydney Biddle Bar-rows in the 1987 television mofie Mayflower Madam. Sydney, whose ancestors were indeed among the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock, ran New York's classiest call-girl operation from her home at 304 West 74th Street (until 1984, when the law finally paid a call on her). So the home of this real-life madam is just blocks from that of the actress who played her in film. Only in Manhattan.


When stars such as Roberta Flack, Cyndi Lauper, Mary Travers, and Norman Lear visit the dentist, they expect amenities like a television in every room. They get them at 230 Central Park South from Marc G. Lowenberg, D.D.S., P.C. Cosmetic dentist to the stars, Dr. Marc has a patient roster that includes many celebrities. The in-office entertainment can present un-usual risks, however, especially when tuned to MTV: Marc remembers the time Roberta Flack began "bopping" to her own video while in the chair.

Newsman Bill Boggs might have chosen 240 Central Park South12 as his home after discovering that fellow journalist Lois Lane lived there in the movie Superman. More likely, he was drawn to the structure's super, and oh-so-sophisticated, architecture.

New York native Sylvia Miles, who studied acting at the Actors Studio, also calls 240 Central Park South home, as does veteran stage and film actor Lou Jacobi.

At the same address, you'll also find the San Domenico restaurant (212-265-5959). This colorful yet elegant Italian eatery is frequented by stars like Michael Douglas, Harry Belafonte, Candice Bergen, and Christopher Plummer. Lucky Christopher: While dining at the restaurant a few weeks back, he happened to bump into producer Douglas Cramer, who signed him on the spot to star in an upcoming flick.

Walk a few yards west to the edge of Columbus Circle. Within view is an odd-shaped white marble building housing the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. The ground floor contains an information center that offers free handouts on cultural events, sites, and attractions. Continue around the comer, south to 58th Street, turn left, and head one block east to the comer of 7th Avenue.

At 200 West 58th Street,13 resides Tony and Emmy Award-winning actor Michael Moriarty. A gifted jazz pianist

CELEBRITY NOSHšššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 57

Award-winning actor Michael Moriarty. A gifted jazz pianist as well, Michael gigged around town early in his career at a variety of night spots. In the same complex resides fellow actor and fellow music maker Buster Poindexter.

Across the street, the Alwyn Court, 180 West 58th Street,14 built in 1909 with the beautiful splendor of the French Renaissance, is one of the most appealing buildings in Man-hattan. The exterior detailing is terra-cotta woven like a tap-estry.

Actress Rita Gam grew up in Manhattan and presently resides in the Alwyn Court. Her neighbor there is movie star Natasha Richardson, owner of one of acting's most dazzling pedigrees: Her father was English stage director Tony Rich-ardson, and her mother, Vanessa, and maternal aunt, Lynn, are both performers sumamed Redgrave, as was her grandfather Michael.


When Rita Gam decided that writing was more challenging than acting, she began submitting ideas to publishing houses, only to be rejected time and again. Finally, after confining herself to a rigorous writing schedule in her beautiful and spacious apartment, she wrote the book Actress to Actress. Rita achieves success a bit more easily now, as both actress and writer.


Heading east on 58th Street, back

toward 5th Avenue, we pass the

popular Wyndham Hotel, 42 West

58th Street,15 home to husband-

and-wife acting greats Hume

Cronyn and Jessica Tandy. While Jessica's performance in the movie Driving Miss Daisy (1989) earned her an Oscar at the age of eighty, she and Hume are most beloved for their work on the Broadway stage. For the half century each has spent on the Great White Way, both have been honored with induction into the Theater Hall of Fame.

Actress-comedienne Carol Burnett, who for years was glad to have time together with millions of American TV viewers, also keeps a residence at the Wyndham. A half-block stroll

68šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

eastward along 58th Street to the comer of 5th Avenue takes us to our next stop.

Stargazing at the store the rich and famous call their own requires little skill. Entertainers Candice Bergen and Cher and socialites Ann Bass and Ivana Trump are just a few of the celebrities who stroll the aisles at Bergdorf Goodman, 754 5th Avenue.16 But shopping can be so exhausting! When Ivana needs to resupply her costmetics shelf, she let's her fingers do the walking. She phones Bergdorf's Mary Kavanagh, who personally delivers the goods to Ivana's Trump Tower luxury suite.

Liza Minelli shoplifted a tie for her father from Bergdorf Goodman in the 1981 film Arthur. The store was no less prominent in Just Tell Me What You Want, the 1980 film starring Ali MacGraw.

Around the comer and west a few buildings, at 37 West 57th Street, is Harry Stewart's, where film actors are wardrobed for leading roles. Harry himself designed the outfits worn by Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in Goodfellas and Harrison Ford in Regarding Henry. According to this star suit maker, the tailored look of the thirties will make a return engagement in the nineties.

Continue west on 57th Street to 60 West 57th Street,17 the building author Jerzy Kosinski lived in until his death in 1991. While being there, he authored the Oscar-winning screenplay Being There, based on his novel of the same name.

A bit farther west, at 100 West 57th Street (comer of the Avenue of the Americas),18 resides prima ballerina and

CELEBRITY NOSHšššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 69

choreographer Alexandra Danilova. Currently on the faculty of the School of American Ballet, Alexandra gives lecture tours around the world. Also at home here is talented actor John Gabriel. Continue west.

You don't have to be a movie star to dress like one. Today, it's chic for stars and jet-setters to buy and sell their fur coats at the Ritz Thrift Shop, 107 West 57th Street. Stop in for a glass of champagne and bargain for that touch of mink. Buyers and sellers here have included Joanne Woodward, Virginia Graham, Mrs. Johnny Cash, and Sally Jessy Raphael. Your cut-rate purchase might net you a profit sooner than you realize:

One shopper recently found money stuffed in her new coat's shoulder pad.


What would you do if the name Jackie Kennedy was sewn on the inside of the autumn-haze mink you just bought? The customer who purchased the former First Lady's fur didn't hesitate:

"Take it out," she ordered the saleswoman. "I wear my own labels."


Soprano Joan Sutherland found her way to Carnegie Hall by practice, practice, practice. But to get there on short notice the diva needed living quarters close by, so she moved into 111 West 57th Street.19 Joan's coloratura, which has thrilled opera fans around the world, is especially appreciated in this most musical of cities, where she has made countless appear-ances at both Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Keep your feet moving west.

When John Oates composed his hot-selling pop tune "Rich Girl," he must have been eyeing the chick crowd ambling past 130 West 57th Street,20 where he has his opulent abode. John moved to New York in 1971 with partner Daryl Hall in search of a recording contract, and since then the rock duo Hall and Oates has had one hit after another.

What do Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sly Stallone have in common? A snazzy new hamburger joint called Planet Hol-lywood at 140 West 57th Street (212-333-7827). Celebrities attending the opening of this mecca of movie memorabilia included Kim Basinger and com-panion, Alec Baldwin, Michael J. Fox, Stevie Wonder, Glenn

70šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Close, and Don Johnson. The restaurant has a private screen-ing room, a favorite place for stars to munch popcorn as they pre-view their most recent film. Continue west toward 7th Avenue.

Director Martin Scorsese believes that the reality of his life, which includes being raised in a tenement in New York's Little Italy, entering and dropping out of seminary, studying and teaching film at New York University, and now living in an elegant residence at 146 West 57th Street,21 is inter-changeable with the reality of his films. If you consider his fleeing the mean streets of Little Italy by hailing a taxi driver and directing him to the center of New York, New York, this raging bull who created The Last Temptation of Christ certainly has a life that parallels his art.

If you hunger to see celebrities sipping borscht while they make deals (stopping only to air-kiss new arrivals-always on both cheeks), then the Russian Tea Room (212-265-0947) at 150 West 57th Street22 is a definite stop. Limousines begin pulling up around 1:00 p.m., dropping off superstars to make any stargazer salivate. Michael Douglas, Dustin Hoffman, Alan King, Woody Allen, Carol Channing, Paul Newman, and Candice Bergen are a few of the celebrity elite for whom the middle eight booths are reserved. By the way, don't be confused if you see tinsel and holly in July-the colorful Christmas decorations stay up year-round at this brownstone eatery, which was built in 1870.

The Russian Tea Room has been used as a backdrop in many films. Dustin Hoffman, in drag, shocked director Syd-ney Pollack by revealing his true identity while the two were lunching in a middle booth in Tootsie (1982). Woody Alien, a big fan of the blinis, brought his son to the Tea Room in Manhattan (1979). The restaurant was also featured in The Turning Point (1977), starring Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft, two of the establishment's most devoted regulars.


Look, this is Paul Newman. You'd better come see my daughter,'' said this proud father when he manned the phone lines at the Russian Tea Room. Paul's daughter Melissa was booked for a performance in the restaurant on cabaret night.


Carnegie Hall has been the stage for entertainment's elite since it was built in 1891 by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. For some stars, however, the structure has provided a home, as

CELEBRITY NOSHšššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 71

well. Above this Italian Renaissance-designed building at 152-160 West 57th Street23 are residences that have housed Marion Brando, Leonard Bernstein, John Barrymore, and Isadora Duncan. Television specials are frequently set in Car-negie Hall's white auditorium to take advantage of its world-renowned acoustics. Two versions of the feature film Unfaith-fully Yours (1948 and 1984), about a symphony orchestra con-ductor who suspects his wife of infidelity, also centered on the concert hall. Our next stop is across the road on the northwest comer of 57th Street and 7th Avenue.

The Osborne, 205 West 57th Street,24 has long been a popular residence for painters, musicians, actors, and other people involved in the arts. The building's solid, sound-resistant construction, proximity to Carnegie Hall, fifteen-foot ceilings, and ornately decorated lobby all add to its appeal.

Residing in the Renaissance palazzo-styled building is the very successful stage and screen actress Lynn Redgrave. An-other resident, in his very own "Lyon's den," is film critic Jeffrey Lyons, son of Leonard Lyons, for decades a top New York entertainment columnist. His neighbor in the building is sardonic author Fran Lebowitz, considered by the Washing-ton Post to be "the funniest woman in America." Rounding out the Osborne's current celebrity registry is Andre Watts, the famed American pianist.

The solidly constructed Osborne came apart in 1978 when the bodies of Oscar-winning actor Gig Young and his beautiful wife, Kim Schmidt, were discovered in his home in the build-ing. Perhaps the frustrations of his long Hollywood career had finally caught up with him when he shot himself and his wife of three weeks.

Now might be a perfect moment to freshen up, rest your weary legs, and fill your empty tummy. How about a hot, lean skyscraper of a corned beef sandwich at the best deli in town? The Carnegie Deli, 854 7th Avenue, (212-757-2245) is a hangout for comic greats that include Goldie Hawn, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, and Milton Berle. Henny Youngman has lunch there every day. An unusual feature of the deli, not common among Big Apple restaurants, is its insistence that stars stand in line like anyone else. The restaurant honors its most famous customers by naming sandwiches after them. (Ex-ample: "The Woody Allen, for the dedicated fresser only! Lotsa corned beef plus lotsa pastrami.") From 57th Street, the restaurant is a couple of blocks south, down 7th Avenue, just below 55th Street.

72šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Close by at 853 7th Avenue25 is the home of actor John Heard. The building also houses Mary Travers, still active in the singing group Peter, Paul and Mary.

We now journey east on 55th Street one block to 101 West 55th Street,26 where New York-born singer Tony Bennett resides. Tony studied at New York's High School of Industrial Art to be a commercial artist but switched to a singing career when he was discovered performing in local pasta joints. Con-tinue east.

"King of the One-liners" Henny Youngman, whose trade-marks are his violin and his line "Take my wife-Please," lives at 77 West 55th Street.27 Only a few doors farther east, at 24 West 55th Street,28 is world-renowned lyricist Hal David. We now head to 5th Avenue, turn right, and right again on 54th Street.

Scandal ensued at 13 West 54th Street after former Gov-ernor and Vice President Nelson Rockefeller died of a heart attack in his town house while "working" with his assistant, Megan Marshak. The story got juicy when the press discovered that Megan waited an hour before reporting the death. Head back to 5th Avenue and stroll south to 52nd Street, where we'll turn right.

Just off 5th Avenue at 21 West 52nd Street is the "21" Club (212-582-7200), a restaurant frequented by the most famous and powerful people in the world. You might want to stop for a drink at the bar, which overlooks an elegant dining area frequented by the likes of Lauren Bacall, Warren Beatty, Elizabeth Taylor, and Frank Sinatra, plus a host of others. Years back, when Frank Sinatra and Lauren Bacall arrived for dinner on the same evening, the maitre d' was instructed to seat them "as far apart as geographically possible." It seems Frank had dropped her cold after the two had been talking marriage only a few days before. This onetime speakeasy has been immortalized in film. In the 1950 film Ail About Eve, Bette Davis lunches at "21," while more recently Michael Douglas talks business here with Charlie Sheen in Wall Street (1987). Continue west on 52nd Street to the comer, which is the Avenue of the Americas, turn left, and head south two blocks to our next location.

CELEBRITY NOSHšššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 73


If you spot several stoic-looking men wearing earphones and blocking your view of a row of cast-iron jockey statues in front of the "21" Club, it must be President's Night. One recent evening, a very sleepy Ronald Reagan and his very glamorous wife, Nancy, sat at a table near the bar. The couple and the chef, also a former actor, discussed their most recent careers. I watched the conversation from the bar, glued to my seat by the icy stares of three Secret Service agents- I was held captive by my fear of being shot while grabbing for my wallet to pay the bill.


Twelve sixty Avenue of the Americas29 is Radio City Music Hall, home to the Rockettes. This cavernous theater, with its extravagant Art Deco lobby, was built in the early years of the Depres-sion and has staged some of the most spectacular perfor-mances in show-business his-tory. Films featuring Radio City have included Woody Alien's Annie Hall (1977) and Radio Days (1987), plus Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather (1972). If you have the time, Radio City offers an hour-long backstage tour. Check at the box office or call 212-632-4041.


If you passed Radio City Music Hail in the early part of 1992 and saw a number of sheep being herded by two dogs into a waiting taxi, cancel that extra visit to your therapist. The stunt was performed for the taping of "David Letter-man's Tenth Anniversary Special."


Across the street at 30 Rockefeller Plaza (southeast comer of 50th Street and the Avenue of the Americas) are the NBC Studios, where the television show "Saturday Night Live" is

74šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

produced before a live studio audience. The scenic Rainbow Room restaurant, located on the sixty-fifth floor, is the romantic setting in the film The Prince of Tides (1991) for a steamy encounter between psychiatrist Barbra Streisand and her semipatient Nick Nolte. NBC invites you to take a tour of television studios for a small fee (212-664-7174).


A surprised Eddie Murphy stepped out of his limousine into a pile of horse manure. The comedian decided to slip out of his $500 loafers and walk shoeless up to his job at NBC Studios as star of "Saturday Night Live."


Heading south down the Avenue of the Americas, we pass the Diamond District (West 47th Street, between 5th Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas), where more than $400 million worth of diamonds are traded daily. The danger and excitement of the street led director Sidney Lumet to use it in filming Stranger Among Us (1992), starring Melanie Griffith as an undercover cop. Continue walking to 44th Street, turn left, and head to the middle of the block.

The Hotel Algonquin, 59 West 44th Street, is the first of three hotels we shall visit that have catered to famous writers, actors, and lyricists. The Algonquin, with its elegantly paneled lobby, was the home of the celebrated Round Table, a group that in the 1920s convened daily for lunch at a round table in the main dining room. Writer Dorothy Parker, playwright George S. Kaufman, and actress Tallulah Bankhead were members of this formidable gathering of young, bright, and talented people. Film star Douglas Fairbanks, st., had a res-idence in the hotel between 1908 and 1915, as did novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald throughout the 1930s. Two films featuring the Hotel Algonquin include director Otto Preminger's sus-pense thriller Laura (1944) and Rich and Famous, a 1981 drama starring Jacqueline Bissett and Candice Bergen.

James Dean entertained guests in the lobby of the Hotel Algonquin, but as a struggling young actor in the early 1950s he could afford to live only in the less expensive Iroquois Hotel, next door at 49 West 44th Street. James shared room 802 with friend and fellow actor William Bast.

CELEBRITY NOSHšššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 75

Across the road, the Royalton Hotel, 44 West 44th Street, has undergone a multimillion-dollar refurbishment and is re-capturing its former glory as a celebrity meeting place. The block-long futuristically designed lobby attracts stars including Madonna, Sean Penn, Billy Baldwin, and Kathleen Turner. The lobby features the critically acclaimed 44 Restaurant, (212-944-8844) a round bar inspired by Ernest Hemingway's favorite bar at the Ritz in Paris, and space age-style rest rooms a local paper recently labeled Manhattan's "most appealing."


Arow of rock groupies was patiently waiting by the elevator hoping to be picked over by members of Guns N' Roses, the rock group occupying suites in the Royalton Hotel. Meanwhile, group member Slash was busy throwing up on the Hemingway-inspired bar. Talk about having a fun evening!


The final stop on this tour is a skyscraper that has been the symbol of New York City since its completion in 1931, the Empire State Building. To reach the 102-story structure from the Royalton Hotel, walk east along 54th Street, turn right at 5th Avenue, and head south-ten minutes on foot or five minutes by bus, or take a two-dollar taxi ride. Your destination is 350 5th Avenue,30 at the southwest comer of 34th Street. Careful crossing the road, since I'm reminded of Irene Dunne being hit by a bus while running across 34th Street to meet Charles Boyer in the film Love Affair (1939).

This sleek grayish-toned New York landmark, which for more than forty years was the world's tallest building, entered into legend with the 1933 release of the film King Kong. A lovestruck gorilla perches himself atop the Empire State Build-ing and proceeds to swat attacking planes. Fiction became fact in 1945 when a plane crashed into the skyscraper, killing fourteen people. Films On the Town (1949) and An Affair to Remember (1957) also featured the Empire State Building. For a spectacular view of the city and the rivers and bridges, take the elevator to the two observation decks, open between 9:30 a.m. and midnight.

As you leave the Empire State Building, you'll find access to buses and subways that will whisk you throughout the Big Apple. Crosstown buses are on 34th Street, and if you head one block west to the Avenue of the Americas, the B, Q, N, or R trains are at your disposal.

TOURššš 5




Johnny Carson š Richard Chamberlain  Phil Collins  Katharine Hepburn  Sophia Loren š Kelly McGillis  Julia Roberts  Frank Sinatra  Stevie Wonder  Pia Zadora





721 5th Avenue

Donald Trump

Sophia Loren

Pia Zadora

Johnny Carson

Dick dark

Steven Spielberg

Paul Anka

Martina Navratilova

Fay Wray

Andrew Lloyd Weber

Susan Saint James

I'll Take Manhattan


2 East 55th Street

Marlene Dietrich (deceased)

Rex Harrison (deceased)

Ernest Hemingway (deceased)

Hannah and Her Sisters

Radio Days

Taxi Driver


641 5th Avenue

Adnan Khashoggi

Laura Branigan

Patti Austin


100 East 50th Street

Frank Sinatra

Spencer Tracy (deceased)

Gregory Peck

Cole Porter (deceased)

Marilyn Monroe (deceased)


135 East 55th Street

Billy Idol


146 East 56th Street

David Rockefeller


465 Park Avenue

Norman Lear

Greta Garbo (deceased)

Arlene Francis

William Randolph Hearst


Marion Davies (deceased)

Neil Simon


78šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS


470 Park Avenue

Darren McGavin


117 East 57th Street

Eric Clapton

Buck Henry


110 East 5 7th Street

Phil Collins


322 East 57th Street

Kathie Lee Gifford

Frank Gifford


430 East 57th Street

Lillian Gish (deceased)


444 East 57th Street

Bill Blass

Marilyn Monroe (deceased)


447 East 57th Street

Bobby Short


25 Sutton Place

Charlotte Ford


36 Sutton Place

How to Marry a Millionaire


50 Sutton Place

Maureen O'Hara


404 East 55th Street

Noel Coward (deceased)


405 East 54th Street

Van Johnson


450 East 52nd Street

Greta Garbo (deceased)

Rex Harrison (deceased)


435 East 52nd Street

Henry Kissinger


434 East 52nd Street

Humphrey Bogart (deceased)


400 East 52nd Street

Shirley MacLaine


433 East 51st Street

Richard Chamberlain


300 East 51st Street

Joe Namath


342 East 49th Street

Michael Cimino


870 United Nations Plaza

Dina Merrill





Truman Capote (deceased)


244 East 49th Street

Katharine Hepburn


246 East 49th Street

Stephen Sondheim


228 East 48th Street

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr


240 East 47th Street

Rita Moreno


220 East 42nd Street



Grand Central Terminal (42nd Street and Lexington Avenue)

The Prince of Tides

North by Northwest

The Cotton Club


20 East 35th Street

Vivian Blaine


30 Park Avenue

Jackie Mason


7 Gramercy Park West

Julia Roberts


305 Second Avenue

Judd Nelson

David Lee Roth

Wesley Snipes


325 East 18th Street

Stevie Wonder


327 East 18th Street

Wynton Marsalis


One Irving Place

Kelly McGillis


31 Union Square West

Elizabeth Ashley


Legendary actress Katharine Hepbum's upper-class Connect-icut background, well-bred manners, and desire to maintain a low-key lifesryle are indicative of the many celebrities hav-

STAR SEARCHššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 79

ing homes in this area. Greta Garbo created curiosity among fans and journalists with her elusiveness. Ritzy Midtown East attracts celebrities with the cash resources necessary to lead a proper existence in one of the most expensive areas of Man-hattan. Since prominent socialites exercise a strong hold on may of the luxurious complexes, proper connections can be essential to becoming part of this well-established community.

The convenience and exclusivity of the area have made it a perfect home for many millionaires and even a few billion-aires. Banker David Rockefeller resides here. So does Adnan Khashoggi, who is considered to be one of the richest men in the world.

"Hairdressers to the Stars" must believe that healthy com-petition leads to healthy hair and healthy profits, since the majority of these posh shops are located in Midtown East. As Kenneth, owner of Kenneth Beauty Salon in the elegant Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, will attest, the trend is to locate in one of the neighborhood's chic department stores or classy hotels. You will also notice that many of New York's most expensive restaurants are sprinkled throughout the area. I guess the think-ing is, Where better to show off the new do than at an intimate eating establishment visited with one's agent, producer, or casting director?

Our tour will commence at the star-studded Trump Tower, 721 5th Avenue, and will culminate at the home of actress Elizabeth Ashley, who resides at 31 Union Square West. The area to be covered is bounded by 5th Avenue on the west, the East River on the east, 14th on the south, and 58th Street on the north.


Starting Address:

Comer of 57th Street and 5th Avenue

Length of Tour:

2 Hours, 45 Minutes

Best Starting Time:

11:00 A.M. or 2:00 P.M.


E, F, N, or R to 5th Avenue


1,57,or 58

Bring Along:

A few credit cards (one might not be enough) and a camera- and dress fashionably so you blend in


80šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

šthe tour

Trump Tower, 721 5th Avenue,1 with its waterfall and its six-story pink marble atrium, is jam-packed with stars seeking a sleek, modern-looking home. A residence here can garner a celebrity much publicity, for the glitzy glass tower is one of New York's leading tourist attractions. To reach Trump Tower, head from your bus or subway stop to the fashionable and exclusive corner of 5th Avenue and 57th Street. If coming from 5th Avenue and 60th Street (N or R train), head sough on 5th Avenue three blocks. The E or F train will take you to 5th and 53rd, from which you will walk five blocks north on 5th Avenue.

The top three floors of this elegant monument are home to the tower's namesake, Donald Trump, famed deal-maker and star of his own never-ending one-man show. The Donald's residence, with elegant fur-nishings, including twenty-seven hand-crafted marble col-umns, is definitely fit for a king.

Judith Krantz's television miniseries I'll Take Manhattan, based on her book of that name, was filmed at Trump Tower. Donald appeared in the film, cast as his favorite person:

himself. He returns to the silver screen in the same role when Macaulay Culkin bumps into him at the Plaza Hotel in Home Alone 2 (1992). Considering the precarious state of his once-mighty finances, Donald may soon be dependent on his movie earnings to keep his yacht stocked with caviar.


Donald Trump may soon be replaced on the dating scene by his ten-year-old daughter, Ivanka. The stunning child has been spotted window-shopping in the vicinity of Trump Tower with Home Alone star Macawlay Culkin.


Sensuously beautiful actress Sophia Loren, who resides at Trump Tower, has a tough time blending into the constant rush of humanity that encircles the building. The usual sun-

STAR SEARCHššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 81

glasses and kerchief do little to con-ceal her seductive facial features and voluptuous figure from srargazers. The sexy Pia Zadora also lives at 721 5th Avenue, but how long that will last, I have no idea. She complains of landlord Donald Trump's arrogance and he jokes about her lack of talent.

The original home of NBC's "Tonight Show" in Rockefeller Plaza is only minutes from Johnny Carson's home in Trump Tower. Perhaps Johnny will spend more

time in the Big Apple now that he's left the show he hosted for thirty years. He'll likely continue to be as active as his Trump Tower neighbor, the timeless Dick Clark, whose many yearsš hosting TV's "American Bandstand" have been followed by his produc-tion of many television specials.

Another Trump Tower res-ident is the influential film di-rector Steven Spielberg, called the "Magician of the Movies" by Time magazine in its 1985 cover story on him. Singer-composer Paul Anka lives here, as does eight-time Wimble- Johnny Carson don champion Martina Navratilova, the top money earner in tennis history, male or female.


If an automobile pulls up to Trump Tower with xczech on the license plate, say hello to Martina Navratilova. This tennis great still remembers her Czechoslovakian birthplace, even though she's now an American citizen.


Fay Wray will always be remembered as the frightened girl clutched tenderly by an infatuated giant-sized gorilla as he climbed the Empire State Building in the movie King Kong

82šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

(1933). Fay's home in Trump Tower is within sight of the 102-story landmark that marks the height of her career.

Trump Tower is also home to Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer of a slew of Broadway hits. His neighbor at this fashionable address is actress Susan Saint James, costar of TV's "Kate and Allie."

When Bemadette Peters, Lily Tomlin, Tina Sinatra, and Margaux Hemingway are spotted in Trump Tower, they're probably heading to Pierre Michel Coiffeur. Pierre Michel is the hairstylist to many well-known celebrities.


The former queen of Trump Tower, Donald's ex-wife, Ivana, will spare no expense in nailing her next husband. The blond socialite spends close to $4,000 yearly on manicuring her inch long fingernails. Whatever happened to the five-dollar manicure?


Donald Trump chose to build his star-studded Trump Tower next door to where Audrey Hepburn had her ten-dollar shopping spree in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961). Tiffany & Co., 727 5th Ave-nue, at the comer of 57th Street, attracts celebrities in search of that perfect melon-sized diamond. Remember, if you have to ask the price, you're in the wrong place. Some of the rich and famous, including Mr. Trump, prefer buying their ladies gems in the more intimate and personal setting Harry Winston, one block south at 718 5th Avenue, offers.

Celebrities without permanent New York homes enjoy stay-ing at the newly renovated St. Regis Hotel, 2 East 55th Street.2 The hotel is a two-block walk from Trump Tower, down 5th Avenue to 55th Street. Marlene Dietrich, Rex Harrison, and Ernest Hemingway all resided on a long-term basis in this stately hotel, built in 1904 by Colonel John Jacob Astor. Cabbie Robert De Niro picked up an apologetic Cybill Shep-herd at the St. Regis Hotel in the film Taxi Driver (1976). Woody Alien used the interior of the hotel extensively in

STAR SEARCHšššššššššššššššššššššššš ššššš83

Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) and Radio Days (1987). Con-tinue south on 5th Avenue.

A number of restaurants along 5th Avenue are ideal for star-gazing. Bice, 7 East 54th Street (212-688-1999), is excellent for spotting magazine editors and fashion designers, as well as ac-tors like Dustin Hoffman and Michael Caine. Lunch is the ideal time for celebrity watch-ing and reservations are a must at this airy Italian eatery.

During lunchtime at La Grenouille, 3 East 52nd Street (212-752-1495), the front ta-bles are reserved for the likes of

Henry Kissinger, Oscar de la Renta, Liz Smith, and Ivana Trump. This charming restaurant is lavishly designed, with prices appropriately extravagant. Walk east on 52nd Street, crossing Park Avenue, to arrive at our next location.

One of Manhattan's two most celebrity-studded spots for lunch is The Four Seasons, 99 East 52nd Street (212-754-9494). (The Russian Tea Room is the other.) The Grill Room at The Four Seasons is territory set aside for the rich and famous, such as Eiton John, Bill Blass, and Barry Diller. Food in this thirty-year-old restaurant is always delicious, the service perfect, and the tab steep. Double back on 52nd Street a couple of blocks to our next adventure, on the southeast comer of 5th Avenue, at the former Morton F. Plant Mansion, now an exquisite jewelry store.

84šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

After lunching, many stars, including Elizabeth Taylor, Eiton John, and Eddie Murphy, stop in at Carrier at 653 5th Avenue for desert. Even on a slow day for celebrity watching, wandering through this celebrated jewelry store is a treat.


Eddie Murphy must have thought there was a "blue light special'' on when he and five body guards grabbed twos and threes of each item at Cartier. This last-minute Christmas shopping spree probably used up his salary from the movie-Boomerang (1992)- he'd been filming all around town.


Continue south on 5th Avenue to 51st Street and turn left. Just off the corner, on the north side of the road, is the entrance to our next stop. The mystique of Olympic Tower, 641 5th Avenue,3 has long attracted many celebrities. Its aura orig-inated with its initial owner, shipping king Aristotle Onassis, who was married to Jackie Kennedy Onassis when the black boxlike glass structure was unveiled in 1974. One of the richest men in the world, billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, has a home in the Olympic Tower. The rooms in Adnan's residence are so large that even Donald Trump was impressed, calling the living room the largest he'd "ever witnessed."


Most American men dream of being a sports hero, having a billion dollars, and being married to more than one woman at the same time. Adrian Khashoggi has two out of three. The Saudi billionaire enjoys the companionship of two radiant wives: Shahpari, an Iranian, and Lamia, a native of Italy.


The amenities the Olympic Tower offers include a wine cellar, a health club, and a stock-quotation board. Celebrities such as pop vocalist Laura Branigan enjoy residing in a building so comfortably appointed. Soul singer Patti Austin, whose stage debut was at the ripe young age of three at New York's Apollo Theater, has her fashionable home in the Olympic Tower. Also in the building resides Emmy Award-winning newscaster Tom Jarriel. Next stop on the tour is New York's grandest hotel, occupied by the city's grand master and singer of the immortal song "New York, New York." You arrive there by

STAR SEARCHšššššššššš ššššššššššššššššššš85

heading one block south on 5th Avenue to 50th Street, turning left, and walking two blocks east to the southeast corner of Park Avenue and 50th Street.

Frank Sinatra must have seen how exuberant Ginger Rog-ers appeared in the movie Weekend at the Waldorf (1945). Maybe the film led the "Chairman of the Board" to acquire a residence suite in the hotel as his Big Apple center of oper-ations. The preeminent star has his home at 100 East 50th Street4 in the grandly decorated, discreetly located residence tower of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.


When Frank Sinatra

says he's throwing a party, expect two. After his star-studded bash for mayoral candidate Andrew Stein, Frank and his wife, Barbara, in-vited Liza Minnelli and Shirley MocLaine, among others, back to his luxurious Waldorf-Astoria res-idence to continue the festivities.


Former residents of the tower section in this world-famous hotel have included acting greats Spencer Tracy, Cole Porter, Gregory Peck and movie goddess Man-lyn Monroe. Hidden away from the hotel's mainš entrance,š the tower has its own lobby and concierge service. Long-term leases can be negotiated, starting from

86šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

the nightly rate of a bit less than $2,000 per suite.

The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and its Art Deco lobby have been featured in numerous films. Woody Allen has taken ad-vantage of the hotel's glamorous facade in a few of his films. The hotel also appeared in The Out-of-Towners (1970) with Jack Lemmon and My Favorite Year (1982), starring Peter O'Toole.

The original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, which this one re-placed in 1931, was located where the Empire State Building now stands. The first structure was the Hotel Waldorf, built by William Waldorf Astor in 1893 next door to the home of his socialite aunt Mrs. William Astor as a vindictive practical joke. The aunt got her revenge, however: She soon relocated and replaced her home with the Astoria Hotel. Eventually, the two hotels combined to form the first Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, predecessor to the current structure at Park Avenue near 50th Street.

The Waldorf-Astoria now hosts Kenneth Beauty Salon, whose regulars include Joan Rivers, Lauren Bacall, Glenn Close, Sigourney Weaver, and Angie Dickinson. They love being pampered by Kenneth, who first achieved fame with client Jacqueline Kennedy's bouffant hairdo in the 1960s. Continue east on 50th half a block past Lexington Avenue.

Almost any night is a star-gazer's delight at New York's hottestšš supperclub,šš Tatou (212-753-1144),š downš the block at 151 East 50th Street. Prince, Diana Ross, Isabella Rossellini,šš Sophiaš Loren, Eddie Murphy, and Richard Gere with his wife, Cindy Crawford, among others, have

checked out the scene. If you enjoy dancing and dining in a setting modeled after an old Southern opera house, Tatou is for you. We now turn around and walk west on 50th Street to Lexington Avenue, turn right, head five blocks north, and walk east on 55th Street.

Between 3rd and Lexington avenues, at 135 East 55th Street,5 is the home of a sensual pop icon, guitarist Billy Idol. This young punk rocker is only one of a growing colony of rock stars taking advantage of New York's inspirational energies. To reach our next stop, head east a short distance on 55th Street.

Woody Allen plays his clarinet on Monday nights at Mi-chael's Pub, 211 East 55th Street (212-758-2272). Woody has

STAR SEARCHššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 87

been appearing at this cozy club for over twenty years.

Go west on 55th Street to 3rd Avenue, turn right, and head north one block to 56th Street. There we turn left and walk a block to our next location. One forty-six East 56th Street6 is the home of wealthy banker David Rockefeller. David and the rest of the Rockefeller family have directed much of their enormous fortune toward philanthropic causes. They built Rockefeller Center, although the complex has since passed out of the family's hands. Continue walking west on 56th Street to Park Avenue and turn right. Up one block is our next stop.

The Ritz Towers, 465 Park Avenue,7 at the comer of 57th Street, is an elegant building that is home to writer, director, and producer Norman Lear. Norman has a lavish residence in this forty-two-story apartment-hotel that was once home to fabled actress Greta Garbo. Also in the building resides Arlene Francis, the actress and popular radio and television panelist. William Randolph Hearst owned the Ritz Towers from 1928 till 1938 and maintained a magnificent home there with his mistress, actress Marion Davies. He sold the building when his publishing empire began to crumble.

Bronx-born playwright Neil Simon is another resident of this comfortable complex. The most commercially successful playwright in American history, Neil owes much of his in-spiration to his New York upbringing. He is one of the most succesful playwrights in the history of American theater.

Across the street, at 470 Park Avenue,8 resides versatile actor Darren McGavin. Darren, who was trained in the re-nowned Actors Studio, is as comfortable playing a shining hero as he is a ruthless villain. Next we head back to 57th Street, turn left, and stoll eastward.

88šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Rock-and-roll stars choose New York City as their home base so often because of its incomparable musical facilities, its trend-setting clubs, and its energetic creative atmosphere. Guitarist Eric Clapton has his home in the heart of Manhattan, at 117 East 57th Street.9 Also in the building resides noted actor and screenwriter Buck Henry, best known for his col-laboration on the script of the hit film The Graduate (1967).


Buck Henry formed the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals and appeared on TV talk shows to promote the link between the "nudity of animals and the moral decline of man." This hu-morous hoax helped launch his career.


Across the street, at 110 East 57th Street10 is the home of rock and roller Phil Collins. Phil enjoys acting and singing equally and tries to balance his two careers as best he can.

A few shrewd New York realtors not only sell the stars exclusive Manhattan homes;

they also socialize, vacation, and party with them. Realtor Linda Stein, of Douglas Elliman Realty, 575 Madison Av-enue, has a client list that includesšš Madonna,šš Eiton John, Billy Joel, La Toya Jack-son, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis. She recently brokered a deal that put Bruce and his wife, Demi Moore, in a $10 million triplex at the San Remo on Central Park West. Linda's abilities at pampering and shel-tering superstars have helped her become one of a select hand-ful of "Realtors to the Stars." Don't stray from the tour to call on her unless you're seeking your multimillion-dollar dream-house. Her office can be reached by heading west on 57th Street, making a left onto Madison Avenue, and walking south one and a half blocks. After exiting Linda's office, walk back up Madison Avenue, turn right, and head three blocks east to the comer of 3rd Avenue.

Now might be an excellent time to rest your weary legs.

STAR SEARCHššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 89

Check out the Healthy Deli (212-688-5757) at 954 Third Avenue, just north of 57th Street. You'll go crazy trying to select from the healthy and varied dishes artfully displayed in a glass cooler. Look for a star lunching on the delicious Caesar salad as he or she makes ready for another entertainment-industry conquest. After a healthy snack, get back on track by turning left onto 57th Street and strolling east a block and a half.

Kathie Lee Gifford and her husband, Frank, have their home at 322 East 57th Street,11 Kathie is cohost of the highly rated daytime talk show, "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee," which is taped in Manhattan. She and husband spend many hours involved in charitable organizations like the Special Olympics, a natural for Frank, star commentator on "Monday Night Football" and former halfback for the New York Giants. Despite their many activities, however, the couple always finds quality time to devote to America's most talked about baby, their son, Cody. Continue east on 57th Street, crossing 1st Avenue.

Four thirty East 57th Street12 was the residence of the First Lady of the Silent Screen, Lillian Gish. Lillian continued to thrill audiences with powerful performances in recent films, which included Sweet Liberty (1986) with Alan Alda and The Whales of August (1987), which costarred Bette Davis right up until her death in February 1993 at the age of 99.

Next door, at 444 East 57th Street13 is the present home of designer Bill Blass and the former home of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn lived in this posh building on the thirteenth floor, first with her then husband, playwright Arthur Miller, and later alone, after the couple divorced, until her death in 1962.


Marilyn Monroe's residence was almost like a mood ring in the way it reflected her highs and lows. When life was grand, much time was spent at home cooking and decorating, but in trou-bled times Marilyn s kitchen became bare and her furnishings filthy.


Across the street, at 447 East 57th Street,14 is the home of celebrated pianist Bobby Short. Reserve a table to see him perform in the Carlyle Hotel's Cafe Carlyle, where he appears regularly. Walk east along 57th Street to Sutton Place South as you notice the magnificent view of the East River. Then turn right and head south a block.


Sutton Place, named after nineteenth-century land devel-oper Effingham B. Sutton, is a relaxed and pleasant area lined with elegant town houses and residential complexes. Enjoy the beautiful view of the East River and the Queensboro (Fifty-ninth Street) Bridge.

Marilyn Monroe must have decided while on the set of the film How to Marry a Millionaire (1953), shot on location at 36 Sutton Place South,16 to reside in this posh neighborhood one day. She and her costars Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable used this fashionable building as bait to trap their wealthy prey. Two years later, actress Joan Crawford moved into an eight-room residence at this same address. Also in this fash-ionable area, in a modem high rise across the street at 25 Sutton Place South,15 resides New York socialite Charlotte Ford. Continue south.

Fifty Sutton Place South17 is the home of beautiful leading lady Maureen O'Hara. This redheaded native of Ireland worked at Macy's in the 1947 Christmas classic, Miracle on 34th Street.

From Sutton Place South, take 55th Street west to 1st Avenue for our next stop. Just off the comer of 1st Avenue is the former home of playwright Noel Coward at 404 East 55th Street,18 where he lived part of the time until his death in 1973. One block south, at 405 East 54th Street19 lovable, freckled-faced actor Van Johnson, who began his career by way of Broadway chorus lines, resides in a spacious home with a magnificent view of the bridge. To reach our next residence building, walk two blocks south on 1st Avenue, turn left, and head east one block.

The Campanile, which at 450 East 52nd Street20 is tucked away on a cul-de-sac, reflects the very private superstars who choose it as home. For many years, it was home both to Greta

STAR SEARCHššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 91

Garbo and Rex Harrison, both of whom passed away in 1990. Sir Rex, the "gentleman actor," thrilled Broadway and movie audiences with his Professor Henry Higgins character in My Fair Lady, but he preferred a private lifestyle offstage. "I vant to be alone" Garbo's credo, kept her secluded behind the leaded glass windows in her elegant seven-room residence. She did venture out-but usually covered by a trench coat, sun-glasses, and hat.

We now head to the home of one of America's most popular secretaries of state by changing direction and strolling a few doors west down 52nd Street. Foreign-affairs guru Henry Kissinger has become a serious Manhattan socialite, using his masterly diplomatic skills to balance his extraordinary volume of dinner invitations. Henry resides in the twenty-six-story River House at 435 East 52nd Street.21 This luxurious building is across from 434 East 52nd Street,22 once home to New York-born acting great Humphrey Bogart. Head back along 52nd Street to 1st Avenue.

Oscar-winning actress Shirley MacLaine lives in a modem building at 400 East 52nd Street.23 I hope that Shirley, who has maintained as many as eight dwellings at one time, didn't go "out on a limb" when adding this home to her holdings. Continue south on 1st Avenue one block and make a left, heading east on 51st Street.


%fhirley MacLaine denies using her psychic skills when suggesting Carol Honey ' 'break a leg," a traditional theatric expres-sion. Still, Caroi did just that. Shirley replaced the injured star, getting not only a starring role in Broadway's Pajama Game but also the big break she needed to launch what became a phenomenally successful career.

Actoršš Richardšš Chamberlain,

champion of the miniseries, resides at 433 East 51st Street,24 which faces Beekman Place. This tranquil, isolated area with its eclectic mix of buildings has always attracted prominent New Yorkers. Turn around and head west on 51st Street to the comer of 2nd Avenue. Pro football Hall of Famer and

92šššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

current TV commentator "Broadway" Joe Namath resides in a modem high rise at 300 East 51st Street.25 If you head south two blocks on 2nd Avenue and turn left on 49th Street, you'll arrive at 342 East 49th Street26 the home of screenwriter and director Michael Cimino.

Continue walking east on 49th Street a short distance to arrive at 870 United Nationas Plaza,27 a glittering glass tower that is home to attractive blond actress Dina Merrill, who is the youngest daughter of Manhattan socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post. That impressive lineage helped groom her for the aristocratic characters she has convincingly portrayed. Built in 1966, the building has been home to a number of celebrities, including author Truman Capote, who lived in a spacious twenty-second-floor suite till his death in 1984. To reach the home of the next star on the tour, head back on 49th Street west one and a half blocks, until you cross 2nd Avenue.

Turtle Bay could easily be labeled "Celebrity Town Houses," in that it comprises two streets of charming pictur-esque buildings housing the most famous of stars. The town houses, each with its own private garden, encompass 48th and 49th streets between 2nd and 3rd avenues. Legend has it that the origin of the area's name lies in the many turtles that filled the shores of the bay, atop which is now the United Nations complex. Legendary actress Katharine Hepburn has lived at 244 East 49th Street28 in the heart of Turtle Bay for over fifty years. Her four-story town house, for which she paid just $27,500 in 1937, is fronted by black wrought-iron gates that protect this very private four-time Academy Award-winning actress from autograph hounds.


Katharine Hepbum glared into her fireplace and threat-ened one day to break through into Stephen Sondheim's attached dwelling and surprise him with a visit. A smiling mutual friend of both Katharine and myself offered to go home and change into something more appropriate for digging, but Katharine never fol-lowed through on her plan. Above her fireplace is a beautiful painting of Spence (Katharine's nickname for Spencer Tracy), the love of her life.


Next door to Katharine resides New York-born Stephen Sondheim, who has composed scores and written lyrics for some of the most popular film and stage productions in history. Stephen

STAR SEARCHšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 93

resides in a brownstone at 246 East 49th Street.29 Around the comer, south one block, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, at 230 East 48th Street (still in Turtle Bay) lives the "incom-parable" Hildegarde. For over fifty years, this flamboyant singer has dazzled audiences. Her trademark handkerchief and long gloves have been around so long that the government finally cleaned a set and placed it in the Smithsonian. Next door to Hildegarde, at 228 East 48th Street,30 resides author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Kurt is often seen chatting with area neighbors.

Another block south, at 240 East 47th Street,31 reached by taking 2nd Avenue to 47th Street and turning right, lives singer and dancer Rita Moreno. At the tender age of thirteen, Rita made her Broadway debut, going on to star in many Broadway productions. Return to 2nd Avenue and head south five blocks to the southwest corner of 42nd Street.

The Man of Steel flew to the Daily News Building at 220 East 42nd Street,32 but you'll have to walk the ten minutes there. The movie Superman, starring Gothamite Christopher Reeve, was partly filmed in 1978 in this remarkable 1930 slab building that masqueraded as the offices of the Daily Planet.

If you continue west a few blocks on 42nd Street, you arrive at Grand Central Terminal,33 the architectural heart of New York City. (Grand Central Station, the name most often used to denote the structure, is actually the name of the post office up the block.) This massive railroad station on 42nd Street between Lexington and Park avenues was where Nick Nolte

94ššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

waved good-bye to Barbra Streisand's son in the movie The Prince of Tides (1991). Among other films shot on location in Grand Central are Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest (1959) and Francis Ford Coppola's The Cotton Club (1984).

Next, walk west one block to Madison Avenue, turn left, head south seven blocks to 35th Street, and turn left again. A few doors east is 20 East 35th Street,34 home of actress Vivian Blaine. At seventy-two, Vivian is stilt that warm and lively lady who thrilled Broadway audiences for years in Guys and Dolls. A short walk east on 35th Street brings us to the home of comic Jackie Mason, who resides at 30 Park Avenue.35 Jackie's had a rocky career but is back on top since his own Broadway show. He relishes his newfound popularity and loves to schmooze with autograph seekers. South on Park Avenue fifteen short blocks to 7 Gramery Park West36 brings us to the home of "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts who, after stints in L.A. and Ireland, has chosen to reside in the Big Apple. Continue down to 18th Street and three lengthy blocks east.


Recently Vivian Blaine performed at home in concert for her dog, Ade (named after Adelaide, Vivian's character in Guys and Dolls), in tandem with her pet groomer. The pooch joined in for the final chorus.


Rutherford Place, 305 Second Avenue,37 once the largest maternity hospital in the United States, has been renovated and converted into an extremely attractive residence complex. R. H. Robertson, one of the period's most prolific and distin-guished architects, designed this magnificent structure (built in 1902). High ceilings and multi-level dwelling units are features that have lured many celebrities to set up home here. Handsome young actor Judd Nelson has his residence in Ruth-erford Place, as does talented actor Wesley Snipes. Coincidentally, Judd and Wesley recently appeared together in the film New Jack City (1991). Rock star David Lee Roth also resides in the complex. Next, walk a few doors further east on 18th Street.

Stevie Wonder, who has astounded music lovers with a constant flow of Grammy Award-winning songs lives in a town house at 325 East 18th Street.38 Fittingly, his neighbor, at 327 East 18th Street39 is the young influential jaza trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, who has won Grammys for both jazz and classical recordings.

STAR SEARCHššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 95


While I was researching some of the famous stars residing in the neighborhood, a very beautiful Mrs. Wynton Marsalis described with excitement how popular the area has become. This modest lady spoke of the many stars living nearby, purposely omit-ting mention of her superstar hubby.


We next head west to 2nd Avenue, turn left, walk south to 14th Street, turn right, and stroll a few block west. Our des-tination is 126 East 14th Street, a multimillion-dollar night-club called the Palladium, which attracts the most famous of stars. On one recent visit, Madonna had a few too many and wound up behind the bar serving drinks. Before too much longer, the "Material Girl" was on top of the bar, voguing the night away. That same bar was where Michael J. Fox ordered a rum and Coke in the film Bright Lights, Big City (1988). Michael's coke came in powdered, not liquid, form.

Across 14th Street, and a few buildings west, at One Irving Place,40 heartthrob Kelly McGillis lives in the modern Zeckendorf Towers. As a teenager, Kelly was consumed by acting and moved to New York to attend Juilliard School of Drama. Her neighbor, on the west side of Union Square Park, at 31 Union Square West,41 is the versatile stage and screen actress Elizabeth Ashley, whose fiery presence helped her win a Tony for her work in Take Her, She's Mine, her very first Broadway production.

Elizabeth resides directly across from Union Square Park, which is a major stop for many of the subway trains connecting throughout the city.

TOURššš 6




Carol Channing  Bill Cosbyš š Myma Loyš š Elle MacPherson  Liza Minnelli  Dolly Parton  Joan Riversš š Diana Rossš š Brooke Shieldsš š Marlo Thomas






781 5th Avenue


Diana Ross

Francis Ford Coppola

Danny Kaye (deceased)


767 5th Avenue



785 5th Avenue

David Geffen


799 5th Avenue

Claire Trevor


502 Park Avenue

Richard Harris

Robert Altman

Ed Sullivan (deceased)


540 Park Avenue

Carol Channing


563 Park Avenue

John Irving


40 East 61st Street

Elle MacPherson



800 5th Avenue

Dolly Parton

Pierre Cardin


1 East 62nd Street

Marion Brando



Joan Rivers


130 East 63rd Street

Baron R. de Rothschild


139 East 63rd Street

Sally Jessy Raphael


820 5th Avenue

Ann Getty


828 5th Avenue

Shere Hite



Donna Summer


32 East 64th Street

Kitty Carlisle Hart


129 East 64th Street

Otto Preminger


834 5th Avenue

John DeLorean



Carolyn Roehm



Henry Kravis


16 East 67th Street

Bob Guccione


30 East 68th Street

Mary Stewart


875 5th Avenue

Marlo Thomas



Phil Donahue


98šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS


15 East 69th Street

Fanny Brice (deceased)



Ilie Nastase


52 East 69th Street

Jayne Mansfield (deceased)


150 East 69th Street

Liza Minnelli

Doris Lilly (deceased)

Howard Cosell


2 East 70th Street


Oscar de la Renta

Joan Crawford (deceased)


3 East 71st Street

Bess Myerson


18 East 71st Street

Bill Cosby


114 East 72nd Street

Midnight Cowboy




150 East 72nd Street

Arlene Dahl


160 East 72nd Street

Joan Fontaine


171 East 71st Street

Breakfast at Tiffany's


200 East 71st Street

Louise Lasser


300 East 71st Street

Lana Cantrell


211 East 70th Street

Kaye Ballard

Virginia Graham

Sidney Pokier


215 East 68th Street

Arthur Miller

Sammy Cahn (deceased)


230 East 68th Street

Morley Safer


200 East 66ch Street

Imogene Coca

Benny Goodman (deceased)

Grace Kelly (deceased)


212 East 63rd Street

Francesco Scavullo


165 East 62nd Street

Brooke Shields


200 East 62nd

Peggy Cass







201 East 62nd Street

Rona Jaffe


229 East 62nd Street

David Brenner


232 East 62nd Street

Tom Wolfe


425 East 63rd Street

Myma Loy


425 East 58th Street

Ginger Rogers


The Upper East Side was designed to be the residential com-munity of the rich and famous. Architects conceived and de-velopers built lavish brick and limestone high rises all along 5th and Park avenues, as well as elegant town houses on the side streets. To feed the shopping fantasies of the residents,

WALK OF FAMEššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 99

they added Madison Avenue, which was to be filled with discreet boutiques.

On this tour, we will pass the homes of some of the weal-thiest celebrities in the world. Included are movie stars, rock-and-roll greats, award-winning directors, Manhattan social-ites, acclaimed writers, and legendary clothing designers. As we crisscross the numbered streets, a visit to one of the many shops and restaurants that punctuate ritzy Madison Avenue might be a treat. While you gaze at the expensive window displays, remember that these shops cater to neighborhood residents-a situation that makes Madison fertile ground for stargazing.

Our starting point will be the home of singing sensation Diana Ross, who resides at 781 5th Avenue in the Sherry -Netherland Hotel. The tour will culminate at 425 East 58th Street, which is the residence of classic movie star Ginger Rogers. The area we will be covering is bounded by East 58th Street on the south, East 62nd Street on the north, 5th Av-enue on the west, and the East River on the east.

Starting Address:

5th Avenue at 59th Street

Length of Tour:

2 hours, 25 minutes

Best Starting Time:



N or R to Fifth Avenue


1,30, Q32,57, or 58

Bring Along:

Credit Cards, sports jacket, camera, and a blanket in case you might enjoy relaxing in Central Park


šthe tour

Only a few doors south of the N and R subway exit at the corner of 5th Avenue and 60th Street is that first stop on the tour. To reach the same location by the 57th Street bus, disembark at 5th Avenue and walk north two blocks to 59th Street.

100šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Fashionable 5th Avenue is where singer-actress Diana Ross makes her home. She lives at 781 5th Avenue,1 in one of the supreme tower suites in the elegant Sherry-Netherland Hotel. Diana has given back much to her adopted hometown. This "Female Entertainer of the Century," as Billboard mag-azine called her, gave a free outdoor concert in Central Park for over a quarter of a million people and helped finance a playground near the concert site.

Diana Ross had her free Central Park concert televised in order to raise funds necessary to fulfill her long-sought dream of building a playground for the children of New York. Unfortunately, Diana's concert was marred by a torrential downpour and the cleanup soaked the city for most of the cash the event earned. Diana wouldn't let that shortfall rain on her parade, however, so she came through with the extra dollars needed to make her dream a reality.

Also residing in the Sherry-Netherland is New York-raised director Francis Ford Coppola, most noted for his Godfather films. Coppola's commute to work when filming his segment of New York Stones (1989) was an easy one since it was shot on location in his residence com-

WALKOFFAMEšššššššššššššššššššššššššš 101

plex. Brooklyn-born comedian and film actor Danny Kaye was a fellow resident until his death. The hotel's imaginative architectural style, exquisite marble lobby, and romantic set-ting make it a much sought-after celebrity domicile.


Looking for a bargain' Check out Francis Ford Coppola's

Sherry-Netherland residence and make an offer he can't refuse on the asking price: $3 million. Danny Kaye's daughter Dena has put her late father's Sherry-Netherland two-bedroom home on the real estate market for $2.5 million. Maybe a two-for-one price is negotiable.


Next door, at the southeast comer of 59th Street on the ground floor of the fifty-story glass and marble General Mo-tors Building, is the most ex-citing toy store in the world, F. A. O. Schwartz. Tom Hanks danced on a giant keyboard in the film Big, shot in 1988 in this gigantic playland at 767 5th Avenue.2 Continue back up 5th Avenue, passing the many artists and musicians who line the wayside along the west side of the street.

At 785 5th Avenue3 is the home of record mogul David Geffen. An avid New Yorker, David can be seen at many of the trendier restaurants in town. One afternoon while lunch-ing at the Russian Tea Room, I was told that Mr. Geffen, dressed in jeans and running shoes, was turned away by a newly hired doorman. The entertainment power broker soon received a note of apology from restaurant management. Continue north on 5th Avenue.

The classiest hotel in Gotham is most definitely the Pierre, 799 5th Avenue.4 With its elegantly adorned rooms and a nearly two-to-one staff-to-guest ratio, the hotel has become a favorite of celebrities like Charles Bronson, Jimmy Stewart, Tom Jones, and Audrey Hepburn. The Pierre's perfect view

102ššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

has inspired resident writers such as Dashiell Hammett (The Thin Man and The Maltese Falcon) and John O'Hara (Pal Joey). New York actress Claire Trevor is presently a resident of the Pierre. Much of her early career was spent typecast as a golden-hearted floozy, but her crowning moment came when she earned an Academy Award for the 1948 film Kay Largo. Photos of that suspense thriller's leading man, Humphrey Bogart, are conspicuously placed about her antique-laden home.

The barbershop at the Pierre Hotel is where celebrities like Al Pacino, Ryan O'Neal, and Luciano Pavarotti meet to have their locks trimmed while they discuss their latest movie or concert deals. If you don't mind being clipped for thirty-five dollars, visit Gio's Barber Shop, 2 East 61st Street. Head back to 60th Street and turn left.

At 10 East 60th Street is a nightclubšš immortalizedšš in movies and music, the Copacabana. In the forties and fif-ties, it reigned supreme as the preeminent place for celebrities

to be seen. Gossip columnists like Walter Winchell worked the tables nightly. Headliners included Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Lena Home, and Jimmy Durante. Beware, there is a possibility the club may be moving to a new Manhattan location. Continue on 60th Street to Park Avenue and turn right.


Frank Sinatra went looking for comedian and well-known imbiber Joe E. Lewis, who hadn't appeared for his 8:00 and 11:00 p.m. shows at the Copacabana. When he discovered his buddy plastered at a nearby bar, Frank told him, "You're on." "How am Z doing?" responded the tipsy jokester. (The life story of Joe E. Lewis, who switched to comedy after his vocal cords were damaged in a mob attack, was the subject of the 1957 film The Joker Is Wild. He was portrayed by none other than his good friend Frank Sinatra.)


WALK OF FAMEšššššššššššššššššššššššššš 103

Delmonico's is a thirty-two story building at 502 Park Avenue,5 which is home to Broadway and film star Richard Harris. The building, also the residence of director Robert Altman, at one time housed the late television variety-show host Ed Sullivan. Walk north on Park Avenue a couple of blocks to our next stop.

Carol Channing, the actress best remembered as Dolly Gallagher Levi in the play Hello, Dolly!-in which she appeared for over three thousand performances-resides at 540 Park Avenue.6 These days, she keeps busy creating children's rec-ords and appearing as a guest on numerous TV shows. A few doors north, at 563 Park Avenue7 is the home of John Irving, author of the novel The World According to Garp.


When Carol Channing lunches at the Russian Tea Room, she brings her own food. She claims her concoction of a grassy substance mixed with dried fish, prepared at home and placed on the restaurant's fine china, helps her stay young and healthy.

Our next stop if the Manhattan home of stunning supermodel Elle MacPherson, who resides at 40 East 61st Street.8 Her home can be reached by heading west on 61st Street from Park Avenue toward 5th Avenue.

Down the block is Aureole, 34 East 61st Street (212-319-1660), an informal restaurant with prices not so casual. Chef Charles Palmer turns this elegant town house into a food lover's paradise that draws the likes of Daryl Hannah, Goldie

Hawn, Dustin Hoffman, and Mat-thew Broderick. If you're so inclined, check on lunch reservations and hope for a cancellation. Continue west to 5th Avenue and turn right.

One-of-a-kind singer and actress Dolly Parton lives at 800 5th Avenue9 in a well-built thirty-three-story structure. Designers of the com-

104ššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

plex, completed in 1978, wanted it to blend with the older Pierre Hotel next door, so they gave the lower levels an elegant limestone front. Another resident of the building is the classic clothing designer Pierre Cardin.

The doormen at 800 5th Avenue were very open in describing Ivana and Donald Trump, who lived there before they opened their own Trump Tower. Donald came across as a decent gentleman (somewhat thrifty!) and quite the ladies' man. Ivana, however, was always pompous, so the building's staff were relieved when the couple moved out.

Just off 5th Avenue, at 1 East 62nd Street,10 is the home of comedienne and talk-show host Joan Rivers. Born Joan Molinsky in Brooklyn, she started out as a starving young comic in New York's Greenwich Vil-lage, but her career soared after her first appearance on the "Tonight Show," which she later guest-hosted. Today, Joan has her own talk show, approppriately called the "Joan Rivers Show," which is taped in the Big Apple. Merchants and restaurant owners in Joan's neighborhood find her down-to-earth, a naturally funny woman who's a generous tipper. Marion Brando also has his New York residence in this classic building. Brando studied acting under Stella Adier at the Actors Studio which prepared him for the stage role of Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire, that catapulted him to stardom. The complex was also home to writer Ernest Hemingway until a year before his death in 1961. We next head up 5th Avenue to 63rd Street, turn right, and walk a few blocks, crossing Park Avenue.

WALK OF FAMEšššššššššššššššššššššššššš 105

One thirty east 63rd Street11 is the home of Baron R. de Rothschild, of the famed international family of bankers. His neighbor a few doors east is the warm and insightful talk-show host Sally Jessy Raphael. This stubborn lady, who was fired from eighteen broadcasting jobs before achieving stunning suc-cess in both radio and television, resides at 139 East 63rd Street.12


Sally Jessy Raphael feels she's well suited to New York. New Yorkers are success-driven; so is she. Manhattan is a restau-rant town; Sally is a restaurant person. New York is filled with theaters; she adores the theater. Her fantasy is to have time to enjoy all these delights.

The Barbizon Hotel, 140 East 63rd Street, is presently a very fashionable full-service hotel, but it was once a boardinghouse for aspiring actresses. Stars who once lived in this attractive redbrick building include Liza Minnelli, Candice Bergen, Grace Kelly, Joan Crawford, and Cloris Leachman. Walk west to 5th Avenue to arrive at our next residence.

Eight seventeen 5th Avenue is where Richard Nixon tried to purchase an apartment for $970,000. (His application was impeached by the condo board.) The former President instead purchased a nearby town house. At a twelve-story luxury com-plex across the street, at 820 5th Avenue,13 New York so-cialite Ann Getty occupies the entire floor, which includes five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and seven servant's rooms.

Farther north, author and surveyor of sexuality Shere Hite has her home at 828 5th Avenue.14 In the same classic build-ing lives songstress Donna Summer. We next travel east on 64th Street a short distance.

Best known for her fact-finding on the once-popular tele-vision show "To Tell the Truth," Kitty Carlisle Hart resides at 32 East 64th Street.15 The former actress and singer is involved in a wide range of public-service activities and has twice served as chairwoman of the New York Council of the Arts. Film director Otto Preminger lived two blocks farther east, offš Lexington Avenue, in an attractive stucco building

106ššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

at 129 East 64th Street,16 until his death in 1986. Walk back west on 64th Street to 5th Avenue and turn right.

Automotive genius John DeLorean has a magnificent home at 834 5th Avenue.17 John's connoisseur sports car, named for himself, was produced in Ireland until his company went bankrupt. The building is also home to clothing designer and socialite Carolyn Roehm and her husband, mergers-and-acquisitions king Henry Kravis. Leave 5th Avenue once again, taking 65th Street a short distance east.

Le Cirque, 58 East 65th Street (212-794-9292), is one of the area's many restaurants that cater to celebrities who enjoy elegant dining in exclu-sive establishments. Le Cirque is among the top three or four restaurants in the country for stargazing. Movie stars, Presi-dents, corporate heads, and rock stars make this budget-busting bistro a definite stop on any visit to the Big Apple. Head back west along 65th Street to Madison Avenue and make a right turn.

Need to stop and rest your

feet more affordably? Try the Mayfair Coffee Shop at 782 Madison Avenue. Take a seat at the counter and have Art Carney's son scramble you up some eggs. Jerry Lewis bites into a beefy burger whenever he stops in.

Craving a sweet treat? Try Godiva's gourmet house of choc-olates just across the street at 793 Madison Avenue. Joan Rivers and her Yorkshire terrier, Spike, rarely take a walk without stopping in for a sniff and a lick. Steven Spielberg always picks up chocolates for his crew when filming in the area, and Michael J. Fox doesn't seem to mind autographing customers' boxes of candy. Walk north to 67th Street, turn left, and head back toward Central Park.

Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione lives at 16 East 67th Street18 in a heavy limestone building that contrasts nicely with the more subtle town houses neaby. Continue to 5th Avenue, turn right, then make another right, and head to 30 East 68th Street,19 the home of television personality Mary Stewart. She resides just off Madison Avenue.

Madison Avenue has some of the most exclusive clothiers

WALK OF FAMEšššššššššššššššššššššššššš 107

in the world, which is why the rich and famous have little trouble finding their necessities in neighborhood shops. Even if you don't have the $3,000 to shell out for that tailored jacket, you might find it exciting to visit Gianni Versace, 816 Madison Avenue, and look through the styles that gave the "Miami Vice" look to Don Johnson. Stars including Elizabeth Taylor, Billy Joel, Mick Jagger, and Phil Collins stop in from time to time.

Enough shopping, let's get back to stargazing on 5th Av-enue. Take 68th Street to 5th Avenue and head north.

Actress Marlo Thomas and celebrated talk-show host hus-band Phil Donahue, have moved across Central Park from the star-studded Eldorado at 300 Central Park West to a more sedate building at 875 5th Avenue.20 Their penthouse resi-dence offers a breathtaking view of Central Park. Phil presently hosts two talk shows emanating from New York: the Emmy Award-winning "Donahue" program and the "Pozner and Donahue Show" (cohosted by Russian journalist Vladimir Poz-ner). Walk a few doors on 69th Street to our next stop.

In her late thirties, an independently-minded Marlo Thomas met and married talk-show host Phil Donahue, whom she fell in love with after appearing on his TV show. Marlo's life has been much like that of her character for four years on the successful sitcom' 'That Girl'': Both were very independent and slow to marry, and both had moved to the Big Apple to pursue an acting career.


At 15 East 69th Street,21 in the Westbury Hotel, resides tennis star Ilie Nastase. The late musical-comedy star Fanny Brice, subject of the hit Broadway show Funny Girl, also had a home here until 1938. Down the block a short distance, at 52 East 69th Street,22 was the Manhattan residence of bosomy sexpot Jayne Mansfield. Continue walking east another block and a half.

To find an actress who best exemplifies New York City, look no further than three-time Tony, onetime Oscar, and onetime Emmy Award-winning actress Liza Minnelli. Liza, daughter of legendary star Judy Garland and film director Vincente Minnelli, who spent her childhood living at the Plaza Hotel and her teenage years (while searching for minor acting roles) at the Barbizon Hotel, presently resides at 150 East 69th Street,23 New York, New York (1977) and Arthur (1981) are

108ššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

just two of the movies she's starred in that have been set in Gotham. A former resident of 150 East 69th Street is actress Doris Lilly, who resided there until her death in 1991. Sports announcer Howard Cosell, best known for the enormous vo-cabulary he brought to "Monday Night Football" presently resides at that same address. If Howard's language sounds better suited to "Court TV" than to football, don't be surprised- this New York native is a graduate of New York University Law School.

We now head toward 2 East 70th Street,24 home of two of the world's top clothing designers, Valentino and Oscar de la Renta. To reach their homes, head back to 5th Avenue, walk north one block to 70th Street, and turn right. Joan Crawford spent more than $1 million converting two pent-house condominiums into one while residing here from 1957 until 1959. According to Mommie Dearest, the book written by her adopted daughter, Christina, Joan had a fetish for cleanliness: Visitors had to take off their shoes at the entrance hall so as not to soil the white rugs, and all flowers and plants were plastic so they could be regularly washed in soapy water. Head one block farther north on 5th Avenue and turn right on 71st Street to arrive at our next stop.

Former Miss America Bess Myerson, who recently opened a West Side eatery, only to have it close a few months later, resides at 3 East 71st Street.25 Comedian Bill Cosby has his opulent home a few doors east at 18 East 71st Street,26 where he wakes up most mornings at 4:00 a.m. to jog in Central Park. Bill taped his highly rated television sitcom at the Astoria Studios in Queen, New York. Take Madison Avenue north

WALK OF FAMEšššššššššššššššššššššššššš 109

one block to 72nd Street, turn right, and walk a few blocks to the next location.

East 72nd Street, with its proximity to Central Park and its other amenities, has been a setting for numerous feature films, as well as a home address for many stars. One fourteen East 72nd Street27 is where Jon Voight slipped past the door-man and into Sylvia Miles's apartment for a midday rendez-vous in the movie Midnight Cowboy (1969). Continue walking east on 72nd Street.

Arlene Dahl, a New York cover girl in the 1940s, later a star of Broadway and the movies, resides at 150 East 72nd Street.28 Her neighbor, at 160 East 72nd Street,29 is the actress and former New York radio talk-show host Joan Fontaine. Head south on Lexington Avenue to reach our next stop on the tour.

The Healthy Candle, 972 Lexington Avenue, (212-472-0970) is a favorite vegetarian takeout spot frequented by health-conscious stars like Kim Basinger and her boyfriend, Alec Baldwin, Demi Moore, and Robin Williams. If you enjoy a flavorful tofu burger and could use a break, seize the moment.

Would you like to get your hair cut while Woody Allen or Howard Cosell is sitting in the next chair? If so, cross the road to York Barbers, 981 Lexington Avenue, an old-fashioned barbershop where for $17 you can have your hair cut by their favorite stylists. Follow 71st Street east to the next location on the tour.

Audrey Hepburn resided at 171 East 71st Street30 in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961). This simple yet elegant town house remains much the same as it was in the movie. Continue walking east on 71st Street.

New York-born actress Louise Lasser appeared in several of ex-husband Woody Alien's early films but achieved greatest recognition for starring in the hit soap-opera spoof "Mary Hart-man, Mary Hartman." She has her home at 200 East 71st Street,31 at the comer of 3rd Avenue. Popular music singer Lana Cantrell lives one avenue over, at 300 East 71st Street.32 We next stroll south down 2nd Avenue to 70th Street, turn right, and head toward 3rd Avenue.


Asked why she chooses to reside in New York as opposed to L. A., Louise Lasser mentioned that' 'Hollywood lacks excitement, it has no neurotic beat all its own, and the leaves don't move. The leaves don't move on the trees. Nothing falls from the sky ever. 1 like to be in places where things fall from the sky."

110ššššššššš šššššššNEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Singer and actress Kaye Ballard lives at 211 East 70th Street,33 as does television personality Virginia Graham. Another resident of this modem highrise is Sidney Pokier, the first black matinee idol. Heading west toward Central Park, we come to 162 East 70th Street, the brownstone used as a psychiatrist's office in the 1980 horror film Dressed to Kill, which starred Michael Caine. We next stroll east back to 3rd Avenue, head south two blocks to 68th Street, and turn east-ward.

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Arthur Miller resides at 215 East 68th Street.34 This New York native was married to Marilyn Monroe for five years, after which he wrote about the agonizing relationship in the play After the Fail, which premiered at New York's Repertory Theater in 1964. In the same buliding, four-time Academy Award-winning lyricist Sammy Cahn resided until his death in the early part of 1993. The beige walls of Sammy's airy home had been covered with photographs of popular singers who have rendered versions of his many hit tunes. A few doors farther east, at 230 East 68th Street,35 is the home of "60 Minutes" television reporter Morley Safer. Let's now head west, back toward Lexington Av-enue, turn left, and take a short walk to our next location.

The Forgotten Woman, 888 Lexington Avenue, is a pop-ular store that supplies overwei-uh, pleasingly plump stars with fabulous fashions to fit their full-fledged figures. Oprah Winfrey, Roseanne Arnold, Shelley Winters, Julia Child, and Beverly Sills are just a few of the celebrity shoppers. Not long ago, Roseanne and Shelley accidentally met in the store and proceeded to stage an impromptu comic performance that left their fellow customers rolling in the aisles. Head back east on 66th Street to our next stop on the comer of 3rd Avenue.

In a luxury apartment complex called the Manhattan House, 200 East 66th Street,36 resides comedic actress Imogene Coca. This building was also once home to jazz great Benny Goodman and to actress Grace Kelly, who had pre-viously been residing at the nearby Barbizon Hotel for Women. Continue south on 3rd Avenue one short block.

The Sign of the Dove, 1110 3rd Avenue (212-861-8080), is a gourmet restaurant in a charming building. This wonder-fully romantic establishment with its collection of nineteenth-century antiques is popular with celebrities seeking intimacy in a classic setting. Walk west on 65th Street back to Lex-ington Avenue.

For a less pricey refreshment stop, try Sel &. Poivre (212-517-5780) 853 Lexington Avenue. Beverly Sills, Tony Randall, and Jackie Mason are regulars at this trendy cafe. (Jackie

WALK OF FAMEšššššššššššššššššššššššššš 111

enjoys making cracks about the French-Jewish chef.) Another choice might be the chichi Mulholland Drive Cafe, 1059 3rd Avenue (212-319-7740), owned by actor Patrick Swayze, the haunting hunk who spooked Demi Moore in Ghost (1990). Retrace your steps east on 65th Street to 3rd Avenue, turn right, and walk a few blocks south if you desire a meal at Patrick's restaurant. From there, we head south to 64th Street and make a left turn.

The florist relied upon by East Side movie stars and socialites is Renny, 159 East 64th Street. Anne Bass, Diana Ross, and Calvin Klein are a few of the regular customers for the shop's exquisite floral arrangements.

Stroll east to 3rd Avenue, head one block south to 63rd Street, turn left, and walk to 212 East 63rd,37 the residence of fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo. Continue back on 3rd Avenue, heading south to 62nd Street and making a right turn.

The array of superstars and world-renowned writers who live on East 62nd Street can whet any stargazer's appetite. At 165 East 62nd Street38 resides heartthrob Brooke Shields, a native New Yorker who frequents many of the city's trendy clubs and restaurants. She was still in diapers when her career was launched by neighbor Scavullo, who shot her for an Ivory Snow commercial. She soon became the "Ivory Snow Baby" and, by age thirteen, was starring in feature films.

112ššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Did Greta Garbo foretell the future when she stopped to pat and admire a beautiful baby in a carriage on 52nd Street? The in/ant being wheeled was none other than Brooke Shields.


Brooke's neighbor, a few doors east at 200 East 62nd Street,39 at the comer of 3rd Avenue, is actress Peggy Cass, often seen as a guest panelist on game shows.


Plaintiff Peggy Cass was awarded $460,000 m a 1985 law-suit against a physician at New York's Lenox Hill Hospital. "I'll never play a nun again," the gimpy actress moaned. "I can't kneel.'' The daydreaming doc had operated on the wrong knee- a goof that left Peggy, who almost became a nun, and then played one in three productions, unable to kneel in her rote in Agnes of God (1985).

East 62nd Street is a road for writers. At 201 East 62nd Street40 is the home of best-selling author Rona Jaffe. A few doors east, at 229 East 62nd Street,41 lives comedian David Brenner, who has several books to his name. The most re-nowned writer on the block is Tom Wolfe, founder of the "new journalism" and author of Bonfire of the Vanities, the controversial novel that summed up the 1980s. Tom lives at 232 East 62nd Street42 with his trademark collection of starched shirts and white suits. Walk back to 3rd Avenue, turn left, and take a short stroll south.

Perhaps Tom shops at Bloomingdale's, 1000 3rd Avenue, a great place to spend an afternoon shopping and celebrity-watching. The cosmetics counter, Estee Lauder's spa, and the

five Bloomies restaurants attract the likes of Diana Ross, Liza Minnelli, Joan Rivers, Cheryl Tiegs, and Jackie Onassis. A number of movies have been filmed in and around the store, which takes up an entire square block, including Moscow on

WALK OF FAMEšššššššššššššššššššššššššš 113

the Hudson (1984), starring Robin Williams, who played a Russian musician attempting to defect to the West.

We're in the home stretch. Need a snack to get you to the tour's finish line? Relax and enjoy gourmet ice cream at Ser-endipity 3, 225 East 60th Street (212-838-3531). This com-bination restaurant-boutique attracts stars including Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Barbra Streisand, and Cher. Cher had her party for the movie Moonstruck (1987) at this fun eatery and the late Andy Warhol used to sketch here while satisfying his sweet tooth. The restaurant is on 60th Street just a half a block east of Bloomingdale's.

A brisk ten-to-fifteen'minute walk brings us to 425 East 63rd Street,43 home to actress Myrna Loy, voted "Queen of the Movies" in a poll conducted by Ed Sullivan. To reach Myma's residence, walk east on 60th Street to 1st Avenue, turn left, head north three blocks to 63 Street, and turn right. Five blocks south and just east of 1st Avenue, at 425 East 58th Street,44 is the residence of Ginger Rogers, whose ten-movie partnership with Fred Astaire has thrilled audiences for dec-ades. Returning three blocks north to 61st Street and heading west from 1st Avenue to 2nd Avenue takes us to the final stop on the tour.

Stiff and sore from your high-class hike? Stop in for a steam, shower, and massage at the Vertical Club. If ever there was a health club packed with major stars, the Vertical Club, 330 East 61st Street, fits that description. Stars like Bill

Cosby, Brooke Shields, and Cher, and even professional ath-letes such as Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert, have all taken advantage of this posh urban country club.

After relaxing at the health club, your best bet to catch a bus downtown is to walk west on 61st Street to 2nd Avenue;

for the uptown bus, walk east to 1st Avenue. The closest subway station (N, R, 4, 5, or 6) is reached by heading west on 61st Street to Lexington Avenue and south to 59th Street.

TOURššš 7




Woody Alienš š Mel Brooksš š Glenn Closeš š Rodney Dangerfieldš š Madeline Kahn  šBill Murrayš š Paul Newmanš š Anthony Quinnš š Robert Redfordš š Elizabeth Taylor





315 East 72nd Street

Elizabeth Taylor


920 5th Avenue

Gloria Swanson (deceased)


11 East 73rd Street

Roy Scheider


778 Park Avenue

William F. Buckley, Jr.


118 East 73rd Street

Gloria Steinem


23 East 74th Street

Dorothy Parker (deceased)





Lena Home


6 East 74th Street

Tammy Grimes


930 5th Avenue

Woody Allen


944 5th Avenue

Barbara Walters


35 East 76th Street

Hannah and Her Sisters


945 5th Avenue

Gelsey Kirkland





Claudette Colbert


950 5th Avenue

Anne Bass


955 5th Avenue

Robert Redford


960 5th Avenue

Claus von Bulow


965 5th Avenue

Charles Grodin


969 5th Avenue

Glenn Close


9 East 79th Street

Art Garfunkel


50 East 79th Street

Geraldine Fitzgerald


1080 Madison Avenue

Ben Gazzara


225 East 79th Street

Gene Shalit


109 East 79th Street

Dick Cavett





Carrie Nye


888 Park Avenue

Caroline Kennedy


903 Park Avenue

Ruth Warrick


941 Park Avenue

Tom Brokaw


955 Park Avenue

Regis Philbin


970 Park Avenue

Marvin Hamlisch


975 Park Avenue

Madeline Kahn


116šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS


1021 Park Avenue

Paloma Picasso





Neil Sedaka


1016 5th Avenue

Stella Adier (deceased)





Julia Meade


1025 5th Avenue

Gavin McLeod


1040 5th Avenue

Jackie Onassis


17 East 89th Street

Sally Kirkland


50 East 89th Street

Mel Brooks





Anne Bancroft





Tommy Tune


1120 Park Avenue

Bill Beutel


1155 Park Avenue

Stockard Charming


1172 Park Avenue

Ira Levine


1107 5th Avenue

Ralph Lauren


1120 5th Avenue

Paul Newman





Joanne Woodward


8 East 96th Street

Bill Murray


125 East 94th Street

Erica Jong


200 East 94th Street

Eddie Fisher


179 East 93rd Street

Marx Brothers (deceased)


10 Gracie Square

Gloria Vanderbilt


519 East 84th Street

Walter Cronkite


60 East End Avenue

Anthony Quinn


435 East 79th Street

Joe Cocker


420 East 78th Street

James Cagney







500 East 77th Street

Leslie Gore


530 East 76th Street

Rodney Dangerfield


407 East 75th Street

Richard Avedon


541 East 72nd Street

George Plimpton


Discreet, quiet, and exclusive, the Upper, Upper East Side is a natural home for many screen legends. Where else in New York can one sense the city's throbbing pulse one moment and so easily escape it the next? The final leg of our tour will cake us to homes of busy stars who find tranquility in apartments that overlook the East River and Carl Schurz Park.

A focal point of the neighborhood is Museum Mile, a string of magnificent institutions along 5th Avenue between 75th and 92nd streets. Among them are the illustrious Metropoli-tan, Frank Lloyd Wright's extraordinary Guggenheim, and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. A concentration of superstars have taken up residence all along this strip, which has served as a setting for many feature films.

Our tour begins at 315 East 72nd Street, home to actress

CLASSIC FILM STARSšššššššššššššššššššššššš 117

Elizabeth Taylor, and culminates at George Plimpton's resi-dence, 541 East 72nd Street. We'll cover an area bounded on the west by 5th Avenue and on the east by the East River. Seventy-second Street is the southern boundary and 96th Street is the northern limit.

Starting Address:

72nd Street and 2nd Avenue

Length of Tour:

3 Hours, 40 Minutes

Best Starting Time:

10:00 A.M. or Noon


6 to 68th Street


15,30, 72,101, or 102

Bring Along:

Comfortable shoes, sketch pad, an art-history book, and some of Paul Newman's gourmet pop-corn



Our journey begins just off the northeast corner of 72nd Street and 2nd Avenue. The best way to reach this location is by using the 72nd Street crosstown bus or the 2nd Avenue bus heading south. If you prefer the subway, the stop (#6 train) at Lexington Avenue and 68th Street is a short walk: Three blocks north on Lexington and two blocks east on 2nd will take you here.

Elizabeth Taylor, whose posh apartment is at 315 East 72nd Street1 has always had an intimate relationship with Gotham. Whether she's ap-pearing in a Broadway play, such as the 1983 revival of Noel Coward's Private Lives, in which she starred with two-time spouse Richard Burton, or acting in one of her many New York-based films, Liz loves spending rime in the Big Ap-

118šššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

ple. Her most important project in the city of late has been to raise funds for the American Foundation for AIDS Research, AMFAR, an organization she helped found.

Elizabeth resides near Gotham's celebrity Chinese restau-rant, Fu's, 1395 2nd Avenue (212-517-9670), a few doors north of 72nd Street. Check it out one evening for dinner. Who knows? You might be sitting in the same chair Paul Newman occupied the night before. Glance over at table 23- it's Mel Brooks's favorite. Catherine Deneuve, Sidney Pokier, or John Kennedy, Jr., might also be dining at this elegant Asian eatery.

Now let's head west on 72nd Street toward 5th Avenue, where stargazing is at its best. Gloria Swanson made 920 5th Avenue2 her principal residence until her death at the ripe old age of eighty-four. The revered actress was always proud to live in New York and displayed that pride through various involvements here: She starred in many Broadway plays, cre-ated her own New York-based cosmetics company, and hosted a talk show on a local television station. As we continue north up 5th Avenue, turn onto 73rd Street and head east.

Roy Scheider lives at 11 East 73rd Street3 in an Italian Renaissance mansion built in 1904 for newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer. Roy began his acting career in New York by appearing on Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway stages. Far-ther east, we come to Park Avenue.

At 778 Park Avenue4 you find the sumptuous apartment of William F. Buckley, Jr., the noted conservative columnist and host of TV's "Firing Line." Head back down Park Avenue and turn left onto 73rd Street. Gloria Steinem, the influential author and feminist, lives with her cat, Magritte, at 118 East 73rd Street5 in a duplex crammed with books. Walk east on 73rd Street to Lexington Avenue and turn left.


Sexpert Ruth Westheimer has a huge following but a tiny build. Known as an author and talk-show host, the diminutive doctor is also credited with the creation of the Dr. Ruth Pillow. East Side restaurants, such as Hulots, 1007 Lexington Avenue, are delighted to pile three or four tablecloths on her chair so that the bubbly therapist can more easily reach her champagne.

Care for a $125 sandwich? If so, head for William Poll gourmet caterers at 1051 Lexington Avenue and ask for a beluga caviar on rye to go (hold the mayo, please!). Manhattan socialites

CLASSIC FILM STARSš ššššššššššššššššššššššš119

and major stars such as Lauren Bacall, Cheryl Tiegs, and Christie Brinkley consider William Poll a critical resource in planning any successful dinner party.

If caviar isn't your style but you still don't mind spending those few extra dollars for lunch, visit Mortimer's, 1057 Lex-ington Avenue (212-517-6400). Mortimer's is known around town as a favorite club for "ladies who lunch" and their ce-lebrity friends. Sit at one of the comer tables and eavesdrop- discreetly, please-on the latest society gossip. Take Lexing-ton Avenue north to 75th Street, make a left turn, and head two blocks west to Madison Avenue.

The Whitney Museum of American Art, Madison Avenue at Seventy-fifth Street, stands out from its surroundings be-cause of its stark fortresslike appearance. It showcases an ex-cellent permanent collection of twentieth-century American art, as well as constantly changing special exhibits.

Madison Avenue is known worldwide for its elegant shops, and Givenchy, 954 Madison Avenue, diagonally across from the Whitney Museum, is certainly one of the classiest. When a New York socialite needs that perfect gown to wear to the season's top charity function, a visit to here is mandatory. Perhaps Hubert de Givenchy himself will attend to her needs, as the Paris designer flies in frequently to supervise the shop's operation. Continue north on Madison Avenue.

Andy Warhol was a major collector of antiques, so he was a regular visitor at Vito Giallo Antiques at 962 Madison. Other famous clients enjoy viewing the unusual and unique items on display.

Turn back around and head one block down Madison Av-enue to 74th Street. Heading west toward 5th Avenue on 74th Street, we find the Volney, a former residence hotel that was home to writer Dorothy Parker until her death in 1967. This 23 East 74th Street6 address is presently home to Lena Home. The ageless singer, who was born in Brooklyn, began her career at Harlem's fabled Cotton Club and Apollo Theater.

Uptown's hippest Italian restaurant is Coco Pazzo, a high-priced family-style cafe at 23 East 74th Street (212-794-0205). Don Johnson, Melanie Griffith, Billy Baldwin, and a number of music-world greats help make this location primo for those who enjoy celebrity-watching.

Across the street, in an elegant building at 6 East 74th Street,7 resides smoky-voiced actress Tammy Grimes, a Tony Award winner. Our next stop is on the northeast comer of 74th Street and 5th Avenue.

If a contest was held to find the person who best exemplifies the creativity, intellectual depth, and individuality that set

120ššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

New Yorkers apart, Woody Allen would far outpace the com-petitors. This brilliant writer-comedian-actor-director lives simply in an elegant complex at 930 5th Avenue,8 just a subway ride from his childhood home in Brooklyn, where he was born Allen Konigsberg.


When a young beautiful actress moved to Gotham in search of fame, her fairy godfather turned out to be Woody Allen. A reluctant doorman at the director's building took a letter from this inexperienced small-town performer and within twenty-four hours she received an acting job from the man she now calls ' 'Woody the Great.'' Present-day aspirants be warned, however, that building policy has since changed: Nothing is accepted, no exceptions.

A great place for Woody-watching is Michael's Pub, 211 East 55th Street, where he plays the jazz clarinet every Monday night. He was making music there the night he won two Oscars for the movie Annie Hall (1977), and was thus unable to collect his awards personally that evening. Continue north on 5th Avenue.


Sightings of Woody Allen in Manhattan are common and sometimes quite humorous. One doorman spotted the reclusive co-median doing cartwheels to entertain a lady as he exited the park.

Barbara Walters, the immensely successful television journalist, has become one of Manhattan's society elite. This fascinating lady lives at 944 5th Avenue9 in a very fashionable space with more than enough footage for both Bar-bara and her attractive daughter, Jackie. Barbara chose to send Jackie to Dalton, a neightborhood prep school with a reputation that is tops among New York's upper crust. Stars stay at the Carlyle Ho-tel, 35 East 76th Street10 because they enjoy the attentive yet dis-creet service. So civilized! To reach

CLASSIC FILM STARSššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 121

the hotel, turn right onto 76th Street and walk to Madison Avenue. The hotel is also known for the elegant Cafe Carlyle, where singer-pianist Bobby Short is usually the featured enter-tainer. Scenes from Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), with Dianne Wiest and Woody Allen, were shot at the Carlyle. Regular guests include Marion Brando, Tom Selleck, George C. Scott, and Warren Beatty. Retrace your steps back to 5th Avenue.

Nine forty-five 5th Ave-nue11 is home to dancer Gelsey Kirkland, as well as to movie great Claudette Colbert. Claudette, who came to New York from Paris in 1911, started in the theater, which she still con-siders her first love. Anne Bass, the premiere New York City so-cialite, resides close by in a very classic home at 950 5th Ave-nue.12 Continue walking north.

Whenš Robertš Redford began his studies at Manhat-tan's American Academy of Dra-matic Arts, he was a student not of acting but of stage de-sign. The handsome young man soon switched to act-ing, however, and ap-peared on Broadway in Barefoot in the Park. When the Neil Simon play was later adapted for the screen (1967), Robert was again cast, this time opposite Jane Fonda. Now active as both an actor and an Academy Award-win-ning director, Robert maintains a home at 955 5th Avenue.13

122ššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS


Robert Redford summed up his feelings toward Gotham when he stated, "I'm like a fish out of water when I'm not here. New York is my water. 1 need it for survival."


Robert's neighbor, at 960 5th Avenue14 is Claus von Bulow, the dapper socialite twice tried for attempting to make his wife's social life very quiet indeed. Claus, whose eerie story was retold in the 1990 film Reversal of Fortune, lives in a very large residence with extrahigh ceilings for extraswank enter-taining.

Charles Grodin, who lives at 965 5th Avenue,15 was a classmate of Dustin Hoff man's when he studied acting in New York under Lee Strasberg. At 969 5th Avenue16 resides Glenn Close, whose acting career began with an appearance in the New York theatrical production of Love for Life. Coincidentally, this talented performer costarred in Reversal of Fortune, in which she played Sunny von Bulow, wife of Glenn's neigh-bor Claus. Our journey next takes us east along 79th Street.

79th Street is a very popular street among celebrities. Art Garfunkel, who was born in Forest Hills, New York, has a home at 9 East 79th Street.17 His building is across 5th Av-enue from a heavily used pedestrian and auto entrance to Central Park. The first time he and Paul Simon teamed up was in a sixth-grade production of Alice in Wonderland. Geraldine Fitzgerald chose to live in New York City instead of Hollywood because she despised the commercialism of the L.A. scene. A resident of 50 East 79th Street,18 the veteran

CLASSIC FILM STARSšššššššššššššššššššššššš 123

actress has become an integral element in the development of New York City street theater. Turn onto Madison Avenue and head north one block.


Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon live directly across from each other, with Central Park in between. In 1983, they had a reunion concert in the park that attracted nearly half a million fans. When Paul returned to the locale for a concert in 1991, he decided to perform without the services of his old partner. A disappointed Art, whose apartment has a perfect aerial view of the concert site, chose to be out of town on that date.


Need to sit down and grab a snack? Try E.A.T., a restau-rant at 1064 Madison Avenue (212-772-0022) that draws a star-studded lunch crowd. If you fancy a delectable yet cas-ual lunch and hunger to hob-nob with the likes of Phil Collins, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, and David Bowie, this is the place. Continue walking north.

If you're a celebrity who craves a stylish send-off, the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home, 1076 Madison, is the only choice. Judy Garland's trip over the rainbow was one of the most extravagant productions the home has ever hosted: Over twenty thousand faithful fans lined up to see the star through her glass-topped casket. Other notables Campbell's has laid to rest include James Cagney, Joan Crawford, Rudolph Valentino, and Montgomery Clift.

Ben Gazzara once spent years dying-on TV, that is, starring in the weekly drama "Run for Your Life" as a man stricken with a terminal illness. Ben, a star of Broadway as well as Hollywood, grew up on New York's Lower East Side, just a

124ššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

few miles south of his current residence at 1080 Madison Avenue.19 We now head east on 81st Street two blocks to Lexington Avenue, turn right, and walk two blocks south.

Strakes Flowers, 1140 Lexington Avenue, is a favorite among neighborhood celebrities. Art Gartunkel comes spe-cially for anemones, while Angie Dickinson varies her selec-tions. Mariel Hemingway orders flowers for her nearby restaurant and Sandy Duncan always jokes with florists about opening her own shop.

One block east of the flower shop, just past 3rd Avenue, at 225 East 79th Street,20 is the home of popular film critic Gene Shalit. Born in New York City, Gene loves the reaction he receives from fans admiring his walruslike mustache and bouffant Brillo-like hairdo. Turn around and head west on 79th Street.

The next stop is Dick Cavett's home at 109 East 79th Street.21 The cerebral talk-show host resides with his actress wife, Carrie Nye, whom he met at Yale University. We now head to Park Avenue, turn left, and walk one block.

Eight eighty-eight Park Avenue22 is the residence of Car-oline Kennedy, daughter of the late President John F. Ken-nedy. Her home's location isn't surprising considering the close relationship she has with her mom, Jackie, who lives just blocks away. Change directions and head north up Park Av-enue to the home of movie actress and soap star Ruth Warrick, who resides at 903 Park Avenue.23 Continue north.

Tom Brokaw,24 the NBC nightly newscaster, anchors his life at 941 Park Avenue. His wife, Meredith, once Miss South Dakota, owns a nearby toy store named the Penny Whistle. Bronx-born Regis Philbin, costar of TV's popular "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee," began his career as a page on Steve Allen's original "Tonight Show." Regis has a luxurious home at 955 Park Avenue,25 which he shares with wife, Joy, and two daughters.


Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?" shouted Regis Philbin as he awaited movie stardom in a film with newfound buddy Bobby (Robert DeNiro) that was being shot at Elaine's Restaurant. After eight anxious hours, Regis was called to fulfill his lifetime dream. On camera, he spoke the now-immortal words Thank you, after which he was thanked, given union wages, and told to let go of the chair and go home. The movie being filmed was Night in the City. (1992).

CLASSIC FILM STARSšššššššššššššššššššššššš 125

At 970 Park Avenue26 lives Marvin Hamlisch, a New York City native who was the youngest student ever to enroll at the Juilliard School of Music. The award-winning composer is best known for writing the scores of the hit Broadway musical A Chorus Line, as well as the scores for the movies The Sting (1973) and The Way We Were (1973). Also in the building reside actor Tony Roberts and Broadway producer David Merrick. Our journey north continues.

Stage and screen star Madeline Kahn has her home across the street at 975 Park Avenue,27 not far from the home of Mel Brooks, who has directed her in many feature films.

Paloma Picasso, the stylish jewelry designer and daughter of the world-renowned Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, has her home at 1021 Park Avenue.28 In the same building lives singer-songwriter Neil Sedaka. Take 86th Street west to 5th Avenue and head south.

How about a visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's one of the largest museums in the world and still growing. While the structure's exquisite exterior has served as a back-drop for a number of movies-for example, The Clock, a 1945 romance-the Met's interior has always been off limits to any director wishing to film among its priceless paintings.

Across the street from the Metropolitan Museum, at 1016 5th Avenue,29 is the home of television personality Julia Meade. Stella Adler, whose acting school has trained some of

126šššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

America's most famous stars, also resided there up until her death in December 1992.

A few doors up, at 1025 5th Avenue,30 lives actor Gavin McLeod, ship's captain in the popular television show "Love Boat." Continue walking north.

Almost every New Yorker has an interesting story about sighting Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. During my interviews, shopkeepers and restaurant owners were only too happy to gloat about the time Jackie O came around. This remarkable and mysterious woman, a resident of 1040 5th Avenue,31 keeps busy working as an editor at Doubleday and volunteering for several New York charities.

We now turn off 5th Avenue and head to 17 East 89th Street,32 home to irrepressible actress Sally Kirkland. On the way to Sally's, you pass the striking spiral of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Avenue, between 88th and 89th streets, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Heading farther down 89th Street, we come to Madison Avenue.

Celebrities are picky when it comes to lingerie, so it's no surprise that Roberta's, 1251 Madison Avenue, is a popular source. Sally Kirkland is a regular client. Kevin Bacon isn't afraid to help his girlfriend pick out sexy outfits, and Joanne Woodward relishes the wide selection of lacy slips the store offers. Continue east on 89th Street.

At 50 East 89th Street,33 you'll find the residence of Brooklyn-born Mel Brooks, who began his career playing drums in the Borscht Belt, a group of kosher resorts that once dotted the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Producer, writer, director, and actor, this comic one-man band lives with his beautiful wife, actress Anne Bancroft. The same 89th Street building is also home to a Broadway choreographer and dancer, the very tall Tommy Tune. Walk farther east along 89th Street, crossing Park Avenue.


Mel Brooks's most embarrassing moment took place in New York's Stage Deli as he was sipping a Cel-Ray soda. A gentleman had shoved a piece of paper at him, so Mel, happy to give an autograph, asked for a pencil and the fellow's name. After the man replied, "Ervoon," Mel wrote on paper, "To Irving, All the best, Mel Brooks." Only later did the flustered comedian realize that the supposed fan, who could hardly speak English, was only seeking directions.

CLASSIC FILM STARSšššššššššššššššššššššššš 127

New York celebrities for the most part send their children to private schools. Perhaps the favorite such academy is the Dalton School, 108 East 89th Street, one of whose most generous supporters was the late conductor Leonard Bernstein. If you pass by in the early morning or late afternoon, check out the parade of limousines. Head back to Park Avenue and proceed north one block.

Eleven twenty Park Avenue34 is a stately building that is the home of newscaster Bill Beutel. If you're a fan of Stockard Channing, take a short stroll north over to 1155 Park Avenue35 and see the residence of this New York-born ac-tress. If you would enjoy knowing where author Ira Levine (Rosemary's Baby) has his digs, head a few hundred yards up to 1172 Park Avenue.36 Otherwise, start your feet in the direction of Central Park. Head west via 91st Street.

On your way westward, you might hanker for a prairie-sized burger. If so, stop at Jackson Hole, 1270 Madison Avenue, (212-427-2820) at the southwest comer of 91st Street, for a reasonably priced meal. Woody Allen filmed a humorous lunch scene there for the movie Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), and Sidney Sheldon has a character in one of his novels mention this popular grill. Actor Christian Slater creates havoc when-ever he stops in: Female customers go crazy, and waitresses are too busy gawking to get any work done. Whenever MTV's "Downtown" Julie Brown visits, she's very friendly and happy to talk to everyone. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward enjoy the restaurant's food but rarely eat there-they prefer to have the burgers delivered to their nearby apartment. Con-tinue along 91st Street.

128šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

The Carnegie mansion at 2 East 91st Street, built in 1898 as a sixty-four room home for Andrew Carnegie, now houses the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. This magnificent structure ap-peared as the Russian embassy in the movie Marathon Man (1976), which starred Dustin Hoffman. We finally arrive at 5th Avenue. Head north.

Fashion designer Ralph Lauren lives at 1107 5th Avenue,37 a number of blocks north of the boutique that bears his name. This building originally boasted a fifty-four-room pent-house apartment with a private elevator to a ground-level driveway. The extravagant arrangement was designed to serve the building's first owner, Mrs. E. F. Hutton.

Superstar actor, salad-dressing king, and racecar driver Paul Newman has his home at 1120 5th Avenue.38 He began his illustrious career in New York City doing minor roles in tele-vision. Before making his mark in movies like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), Hud (1963), and Cool Hand Luke (1967), Paul was a Broadway understudy in the play Picnic. Another Picnic stand-in was Joanne Woodward, and the pair soon fell in love and married. Joanne, known for her tireless work on behalf of charitable causes, contributes much of the financing for Dancers, a New York ballet company. This pair of down-to-earth stars is spotted often at restaurants and shops all over the East Side. Turn right onto 94th Street.

Songwriter George S. Kaufman occupied at home at 14 East 94th Street during the late 1920s. Return to 5th Avenue, head north two blocks, and turn right onto 96th Street. At 8 East 96th Street39 is the residence of comic actor Bill Murray. Bill's first break came in 1975 when he was hired to make people laugh on the National Lampoon radio show, but his career really took off when he became a regular on "Saturday Night Live."


Bill Murray ordered some supplies from the 90th Street Pharmacy on Madison Avenue. When the delivery boy came. Bill discovered he had little money for a tip, so he rewarded the lad with a loaf of white bread.


Let's now take a short walk east over to Park Avenue; then go two blocks south and a few doors left, arriving at 125 East 94th Street,40 residence of Erica Jong, author of the contro-versial book Fear of Flying. Eddie Fisher, as well known for the women he's married and divorced (Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds) as he is for his singing voice, has his home at 200 East 94th Street,41 at the comer of 3rd Avenue. Head one block south on 3rd Avenue to 93rd Street, turn right, and walk a few doors west to our next stop.


Eddie Fisher has an outstanding IOU for a bowl of soup at a nearby bagel shop. ''Put it on my tab,'' he ordered the cashier on a day long ago. When I was told the two dollars had never been paid, I asked the management to place it on my own tab, along with a few other items, under the name Kris Kringle.


The Marx Brothers spent their childhood at 179 East 93rd Street.42 They left the Big Apple in 1910, when their mother, Minnie, decided to move the family's vaudeville act to Chi-cago. Turn your feet around and return east to 3rd Avenue, make a right turn, and head to 92nd Street.

It's time for a well-deserved break. How about Third Av-enue Bagel, 3rd Avenue and 92nd Street, (212-534-0200) for some authentic New York cuisine? Regulars here include Rick Moranis (Thursdays), hockey star Rod Gilbert (mornings), plus Gene Hackman, Elizabeth McGovern, and Brooke Shields. Brooke impressed the owner when she made a special visit to the shop with signed photos she'd promised to cus-tomers on an earlier trip. We next walk east on 92nd Street to 2nd Avenue and head south three blocks.


Twenty-year-old Christina Applegate, the flirtatious daughter on television sitcom "Married with Children," was astounded to learn that the Third Avenue Bagel staff had not see her nude layout as Miss April in the 1992 Penthouse Calendar. The starlet quickly purchased a copy from a nearby newstand and brought it back far the young lads to inspect.


Elaine's, 1703 Second Avenue, (212-534-8103) is the ultimate New York stargazer's restaurant. If you're in the mood for

130šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Italian food amidst Gotham's glitterati, this is the place. The regulars include Diane Keaton, Chevy Chase, Diana Ross, Shirley MacLaine, Warren Beatty, Mike Nichols, Farrah Fawcett, Kurt Vonnegut, Jacqueline Onassis, and Woody Allen. Mastermind of the res-taurant's success is owner Elaine Kaufman, who acts as surrogate Jewish mother to many of her famous patrons. Two of the movies filmed in this celebrity hangout include Network (1976), starring Faye Dunaway and William Holden, and Manhattan (1979), directed by Woody Allen. One recent evening, the entire restaurant was taken over for the filming of Night in the City (1992), starring Robert De Niro.

The final portion of this tour begins near the East River, fifteen minutes away on foot, five minutes and three dollars by taxi. If walking, head south on 2nd Avenue to 84th Street, turn left, and stroll three block east, crossing East End Avenue.

We begin at 10 Gracie Square,43 off 84th Street and east of East End Avenue. In that quiet, isolated location resides designer and socialite Gloria Vanderbilt. The area's focal point is Gracie Mansion, since 1942 the official residence of New York's mayor, which is located in Carl Schurz Park, along the bank of the East River.

Not far away lives the journalist once considered "the most trusted man in America," former news anchor Walter Cronkite. Does Walter say "And that's the way it is" every evening as he kisses his wife, Betsy good night in their home at 519 East 84th Street?44 To reach his residence, return west on 84th Street just past East End Avenue. Next, head back to East End Avenue, turn right, and walk south. At 60 East End Avenue45 resides a versatile actor best known for his title role in Zorba the Greek (1964), Anthony Quinn. Continue walking down East End Avenue to 79th Street, turn right, and head west one and a half blocks, crossing York Avenue.

Rock-and-roll singer Joe Cocker has a home at 435 East 79th Street.46 Head back to York Avenue, walk south one block to 78th Street, and continue west. At 420 East 78th Street47 is a four-story building James Cagney lived in when he was a young stage actor. Return to York Avenue and head



one block south. At 500 East 77th Street,48 at the comer of York Avenue, we have the residence of Leslie Gore. Continue south on York Avenue to 76th Street, turn left, and head east on our next stop.

Leslie Gore grew up in Tenafly, New Jersey, attending an exclusive private school, enjoying a posh summer camp, and playing with Buffee, her white poodle. At age seventeen, she decided she wanted to be a star, so she handed her wealthy father a tape of "It's My Party," which she sang at her own sweet-sixteen affair. The supportive dad passed the tune on to his old friend Irving Green, head of Mercury Records, who promptly signed the talented youngster to a contract.

Rodney Dangerfield resides in a modem high rise at 530 East 76th Street.49 Although this Long Island-born comedian still claims to "get no respect," he does own Dangerfield's, the Manhattan comedy club. Nearby, at 407 East 75th Street,50 lives Richard Avedon, the world-renowned photographer. To reach his home, head south on York Avenue and walk one block west on 75th Street toward 1st Avenue. Journalist George Plimpton, whose trademark is to participate in the activity he's chronicling, resides at 541 East 72nd Street.51 The best route to George's home is to take York Avenue south to 72nd Street and head east.

Our tour ends in a very residential area of New York. Bus service heading crosstown on 72nd Street, as well as north and south on York Avenue, is close at hand. Since the subway is five blocks west on 72nd Street, then three blocks south on Lexington Avenue, it might be the perfect time to splurge on a taxi.

TOURššš 8




Cher š šHarry Connick, Jr.  Tom Cruise  šRobert De Niro

 Matt Dillon š Richard Gere š šGrace Jones  šRob Lowe

š Bette Midler š Susan Sarandon





122 East 10th Street

Karen Allen


355 Bowery

Barry Bostwick


46 East 3rd Street

Quentin Crisp


14 East 4th Street






Rob Lowe





Cheryl Lowe





Keith Richards





Jonathan Elias





Tom Cruise





Nicole Kidman


298 Mulberry Street

Harry Connick, Jr.


230 Elizabeth Street

Eric Bogosian


300 Mercer Street

Scan Young


119 MacDougal Street

The Godfather, Part II







Washington Square Park

Barefoot in the Park





When Harry Met Sally


27 Washington Square North

Matthew Broderick





Uta Hagen


124 Waverly Place

Lauren Hutton


One 5th Avenue

Wendy Wasserstein


Two 5th Avenue

Ed Koch


20 5th Avenue

John Heffeman


25 5th Avenue

Brian De Palma


25 East 9th Street

Susan Sarandon





Tim Robbins


49 West 9th Street

Matt Dillon





Victor Ramos


26 East 10th Street

Richard Gere





Cindy Crawford


38 West 10th Street

Kathleen Turner





Jay Weiss


35 West 11th Street

Jane Curtin


134šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS


35 East 12th Street

Mikhail Baryshnikov


4 Patchin Place

e. e. cummings (deceased)


134 West 13th Street

Joe Jackson


61 Jane Street

Judd Hirsch


317 West 12th Street

Andrew McCarthy


27 Bethune Street

Jennifer Grey


166 Bank Street

Grace Jones


3 7 7 West 11th Street

Gregory Hines


218 West 10th Street

Terrence McNally


184 Thompson Street

Vincent Spano


41 King Street

Ally Sheedy

Amanda Plummer


451 Washington Street

Bette Midler


20 North Moore Street

David Letterman


14 North Moore Street



110 Hudson Street

Robert De Niro

Harvey Keitel

Lorraine Bracco


260 West Broadway

Cyndi Lauper

Isabella Rossellini

John F. Kennedy, Jr.


240 Centre Street

Cindy Crawford

Steffi Graf

Winona Ryder


"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," as sung by Tribeca's very own Cyndi Lauper, characterizes the trendy stars who have settled in New York City's exciting downtown. Here is the place tomorrow's stars come to train and today's slip off their public personae and dress up like average human beings.

East Greenwich Village, with its mix of creative young artists and both social and political radicals, is certainly an intriguing place to start our journey. New York University's illustrious Film School has been the training ground for many of America's best filmmakers. Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Chris Columbus, and Oliver Stone learned the art of film-making with a purpose in this renowned institution spoofed in the 1990 film The Freshman. Crossing to the West Village, the Bohemian spirit is still very much alive but blended in such a way with conventional standards as to make the mix popular to the masses. Farther south, Tribeca is being trail-blazed by Robert De Niro and other superstars who hunger for an unpretentious and quiet escape from the busy streets north ofš Canal.

The area to be covered on this tour is bounded by 14th Street on the north. Chambers Street on the south, 1st Avenue on the east, and the Hudson River on the west.

THE CUTTING EDGEšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 135

Starting Address;

10th Street and 2nd Avenue

Length of Tour:

4 Hours, 30 Minutes

Best Starting Time:

10:00 A.M. or Noon


L, N, R, 4, or 5 to Union Square


9, 13, 14, 15, 101 or 102

Bring Along:

Beads, change for carrot juice-and be sure to dress casually


the tour

To reach the first stop on our tour, when coming from Union Square, take 14th Street east three blocks to 2nd Avenue, make a right, then another right onto 10th Street. If you care to relax prior to your journey, there's Union Square Park with its many park benches within a few yards of the subway station. Care for an apple? On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, farmers sell their produce at inexpensive prices on the north end of the park.

Talented actress Karen Allen lives in a well-kept walk-up building at 122 East 10th Street,1 only a few doors over from Cooper Union, a college dedicated to the fields of science and art. Karen and the school are located in the East Village, an area whose cheap rents and iconoclastic ways have for years attracted large numbers of artists, writers, actors, and rock musicians, as well as other people who prefer a life outside the mainstream.

Next take 10th street to 3rd Avenue, and make a left. Head south, past the college on your right-hand side, for seven short blocks. This is where 3rd avenue changes its name to the Bowery, and at 355 Bowery2 is the residence of Barry Bostwick. From the exterior of the building, it's hard to imagine the spacious home with its exposed brick walls that this fine actor occupies.

Around the comer and halfway down the block, at 46 East 3rd Street,3 in a pink four-story walk-up called the Eastwick, lives writer Quentin Crisp. If you're allergic to dust, be careful around Quentin's home: He once went "four years without

136šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

ever cleaning it," or so claimed this author of the 1985 book Manners from Heaven: A Divine Guide to Good Behavior.


Quentin Crisp is serious when citing his reasons for moving to New York from his native England: ' 'Everyone is your friend. When you sit on a bus people ask where are you going. Within moments the entire bus is interested in your destination. What a warm environment.!"

Take 3rd Street west across the Bowery, past Engine Company 33 on your right, make a right onto Lafayette Street, and one block up, at the southwest cor-ner of 4th Street, is the Silk Building.

It's appropriate for Cher to reside in the magnificently re-stored Silk Building, 14 East 4th Street:4 An easy ride on the elevator down to the first floor and she arrives at Tower Records, which carries a library of the superstar's greatest hits.

A number of scenes from her Academy Award-winning film Moonstruck (1987) were staged in the area around her home.

I really enjoy being able to look like hell," Cher said as her reason for loving Gotham. ' 'In Beverly Hills, if you dress down, people ask if you've had some sort of medical problem, but in New York, anything goes."


The Silk Building is also home to clean-cut, charming actor Rob Lowe and his new wife, Cheryl, a makeup artist. In 1992, Rob enjoyed the luxury of working close to home when he appeared as as a naive student seduced by a maid in Broadway's A Little Hotel on the Side. This nineteenth-century building is home as well to a 1988 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee,

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. His musical neigh-bor in the complex is composer Jonathan Elias.

Talented actor and touted sex symbol Tom Cruise is yet another celebrity listed on the megastar roster of the Silk Building. Tom lives with his wife, beautiful actress Nicole Kidman.


A New York shoe seller thought he'd found a customer to .follow in the footsteps of a famed Filipino footwear fetishist. The merchant's hopes for his very own Imelda Marcos were dashed, however, when, of the vast array of shoes he delivered to the home of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, all but one pair were returned to the shop.

Walk south on Lafayette Street about four short blocks to where Mulberry intersects; singer-pianist Harry Connick, Jr., resides a block farther south. This charismatic crooner and his cat live in a modem redbrick building at 298 Mulberry Street5 (comer of Houston). Harry's distinctive song stylings

138ššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITYSTARWALKS

have led critics to see the young performer as heir to the legacy of Ol' Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.

Walk two blocks east on Houston Street, then make a right onto Elizabeth Street. Two blocks south, in the area of Little Italy, is the home of stage and film actor Eric Bogosian,š atš 230š Elizabeth Street.6 Not far away, in the heart of the campus of New York University, lives Sean Young. To reach her building,

head back to Houston Street, west for three blocks to Broad-way, make a right, and head four blocks to Waverly Place. A block left will place you there. This frank, sometimes rebel-lious, young actress, whose high-rise building at 300 Mercer Street7 closely resembles the student dormitories around it, must feel well suited to life in the center of an institution known for its freethinking spirit.

Our next stop is reached by following Waverly Place to Washington Square Park. On the far south side of the park is MacDougal Street, which we take south a block. You may recognize dingy, dark, and smoky Caffe Reggio, 119 MacDougal Street8 (212-475-9557) from scenes in The God-father, Part 11 (1974) and Serpico (1973). If you'd like to sip espresso in the first cafe to be built in America (1785), check

THE CUTTING EDGEšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 139

out this lively coffeehouse and relax to the sound of classical music. Now head back up to the park.

Newlyweds Jane Fonda and Robert Redford met in Wash-ington Square Park9 in the film Barefoot in the Park (1967). This vibrant space was also fea-tured in the 1989 comedy When Harry Met Sally. If you visit the park on a sunny day, join the crowds watching the jugglers, mimes, musicians, and come-dians who set up shop there and then pass the hat. Maybe an-other member of the audience will be actor Matthew Broderick, who resides across the street on the north side of the park at 27 Washington Square North.10 Tony Award-win-ning Matthew, a New York na-tive, caught the acting bug

from his well-known father, the late James Broderick. In the same complex lives accomplished actress and acting teacher Uta Hagen.

On the next block west, over a shoe-repair shop in a brown plastered building at 124 Waverly Place11 lives supermodel and film star Lauren Hutton. When this striking blonde first arrived in New York, she acquired a fuzzy tail in her job as a Playboy Bunny.

Head back two blocks east on Waverly Place to the north side of Washington Square Park and the arch, erected in 1889 for the centennial of George Washington's inauguration as President. A left will bring you to One 5th Avenue,12 the residence of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Wendy Wasserstein, author of The Heidi Chronicles. Her neighbor, in a gray brick building at Two 5th Avenue,13 is Ed Koch, Goth-am's controversial ex-mayor. Never at a loss for words, this opinionated character is well suited to his present roles as newspaper columnist and radio talk-show host.

Continue north to a prewar brick building at 20 5th Avenue,14 where New York-born stage and film actor John Heffernan resides. Nothing mysterious about 25 5th Avenue,15 even though it's home to Brian De Palma, noted director of movie suspense. When Brian directed Bonfire of the Vanities (1990), he chose a similar building, also on 5th Av-enue but a few miles north, to serve as home to the wealthy socialite played by Tom Hanks.

140šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

East on 9th Street and a half-block walk brings you to the home of New York-born actress Susan Sarandon, who makes her home in a building with a beautiful ornate facade at 25 East 9th Street.16 After breaking into acting on several soap operas, this naturally talented star has become one of the great actresses in film today. Susan's cohabitant in her cozy quarters is her costar in the 1988 film Bull Durham, and coproducer of their 1989 baby boy-Tim Robbins. Tim was born and raised in the very same area of Greenwich Village.


Celebrities tend to use taxis instead of limousmes because there's less chance of being spotted": This was Tim Robbins's answer to a cabdriver's question. Tim and Susan Sarandon then shifted out of the nosy cabbie's view as they cuddled in the backseat.


Susan and Tim need only cross 5th Avenue and then walk a few doors west and a few steps down to reach the charming brownstone housing Marylou's, 21 West 9th Street (212-533-0012). The talented couple might well run into some of this sedate restaurant's other regulars, such as Faye Dunaway, Kathleen Turner, and Robert De Niro. Robert spent many a night listening to jazz and sipping coffee here while filming Night in the City (1992) only a few blocks away.

Matt Dillon is written about by columnists as much for his acting as he is for owning a midtown nightclub called The Whiskey. This new celebrity hangout is only a few miles from


Matt's home in an elegant five-story townhouse at 49 West 9th Street.17 Brass and wood adorn the front entrance of this build-ing that for many years served as a women's dormitory. The actor's movie magnetism was discovered by casting director Victor Ramos, who found a teenaged Matt while interview-ing potential actors in the young hunk's high school. The talent scout eventually signed on to become Matt's personal manager and can these days oversee the star's affairs closely, because both live in the same 9th Street building.

Head east back to 5th Avenue, make a left, then a right on 10th Street, and at 26 East 10th Street18 is the home of dashingly handsomeš leading man Richard Gere. A home in New York is no accident for Richard, for his first love was the Broadway stage, a goal he dropped out of college to pursue. Richard'sšš "Prettyšš Woman" (she's got the beauty marks to prove it) is his wife, supermodel Cindy Crawford. We now walk west on 10th Street, crossing 5th Avenue.

In a lovely brown town house at 38 West 10th Street19 lives seductivešš actressšš Kathleen Turner, known for the wide range of roles she's undertaken in films like Body Heat (1981) and Peggy Sue Got Married (1986). She resides with her husband, Jay Weiss, a successful realtor and part-time musician. Easygoing Jay is nothing like the the husband Kathleen terrorized so convincingly in the 1989 black comedy The War of the Roses. Back to 5th Avenue, north one block, and around the comer takes you to the next stop.

142šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

It's the home of television comedienne Jane Curtin, who lives in a brick town house painted yellow, with white window trim and a bright red front door. "Saturday Night Live" led to "Kate and Allie" and a career that continues steadily upward. Her colorful dwelling is located at 35 West 11th Street.20

Walk east on llth Street to University Place, make a left, and head one block north. Ready to rest and enjoy a cup of fresh coffee? University Place Restaurant, 101 University Place, (212-475-7727) serves up wholesome grub at inexpen-sive prices. Grab a table near the window so you don't miss the opportunity to spot one of your favorite entertainers out for a morning or afternoon stroll.

Only a few doors over is the home of Mikhail Baryshnikov, who has his residence in a loft-type building with huge windows and heavy black iron gates shielding the front entrance, at 35 East 12th Street.21 Misha, as he's known to colleagues, is not only one of the greatest ballet dancers ever but has proven capable as an actor, too. He appeared in the hit movie The Turning Point (1977) and costarred with Gregory Hines in White Nights (1985). Our journey now takes us south on Uni-versity Place to Tenth Street. Turn right there and walk two blocks, crossing Avenue of the Americas.

Between 6th and Greenwich avenues, off West 10th Street, in a picturesque alley filled with charming town houses, is the former home of one of our century's great poets, e. e. cummings. Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, and Dylan Thomas were among the many other poets to visit this literary ge-nius at 4 Patchin Place,22 where he lived until his death in 1962.

Our next stop is the home of singer and musician

Joe Jackson, 134 West 13th Street.23 Back to the Avenue of the Americas, three blocks north, and a left turn onto 13th Street will take us there. This ultimate music man can sing and play almost any instrument, including piano, saxophone, and guitar.

A cab is not necessary for traveling the few blocks to the doorman building at 61 Jane Street.24 Just head west on 13th Street to Hudson Street and continue south to the comer of Jane Street. This structure is home to the actor whose starring role helped make TV sitcom "Taxi" a five-year phenomenon- the Emmy and Tony Award-winning Judd Hirsch.


In an area of Greenwich Village loaded with avant-garde writers, actors, and musicians lives one of the most successful young actors in film today, Andrew McCarthy. Andrew, who lives above a restaurant at 317 West 12th Street,25 specializes in portraying wealthy students. His residence is one block south, down Hudson Street. Continue south on Hudson Street one block, then around the comer to reach our next stop.

While her famous dad, Joel, resides uptown, Jennifer Grey prefers the Bohemian atmosphere of Greenwich Village. This naturally talented actress, who captivated audiences with her sensuality in Dirty Dancing (1987), has a home at 27 Bethune Street.26 Her neighbor, at 166 Bank Street,27 which is one block farther down Washington Street and one block west, is the statuesque, exotically beautiful Grace Jones. After an early start as a model on the European circuit, this six-foot-tall native New Yorker developed a huge following among Goth-am's hip set through her wild singing performances.


-- An exasperated Grace Jones couldn't persuade anyone at the party that she was, in fact, Grace Jones. Her look-alike brother, Cris, had already arrived-dressed convincingly to resemble his flamboyant sister.

From Grace Jones's, head south one block to 11th Street, and make a right. New York-born hoofer Gregory Hines has his home in a modern brick complex with an awesome view of

144šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

the Hudson River at 377 West 11th Street.28 Gregory's danc-ing ability, combined with his flair for acting, makes for a very versatile showman. Now walk east on 11th Street three blocks to the corner of Hudson Street.

Michael J. Fox is one of the many celebrities who enjoy reliving the tradition of hanging out in the White Horse Tav-ern, 567 Hudson Street (212-243-9260). Literary lions Nor-man Mailer, e. e. cummings, Thomas Wolfe, and Dylan Thomas anointed this historic bar as their gathering place. Dylan Thomas is said to have downed eighteen double whis-keys in the tavern on the very day he died of alcohol poisoning.

A healthier writer, playwright Terrance McNally, resides a few blocks south, at 218 West 10th Street,29 in a tan brick building with a firescape out front. His home is easily reached by heading three blocks south on Hudson Street and then east on Tenth Street toward Bleeckerš Street.

A twenty-minute walk south on Bleecker Street or a four-dollar cab ride will bring you to the home of movie actor Vincent Spano at 184 Thompson Street.30 His complex is on the corner of Thompson and Bleecker streets, in one of the most hectic areas of the Village.

Walk one block east on Bleecker Street to West Broadway and turn right. Head south, crossing West Houston, four blocks to Broome Street. In this area full of trendy art galleries, known as SoHo (short for South of Houston), is the Cupping Room Cafe, 359 West Broadway, (212-925-2898) a hidden gem for stargazers. Liza Minnelli, Cindy Crawford, and Rich-ard Gere, Madonna, and Robert DeNiro enjoy the homey surroundings and the casual atmosphere of this warm and com-fortable restaurant. John Kennedy, Jr., Willem Dafoe, and Matthew Broderick visit this reasonably priced eatery almost daily. The best time to stop in is weekdays, when there are no lines.

West on Broome Street to the Avenue of the Americas, north three blocks, and half a block west on King Street brings you to the next stop. Actress Ally Sheedy resides at 41 King Street31 in an attractively remodeled town house. Ally was born in New York, as was actress and building mate Amanda Plummer, who grew up on nearby Bank Street. Tony Award-

THE CUTTING EDGE šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 145

winning Amanda carries on a great Broadway tradition in-herited from famous father, Christopher Plummer and her mother Tammy Grimes.

Continue west on King Street to Varick Street, turn left, stroll five blocks to Watts Street, and turn right. Three blocks past Canal Street, you come to Washington Street. Actress, singer, and person-ality Bette Midler has her home in aš classicallyš elegantš building, erected in 1891, at 451 Washington

Street.32 This amazing extrovert is an avid reader who has filled her spacious residence with an array of literary master-pieces. Bette worked as a go-go dancer and a typist before her mentor, Joe Franklin, helped her get a job in the chorus of Broadway's Fiddler on the Roof. The next stop was Newšš York'sšš Continental Baths, where the Divine Miss M's campy singing was a smash hit with the crowd of gay men in towels.

Wittyšš talk-showšš host David Letterman has his Manhattan residence in a simple building at 20 North Moore Street.33 His home is in Tribeca, the very trendy area where casualness is the rule. From Bette Midler's his home is reached by heading east one block to Greenwich Street. There, turn right, walk south six blocks to North Moore Street, turn left, and proceed a block east, just past Hudson Street.

Down the block from Dave is Hook and Ladder Firehouse 8, located at 14 North Moore Street.34 You might recall the roof being blown off this building in the film Ghostbusters (1984). The quiet streets of Tribeca are also home to Robert De Niro, one of the most brilliant actors ever to hit the silver screen. This powerful two-time Academy Award-winning per-former resides within blocks of his childhood home on Man-hattan's Lower East Side. He presently lives in the classic stone-columned building at 110 Hudson Street.35 šIt's easily

146šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

reached by walking west one block on North Moore Street, then turning left at Hudson Street, and heading south one block to the corner of Franklin Street.

To bring realism to a role, Robert De Niro will gain fifty pounds or shave his head. In the 1991 film Cape Fear, he covered his body with tattoos. The pain suffered by Robert when the tattoos were applied was minimal, however, since artists at TEMPTU, 157 Hudson Street, used brushes, not needles, and only the best of paints.

THE CUTTING EDGEšššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš 147

One ten Hudson Street is also home to Robert's longtime pal Harvey Keitel. Both actors were fortunate to study acting for the theater under teaching legend Stella Adier. They also appeared together in two films by Martin Scorsese: Mean Streets (1973) and Taxi Driver (1976). Harvey, although separated from his attractive wife, actress Lorraine Bracco, still shares the same residence. Lorraine now has also worked with De Niro in a Scorsese picture: She played Ray Liotta's wife in the 1990 gangster epic Good Fellas. We next walk one block west on Franklin Street to the corner of Greenwich Street.

Actor Robert De Niro plays the role of entrepreneur at 375 Greenwich Street. There, in a multistory warehouse, he opened the trendy celebrity hangout Tribeca Grill (212-941-3900) with coowners Bill Murray, Sean Penn, Christopher Walken, and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Even though this large brick burger stand is usually packed with stars, the rule of the house is that all customers are treated equally. The same struc-ture also features the Tribeca Film Center, which houses offices and studios devoted to film production. Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, and Quincy Jones all have facilities in De Niro's visionary complex.

Heading back east on Franklin Street two blocks to West Broadway, turning left, and walking one block north en route to our next destination, we pass LeRoy's, 247 West Broadway, (212-966-3370) a clean, inex-pensive diner where you might want to use the rest room, make a phone call, or have a quick bite. Area residents in-cluding Cyndi Lauper and Robert De Niro like to stop in for the eggs. One recent mom-ing, John Kennedy, Jr., didn't seem to mind signing auto-graphs for two excited young ladies before attacking his eggs-over-easy.

After breakfast, Cyndi Lau-per crosses the street to her home in the luxurious Ameri-can Thread Building, 260 West

148ššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS

Broadway.36 The high ceilings and solid block walls of this 1896 edifice, once headquarters to the Wool Exchange, are perfect for this madcap songstress to unloose her vocal cords. Cyndi, grew up in Queens, walked horses at New York's Belmont Racetrack, and cleaned dog kennels before hitting it big in show business. Also in the building resides the radiant and sensous actress and model, Isabella Rossellini, daughter of film star Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini. Dashing public prosecutor John F. Kennedy, Jr., son of the late pres-ident and chosen by People as the handsomest man in America, is the building's newest celebrity. Next, head one and a half blocks north to Grand Street, and seven blocks east to Centre Street.

The Police Building, 240 Centre Street,37 (built in 1909) once the main headquarters for the New York City Police Department has been converted (1988) into residences for the rich and famous. The grand complex is topped off with an imposing dome. Young talented actress Winona Ryder (born Winona Laura Horowitz) has a spacious home in the police building. Blonde-haired blue-eyed tennis star Steffi Graf also resides in the complex. Model Cindy Crawford never relin-quished her residence in the building even though she main-tains another home with husband Richard Gere.

There's plenty of public transit in the area to whisk you away. South to Canal will place you at the subway stop for the J, M, Z or the number 6 train. The 6 can also be picked up on Lafayette Street. A -couple of blocks west to Broadway takes you to the Ml or M6 bus.




1 West 64th Street

Barbra Streisand

320 Central Park West

Liza Minnelli

150 East 69th Street

Woody Allen

930 5th Avenue


14 East 4th Street

Bill Cosby

18 East 71st Street

Tom Cruise

14 East 4th Street

Richard Gere

26 East 10th Street

Diana Ross

781 5th Avenue

Frank Sinatra

100 East 50th Street




1 West 72nd Street

Trump Tower

721 5th Avenue

San Remo

145-146 Central Park West

The Langham

135 Central Park West

Waldorf-Astoria Towers

100 East 50th Street

Hotel des Artistes

1 West 67th Street

The Beresford

211 Central Park West

The Eldorado

300 Central Park West

American Thread Building

260 West Broadway

Silk Building

14 East 4th Street


150šššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš NEW YORK CITY STARWALKS


Russian Tea Room

150 West 57th Street


Le Cirque

58 East 65th Street



1702 2nd Avenue


Cafe Tabac

232 East 9th Street


Tribeca Grill

375 Greenwich Street


Carnegie Deli

857 7th Avenue


Trattoria dell'Arte

900 7th Avenue


The Four Seasons

99 Ease 52nd Street


Rainbow Room

30 Rockefeller Plaza


"21" Club

21 West 52nd Street