Небольшой список фильмов которые можно смотреть. 1

Сценарии кинофильмов на английском языке. 1

Tarantinoism.. 1

David Lynch. 1

Cohen Brothers. 2

Rob Reiner 2

Monty Python & Gilliam.. 2

Lucasism/Spielbergism.. 2

James Cameron and Arni 2

Disney. 3

Science Fiction and Space Operas. 3

TeenAge Movies. 3

Sam Raimi and other Horrors. 3

Musicals. 3

Modern Classics. 4

Whacky Comedies. 4

Hollywood Blockbusters. 4

English / Would Be Classics. 4

Other Films. 5

 Небольшой список фильмов которые можно смотреть

  1. Ледяной Ветер(рус. название) (Ice Storm)
  2. Все фильмы Джима Джармуша
  3. Все фильмы Бергмана
  4. Все фильмы Тарковского
  5. Все фильмы Трира (как говорят в России Триера)

Сценарии кинофильмов на английском языке

Tarantinoism | David Lynch | Cohen Brothers | Rob Reiner Lucasism/Spielbergism | Kubrick | James Cameron and Arni | Disney | Science Fiction and Space Operas | TeenAge Movies | Sam Raimi and other Horrors Musicals | Modern Classics | Whacky Comedies | Hollywood Blockbusters | | English/Would Be Classics | Other Films | Дополнения ||


scriptReservoir Dogs (175K)
scriptPulp Fiction (310K)
scriptNatural Born Killers (218K)
scriptFrom Dusk Till Dawn (149K)
scriptFour Rooms (282K)
scriptJackie Brown (178K)
scriptTrue Romance (158K)

David Lynch

scriptElephant Man (204K)
scriptDune (186K)
scriptBlue Velvet (166K)
scriptWild At Heart (180K)
scriptTwin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me (182K)
scriptLost Highway - The Screenplay Typed (well, scanned actually) by Mike Dunn | http://www.mikedunn.com/lynch/lh/index.html

Cohen Brothers

scriptRaising Arizona (157K)
scriptFargo (147K)
scriptBarton Fink (134K)
scriptThe Big Lebowski by Ethan & Joel Coen

Rob Reiner

scriptThis Is Spinal Tap (79K)
scriptThe Princess Bride (186K)
scriptWhen Harry Met Sally (156K)

Monty Python & Gilliam

The Quest for the Holy Grail (130K)
scriptLife Of Brian (86K)
scriptMeaning Of Life (95K)
scriptErik The Viking (274K)
scriptBrazil (279K)
scriptMonty Python Live At The Hollywood Bowl (70K)


scriptStar Wars (233K)
scriptThe Empire Strikes Back (197K)
scriptReturn Of The Jedi (191K)
scriptRaiders Of The Lost Ark (224K)
scriptIndiana Jones and The Last Crusade (161K)
scriptIndiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom (268K)
scriptJaws (59K)
scriptBack To The Future (250K)
scriptInnerSpace (152K)
scriptJoe VS The Volcano (270K)
scriptWho Framed Roger Rabbit? (87K)
scriptJurassic Park (219K)


scriptSpace Oddity:2001 (184k)
scriptFull Metal Jacket (124K)
scriptClockwork Orange (189K)
scriptDr. Strangelove (83K)

James Cameron and Arni

scriptThe Abyss (241K)
scriptPredator (223K)
scriptTerminator (263K)
scriptTrue Lies (278K)
scriptTitanic (352K)
scriptTotal Recall (256K)


scriptBeauty And The Beast (93K)
scriptGoofy Movie (71K)
scriptHunchback Notre Damm (85K)
scriptThe Lion King (108K)
scriptAladdin (106K)
scriptLittle Mermaind (46K)
scriptSleeping Beauty (54K)

Science Fiction and Space Operas

scriptBladerunner (197K)
scriptAlien (194K)
scriptAliens (259K)
scriptAlien 3 (187K)
scriptAliens 4 (136K)
scriptStar Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan (131K)
scriptStarTrek 6(171K)
scriptStar Trek:Generations (152K)
scriptSpace Jacked (108K)
scriptEscape From NewYork(63K)
scriptThe Fifth Element (160K)
scriptMen In Black (133K)

TeenAge Movies

scriptFerris Bueller's Day Off (215K)
scriptHeathers (61K)
scriptClueless (250K)
scriptThe Breakfast Club (131K)
scriptSubUrbia (231K)

Sam Raimi and other Horrors

scriptEvilDead (22K)
scriptEvilDead2 (21K)
scriptFriday The 13th (37K)
scriptArmy Of Darkness (154K)
scriptScream (137K)
scriptScream 2 (121K)
scriptHouse Of The Damned (93K)


scriptRocky Horror Picture Show (45K)
scriptBlues Brothers (64K)
scriptPurple Rain (203K)

Modern Classics

scriptGodfather (142K)
scriptApocalypse Now (60K)
scriptAnnie Hall (179K) Вуди Аллен Woody Allen
scriptChinatown (1666K)
scriptCitizen Kane (235K)
scriptThe Graduate (151K)
scriptKramer Vs Kramer (250K)
scriptWitness (200K)
scriptM*A*S*H (197K)

Whacky Comedies

scriptAirplane (61K)
scriptThe Jerk (68K)
scriptYoung Frankenstein (133K)

Hollywood Blockbusters

script  Interview With The Vampire (174K)
scriptDie Hard (245K)
scriptSilence of The Lambs (270K)
scriptBraveheart (74K)
scriptLethal Weapon (212K)
scriptBatman Forver (239K)
scriptBatman 4 (144K)
script48 Hours (255K)
scriptBasic Instinct (225K)
scriptThe Fugitive (167K)
scriptGet Shorty (169K)
scriptJerry Maguire (291K)
scriptThe Rock (167K)
scriptTwister (105K)

English / Would Be Classics

script  Withnail and I (92K)
scriptThe Highlander (214K)
scriptHighlander 3 (144K) (yeah, right)
scriptBasquiat (113K)
scriptGraffiti Bridge (77K)
scriptHackers (160K)
scriptShallow Grave (128K)
scriptTrainspotting (136K)
scriptUsual Suspects (237K)

Other Films

scriptEl Mariachi (146K)
scriptThe Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension (129K)
scriptBody Of Evidence (173K)
scriptRescue Down Under (76K)
scriptClue (119K)
scriptThe Crow (146K)
scriptCrusade (153K)
scriptAgnes Of God (192K)
scriptArctic Blue (238K)
scriptCrash (159K)
scriptLabirynth (62K)
scriptA few Good Men (308K)
scriptIt's A Wonderful Life (195K)
scriptLogan's Run (155K)
scriptManhunt (107K)
scriptNetwork (296K)
scriptPoetic Justice (131K)
scriptShine (149K)
scriptStrangle Hold (104K)
scriptSuperman Lives (150K)
scriptSweet Hereafter (184K)
scriptVanishing Point (39K)
scriptWhite Angel (200K)


L.A. Confidential by Brian Helgeland & Curtis Hanson

The Sweet Hereafter by Atom Egoyan (the movie that NEEDS to win the Academy Award! This movie is simply amazing!) У нас его назвали "Светлое Будущее"

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